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Speaker Mike Johnson Comes Under Fire, Will He Receive The McCarthy Treatment?

I hate to say it, but I told you so—click here if you want to read my previous musings on Speaker Johnson’s true colors.

The current Speaker of the House has caused an uproar among conservative and libertarian voters, and rightly so.

Johnson has come under fire for his support and peddling of the new $1.2 trillion spending bill that is coming up for a vote on Friday, the very day I am writing this article.

As many of you know, the spending package does little to nothing to remedy any of our current problems—including the massive border crisis.

Critics argue that Johnson is behaving no differently from his predecessor Kevin McCarthy, and I am inclined to agree.

What has Johnson done differently, how has he deviated from the entrenched and all-encompassing platform of the uni party? Conservative pundits, influencers, and lawmakers all voiced their disdain for Speaker Johnson.

My question is: how long can he last with reactions like this? It isn’t very sustainable to be hated by the grassroots conservative movement:

According to Washington Examiner:

“And Mike Johnson blew it when he walked away from the continuing resolution that we could have extended through this year to trigger the caps that we had put in place last year,” he added, referring to conservatives’ proposal to extend funding throughout the rest of the fiscal year and implement a 1% pay cut across the board.

Other Republicans echoed similar sentiments, expressing frustration with Johnson for failing to follow through with what they considered key components of the GOP majority.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said it all: “Our Republican majority is a complete failure. We have the power of the purse, which means we can control what the entire government does. Tomorrow Speaker Johnson is funding the government that has created this invasion. I’m voting NO! SHUT IT DOWN!”

Newsweek revealed Johnson’s comments and attitude toward the disastrous and bloated bill:

Lawmakers typically get 72 hours to read over legislation before voting on it, but with a looming government shutdown, Johnson said on CNBC’s Squawk Box Thursday morning, “Everybody is reading this [spending package] quickly,” adding, “I think we have to get this done by the weekend.”

Advocating for the bill, the House speaker said: “We have to keep moving. We gotta keep the government funded. We have to keep operating, keep the train on the tracks.


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