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World Health Organization Appoints Former Prostitute Transgender to Health Expert Board

Who’s healthier than a prostitute?

Exactly. No one.

She’s the perfect choice, a beacon of health!

Seriously, this is clown world.

These people are trying as hard as they can, and as much as they can, to gaslight the popuation to submit and believe lies, on every level.

So their next big project is creating a transgender health expert board.

I guess they had to take a break from planning their next pandemic and vaccine operation.

Or did they already finish planning it?

The Daily Wire reports:

The World Health Organization (WHO) established an expert advisory group on transgender health, seeking guidance from a transgender former prostitute who called the line of work “empowering” and an academic attempting to popularize “genderf**king” as a critical legal theory.

The WHO’s Guidelines Development Group on the Health of Trans and Gender Diverse People was established to facilitate the creation of guidelines aimed at “increasing access and utilization of quality and respectful health services by trans and gender diverse people,” and establishing “health policies that support gender-inclusive care, and legal recognition of self-determined gender identity.”

Among the experts named by the WHO is Erika Castellanos, who the WHO says is “a trans woman living with HIV from Belize who resides in the Netherlands.” Castellanos, a former prostitute, is a member of the International AIDS Society, where he focuses on “youth engagement in HIV activism.” It also includes Florence Ashley, an Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta and former clerk at the Supreme Court of Canada, who the WHO describes as a “transfeminine jurist and bioethicist whose work focuses on trans issues in the legal and healthcare systems.” His most recent work is on how to use “genderf**king” as a strategy to resist “gender governance.”

The WHO’s decision to staff the board with radical transgender activists calls into question the organization’s ability to objectively assess the medical consequences of interventions that attempt to modify one’s sex.

It told The Daily Wire that its recommendations “are always based on balancing of available evidence, human rights principles, consideration of harms and benefits, and inputs of end users and beneficiaries.”

The experts, however, are clearly out of the mainstream community, and have no health expertise. Castellanos said that he became an expert in the field by being a prostitute.

The New American adds:

What WHO neglects to say is that, by his own admission, Castellanos is a former prostitute and drug user whose credentials include a “lived expertise as a person living with HIV, sex worker, drug use, incarcerated and migrant.”

According to Castellanos himself, “sex work was the most empowering thing that ever happened to me.” He “started working in the streets, offering my sexual services” prior to ending up in prison.

That WHO would employ a transgender activist as an “expert” in the field is not surprising. All 12 members of the new panel, including the physicians, are trans activists in some respect. One activist who was selected for the panel but declined to participate due to scheduling issues is another biological male named Florence Ashley, who describes himself as “a biorg witch with flowers in their hair!” He further refers to himself as a “transfeminine jurist, bioethicist, public speaker, and activist.”

Who can take the WHO seriously at this point?

It’s utter nonsense coming from these people.

But are we really suprised? This coming from a group that wants to end national constitutions.

This group also wants to push digital IDs for us all.

Go kick rocks, WHO!

We’re not buying anything you push or promote.

This just strengthens our resolve against them and agreeing with Trump in defunding these frauds.


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