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AFROMAN: “Hunter Got High”

Oh man, this is SO good.

I bet most of you know the classic Afroman song “Because I Got High”….

They just re-did it and called it “Hunter Got High” and it’s every bit as good as you might imagine….

Short clip here:


Bravo my man, bravo!

Now I’m gonna be singing this in my head all day!


Shout out to Baste Records …

Hey Hunter! Roll another one of those congressional blunts brotha …
He was gonna get his laptop fixed, but Hunter got high
He wasn’t gonna show all those dick pics, but then he got high
He shoulda let Hillary bleach the whole hard drive

But Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high
He wasn’t gonna mess with the hoes, but Hunter got high
Wasn’t gonna, take em all out on a boat, but Hunter got high
He’s the smartest man that Joe’s ever known in his life

Till Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high
He was gonna go visit his dad, but Hunter got high
He thought he had a secret stash, but Hunter got high
The White House got shut down and we all know why

Hunter got High, Hunter got High, Hunter got High
He never could paint worth a fuck, Hunter got high
Now he gets, a half a mill and up, “damn that’s high”
Biden never use to start with B-U-Y

Till Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high
Ukraine wasn’t part of the plan, till Hunter got high
China wasn’t that big a fan, till Hunter got high
He wasn’t gonna split it all, with the old big guy
‘But Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high

He wasn’t gonna go to court until he got high
He’d never been indicted before, but Hunter got high
His attorney’s out smokin a bowl, and we all know why
Cause Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high
He was making 80 G’s a month, but Hunter got high

On a job brotha ain’t never done, Hunter got high
He got more LLC’s than John Gotti’s ex-wife
Cause Hunter got high, Hunter got high, Hunter got high
His cousin never was a pimp, ‘Till Hunter got high

He had the best friends money could rent, but Hunter got high
Just imagine if he wasn’t rich, and so damn white
The cops would raid his house, eat his lemon pound cake, disconnect his cameras and steal his money


HILARIOUS: “Because Hunter Got High…”

If you understood all of the references in that headline ☝️ then you know you’re in for a real treat in this article.

If you don’t know what any of that means, allow me to explain…

Back in the 90’s (I think) there was this guy called Afroman.

I mean, he might still be with us in 2022, I’m not sure, but in the 90s he put out this cult legend of a song called “Because I Got High”.


It’s catchy…

It’s funny…

And 223 million people on YouTube seem to love it (official video below).

Here are some of my favorite comments from people on the official YouTube video:

And props to JedGreen who seems to be one of the few who really got the bigger picture:

So if you haven’t ever heard the song, I have it for you right here.

FAIR WARNING: be prepared to get this stuck in your head all day long.

Do not blame me!

Don’t send me your emails…

Listen at your own risk and then scroll down for the reason I’m writing this article in the first place, a guy we like to call Captain Deplorable, ok?

Here is the original video:

And now that you’ve heard that (or heard it for the first time in a while), I now give you absolute brilliance.

Many of you have probably heard Captain Deplorable before.

He’s the absolute best Trump impersonator out there.

The voice…

The word choices…

The body language…

It’s all 100% spot on.

And the part that really makes it good is you can tell it’s actually done with respect, not mocking.

Something the comedians and late night TV hosts of today could learn a lot from.

Anyway…here are a couple of my favorite ones he’s done in the past:

And in this one he actually gives a shout out to WeLoveTrump!

Watch here:

And now I have his latest…

Remember the Afroman video?

Well, Captain Deplorable does a spoof of Trump doing the same song, except it’s “Hunter Got High”.

So perfect.

Watch here:


TRUMP AFROMAN REMIX! #Trump #MAGA #fyp #funny #STAYLOUD #LOUDMAJORITY #USA #AMERICAFIRST #Hunter #LaptopFromHell #Woke #Disney #Biden #AmericaFirst #USA #Afroman

♬ original sound – Captain Deplorable

And here as a backup on Rumble:

Well done, Captain….well done!



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