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WATCH President Trump: “They Will Pay A STEEP Price!”

Here is a subject near and dear to my heart: public education, or the lack thereof.

Those who have ever read anything from me on education know that I think we should defund the entire thing. What we have in America today is not education, it is indoctrination. No academic can compete with the internet.

In fact, it is criminal that in the age of the internet, we still have public schools mandated and controlled by a centralized Department of ‘Education.’

The internet is a compendium of all the human knowledge that has ever existed, it is cheap and in some cases completely free to use, it works at light speed, and anyone on the planet can be contacted and collaborated with via the internet.

Did I mention that YouTube, a single website that can be called a university, in its own right, is completely free to use?

YouTube hosts courses from Stanford, MIT, and the Columbia School of Business (for free).

But never mind all that, let’s keep pretending that a centralized system from the 1800s is valid competition for the World Wide Web, as liberals would have us believe.

Internet or no internet, our ‘education’ system is a complete mess, half of these kids don’t even know what gender they are anymore!

Psychological issues are on the rise, depression is on the rise among young people, they hate America and love socialism, Johnny can’t figure out if he’s really Jenny, and to make matters worse many of them can’t even read.

By the public school system’s own benchmarks and standards, the ones that, they, themselves set, public education is failing in every single regard.

President Trump has promised to tackle the left-wing malignancy in the education system during his recent address at the Reno Nevada rally by withholding federal funding from schools that teach radical gender ideology or leftist doctrine.

Earlier today, the Reno Gazette-Journal, reported that the rally had a heavy turnout:

About 2,500 enthusiastic supporters lined up in the cold Sunday morning outside the Reno-Sparks Convention Center to watch Donald Trump speak.

The mood was joyous with lots of selfies being taken in front of Trump signs.

The former President also promised to return America to its former glory following the disaster that has been the Biden regime.

In case you missed it, here is a live link to the Commit to Caucus Rally in Reno Nevada. Once the livestream is over you will have the option of replaying, enjoy!

Earlier this month, The Epoch Times touched on New Zealand removing gender ideology from its schools. Why is this so hard to do in America?

New Zealand’s tri-party coalition government has agreed to overhaul the existing gender, sexuality, and relationship guidelines in schools, aiming to shift the focus towards academic achievement rather than ideology.

This decision will include the removal and replacement of the relationships and sexuality-based guidelines.


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