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House Passes $14.3 Billion In Israel Aid – Country Divided On Funding

The GOP-controlled House has just passed a bill to see funding cut from the IRS and $14.3 billion sent to Israel for emergency funding.

This decision has left everyone, Republican and Democrat, extremely split.

Democrats, of course, don’t want to see funding cut from the IRS, while many Republicans support the decision.

In regards to funding Israel’s war efforts, many are split on the issue, particularly Democrats.

Democrats are facing a divide within their party, with many supporting Palestine while others stand behind Israel.

It is uncertain whether this bill will pass the Senate, let alone Joe Biden’s desk.

The Washington Post shares more on the story:

The Republican-controlled House on Thursday approved legislation to send roughly $14 billion in emergency aid to Israel and cut about the same amount from the Internal Revenue Service, in a deeply divided vote on a measure that Senate leaders say they won’t take up and President Biden has already threatened to veto.

Biden in October requested $106 billion in emergency foreign aid for Ukraine’s defense against Russia’s invasion, Israel’s response to Hamas’s attacks and to counter Chinese influence in the Pacific.

New House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) chose to split the Israel funding off from the rest of the aid and declared the House would cut the budget to pay for the spending to keep the federal deficit from growing.

But the cuts to the IRS would actually cost taxpayers money, meaning the aid for Israel would add to the deficit even more than just borrowing the $14 billion Biden wants to send, according to a nonpartisan analysis by the Congressional Budget Office. The move would reduce the tax agency’s ability to audit high-income earners and tax evaders, costing taxpayers $26.8 billion in lost tax revenue, the CBO projected. IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel put the lost income at closer to $90 billion.

DC Draino on X made an interesting point.

Check it out here:

This war in Israel has caused a lot of issues for Democrats.

Biden has been on the fence about whether to support Israel or not.

His decisions will undoubtedly impact the upcoming election.

CNN Shares more on the level:

Democrats say aid to Israel should not be conditional upon funding cuts and have seized on the CBO assessment to call the GOP proposal unserious. “The hypocrisy here is that by cutting funding to go after tax cheats, (it) will actually explode the deficit by billions and billions of dollars. What a joke,” Schumer said.

Schumer went on to say that the Senate “will not be considering this deeply flawed proposal from the House GOP. Instead, we will work together on our own bipartisan emergency aid package that includes aid to Israel, Ukraine, competition with the Chinese government and humanitarian aid to Gaza.”

The deep divide between the House and Senate comes as government funding is set to expire on November 17 and the threat of a potential government shutdown looms

It would be nice to have government officials who didn’t send billions of taxpayer money to foreign countries.

This is a step from Biden’s proposal of over $100 billion.

But $14 billion is still way too much money.

Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

I know this is a controversial topic.


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