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NY Gov. Hochul Lowers State Job Requirements For Illegal Aliens, Hiring 1000s

Despite what New York Gov. Hochul said about deporting those violent illegal immigrants, she didn’t change her mind about seeking to hire thousands of them.

You see, the day before that incident she made it easier for illegals to get jobs by getting rid of:

1. The requirement of having a high school diploma.

2. English proficiency.

And she’s not trying to help them get any ol’ job.

C’mon, she’s better than that.

She wants to make sure they can get government jobs.


That’s right. Let these aliens come in and have power over us.

“You get a job! And you get a job! You all get jobs!”

Let’s review the word ‘government’, shall we:


  1. The act or process of governing, especially the control and administration of public policy in a political unit.
  2. The office, function, or authority of a governing individual or body.
  3. Exercise of authority in a political unit; rule.

I see alot of words about “control” and “authority” in that definition.

Now I know these positions aren’t directly involved in creating laws or enforcing them, but just the idea to have this group of people be a part of that system is really a slap in the face to all of us citizens.

Someone in the comments called her Crimewave Kathy. I agree.

What she says here is insane.

Washington Examiner reports:

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul has signed off on a temporary plan to make it easier for asylum seekers to find jobs in the state government.

The New York Civil Service Commission approved the measure at its Jan. 18 meeting. Hochul said the state is working with agencies to implement the changes, including dropping application requirements like proof of a high school diploma and English proficiency.

“I have 10,000 openings in the New York State workforce. From our operations to SUNY, I have 10,000 openings,” Hochul told reporters at a Tuesday press briefing. “So this is to give options to people but to say we are working intensely to get work authorization — these are all legal people.”

The governor said the program is open to migrants with federal work authorization, Green Card holders and U.S. citizens who don’t meet the basic employment requirements.

“I’m anxious to get this moving quickly, and once they’re approved, we can match people to jobs,” Hochul said. “They don’t need to be reliant on services any longer, which I think is the objective to not have people supported by taxpayers in our shelters.”

The Hochul administration has identified 4,000 entry-level job openings within state agencies, including administrative, equipment service, repair and food services, according to an internal memo obtained by local media outlets.

(Yeah, that’s where we want these immigrants, “within state agencies”)

New York City is caring for more than 60,000 migrants at shelters across five boroughs, which has cost taxpayers more than $1 billion over the past year. Those costs are expected to run as high as $10 billion in coming years, according to Mayor Eric Adams.

Someone posted an obvious choice:

Here’s the day after her declaration that she wants immigrants to work for the government.

You think she’ll stop the hiring process?

I’ve got 1 word for her.


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