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Stephen A. Smith: “Ladies And Gentlemen, Donald Trump Is Going To Get Re-Elected!”

This country is experiencing a seismic shift in the collective national consciousness, and it couldn’t come soon enough.

Black voters are fed up with the Democrat Party and liberal policies that favor foreigners but not our people—our own neighbors.

President Trump is set to capture more of the black vote than any other Republican candidate in modern history, and it isn’t very hard to see why.

A portion of the population, both black and white, is really struggling right now, but instead of addressing the situation and helping our countrymen, the government is giving money, by the boatload, to non-Americans.


We have money for the Ukrainian Nazis, illegal migrants, and the European settlers, who are illegally occupying land in the Middle East, but not for our American brothers and sisters.

Nothing disgusts me more than to see billions laundered out of this country to help shady folks maintain artificially induced geopolitical positions when I see my neighbors, my own countrymen struggling.

How the hell can anyone support giving a single dime to a foreigner when we have even a single American struggling here? People say they are America First, but are they really?

My sympathies go out to some people abroad, but I have never and will never advocate sending one red cent overseas to anyone, for any reason, at any time. We have 50 U.S. states, Ukraine and Israel are not among those states.

Liberal Stephen A. Miller recently came out to share a similar sentiment and explained exactly why President Trump is set to capture so much of the black vote in 2024. Daily Noah provided a transcript of Stephen A. Smith’s comments:

“We’ve got poor impoverished starving people who were born and raised in this nation. How in the hell do we come up with a 53 million-dollar pilot program for illegals, but folks are here legally we don’t have enough for them?

Just like we can come up with billions for Ukraine but somehow someway we can’t fix the homeless problem…

How the hell do you print money for foreign countries but you don’t print that money to help eradicate folks that are starving right here in the streets of America…

That’s why Trump is on the verge of getting re-elected. Because when he was in office there was a flourishing economy…He’s going to be on a revenge tour…

I can’t blame 50 Cent when he tweets maybe we should consider Trump…Trump gave the ok and the impression he was willing to listen to (Ice Cube)….They are projecting he’s going to get more than 20 % of the black vote in this coming election..

And who’s to say black folks would be wrong to vote for him…I told ya’ll before. I am no Republican. I voted for Clinton, Gore, Obama, Biden.. Despite the crime bill that incarcerated the people in the 90s.

But as we sit here now.. And we watch something like this transpire. Where there seems to be more wrapped attention to folks who are not even here legally yet they want to turn around and ignore us. Black folks..We know why you are doing it.. because you want that voting block.”

Newsweek provided some of the numbers:

According to national and swing state polls reviewed by Bloomberg, the former president and GOP front runner has between 14 percent and 30 percent of the Black vote share as the country heads into an election year.

Conservative Brief reports: “More and more black voters in South Carolina are backing away from Biden and his disastrous economic policies and planning to vote for Trump – ‘With Trump we had money.'”

The New York Post shared this statement from rapper 50 Cent:

“WTF mayor Adams call my phone, I don’t understand how this works somebody explain,” the rapper wrote after sharing a screengrab of the Post’s coverage.

“Can’t explain this I’m stuck maybe TRUMP is the answer.”


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