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Former MLB All-Star Leading Liar Adam Schiff In Primary!

Lying Adam Schiff is finally getting a run for his money and might be ousted by this Republican newcomer.

Former MLB All-Star Steve Garvey was able to inch ahead of Schiff on Wednesday by a razor-thin margin of roughly 4,801 votes.

While this is a very narrow margin, it does give me hope for California—it seems like the people of California are finally waking up.

Schiff is one of the leading anti-Trump figures and has maintained his seat despite the current disarray in California and the decline of that state.

Let’s hope that Schiff and his Democrat cohort do not cheat Garvey out of the election. Here are the latest figures:

Fox News confirmed:

As of Wednesday morning, Garvey, a former 10-time MLB All-Star, led Schiff by an incredibly slim margin of just 4,801 votes with more than 5 million votes tallied — about 85% of expected returns.

Previously, activist Sarah Fields pointed out that California’s elections are rigged and highlighted this:

“This is an ALGORITHM trying to figure out a math problem. That math problem is YOU. Every Californian needs to understand what just happened. You’re Redder thank you think.

They robbed votes from Steve Garvey, in plain view, in front of everyone. Steve Garvey was leading Adam Schiff with 1.8 million votes. And just like that, it was cut in half.

This is called the Glitch Switch. Adam Schiff got more votes in the end by a razor-thin margin. Almost statistically impossible:

Adam Schiff- 1,247,723– 33.2%
Steve Garvey- 1,220,683- 32.5%

Elections are an additive process. That should be easily understood. Votes are GATHERED, increasing over time, NEVER shed.

EVERY candidate’s vote totals should go nowhere but up. Maybe remain static if it’s a small election somewhere rural. But NEVER EVER should that tally decrease.

Each raw data interval of reported votes should be an additive process, and you’d shouldn’t see ANY DELETIONS or OSCILLATIONS.”

NBC News noted:

By facing Garvey, Schiff will avoid a contentious and expensive intraparty fight this fall. Garvey has run a bare-bones campaign.


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