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HAARP Is Trending On Social Media—Here’s Why

HAARP is trending on social media, but is all the buzz justified?

For those who don’t know, HAARP stands for “high frequency active aural research program,” and contrary to popular belief HAARP is a very real program.

The research initiative was started in 1993 in Gakona Alaska. The entity responsible for oversight of the program is the University of Alaska at Fairbanks.

HAARP’s stated purpose is to study the ionosphere, the highest ionized layer of our planet’s atmosphere.

Of course, many individuals have claimed that the true purpose of the project is something much more sinister; many believe HAARP to be a super weapon capable of weather modification and triggering natural disasters.


The purported super weapon is back in the public eye after a massive and unexpected blizzard hit Iowa on Friday—directly ahead of the caucuses.

Some are claiming that HAARP was activated in an effort to prevent supporters of President Trump from lining up at the polls and voting.

While this is certainly a very interesting theory, I don’t see any evidence that HAARP is responsible for the winter storm currently blasting through Iowa. It’s wintertime, a snowstorm is nothing odd.

Now, if this were in the middle of May it would have HAARP written all over it! We would probably be forced to take a closer look if a random blizzard hit Iowa in May, but it’s January.

Despite this, some are still posting the rumors online, and, who knows? They might just be onto something, I am not holding my breath, but nothing is all that impossible anymore. Here’s what people are saying:

According to The Epoch Times:

The deep freeze trailing in the storm’s wake, with subzero temperatures forecast all day and nighttime wind chills plummeting to -30—as in minus-30—on Monday, will, however, be very much in the news as Iowa Republicans bundle up and head to 730 caucus sites statewide to pick their 2024 GOP presidential candidate.

Multiple individuals provided background information and explanations on how the HAARP super weapon functions. The online community pointed to vibrational frequencies as being the main force behind the weapon’s dazzling array of effects.

The Hill also took notice of Iowa’s frigid temperatures and provided this forecast:

A blizzard warning has been issued over much of Iowa for Friday into Saturday, with several areas under a winter storm warning, as well, the National Weather Service (NWS) advised.

NWS predicts that 3-5 inches of snow could fall in Des Moines, and some areas could see up to 8 inches over the next three days.


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