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Mike Pompeo Asked By Maria Bartiromo If He Would Serve In Trump’s Next Cabinet

Mike Pompeo was on with Maria Bartiromo and was asked if he’d be interested in serving in President Trump’s next Cabinet.

Very interesting question!

I love how the question almost takes for granted that President Trump is coming back.

It also takes for granted that President Trump would even consider asking him.

Here was his answer:

“If I’m asked to serve and I think I can make a difference, I’ve always said yes.”

Curious to know what you think…..

Do you trust “Kansas”?

Is it possible to be “Ex-CIA”?


Mike Pompeo: “Why it’s important to continue our support for Ukraine”

Mike Pompeo has come out again with strong support in supplying Ukraine in its war against Russia.

It’s more confirmation that Mike Pompeo is nothing more than a RINO and a NeoCon Warmonger.

I liked Fat Pompeo better.

This skinny version sucks.

More from Fox News on the story:

As House GOP opposition to the latest proposed supplemental support for Ukraine shows, Republican support for aid to Ukraine as it fights naked Russian aggression on its territory continues to weaken. This is a dangerous trend – and some Republicans don’t appreciate the strategic and political risks they are taking.

Diminishing Republican support for Ukraine is rooted in skepticism of President Biden’s leadership on this matter. Such skepticism is warranted.

In the year that transpired between Biden’s inauguration and Putin’s invasion, this administration appeased Russia on energy policy, arms control policy, and on Ukraine. Its withdrawal from Afghanistan telegraphed profound weakness and unseriousness. The president even suggested he could tolerate a “minor incursion” by Russia in Ukraine.

A major invasion is what he in effect greenlit. As it began, the same intelligence agencies that failed to predict the speed of the Taliban victory in Afghanistan confidently asserted that Putin would take Kyiv in a matter of days, and so this administration withdrew our diplomats and prepared to accept another defeat.

As it became obvious the Ukrainians would fight, the administration grudgingly came around to providing them with support. Unnecessary debates – most recently regarding ATACMS missiles – over whether providing this or that kind of weapon would further provoke the Russians have weakened the impact of assistance at each stage. The result in Ukraine has been stalemate.

Why Republicans would survey this record and attack President Biden for being too strong is mysterious to us.

I wonder how much Mike Pompeo is making off the war in Ukraine?

There is no rational way to justify our continued support for this war.

It won’t end, and Zelensky wouldn’t want it to either.

He wants it to continue so he can continue milking the U.S. for its foreign aid.

USA Today covers more on foreign aid support to Ukraine:

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Thursday made his second visit to Capitol Hill in another pitch to U.S. lawmakers to continue supporting his embattled nation’s war effort against Russia’s invasion.

But on the surface, his appearance looks to have done little to change the hearts and minds of lawmakers skeptical of providing additional assistance to Ukraine.

Zelenskyy’s stop in Washington, which included a bipartisan meeting with a group of House lawmakers and an all-senators meeting, noticeably lacked the fanfare he saw when he addressed a joint meeting of Congress last December.

President Joe Biden in August requested lawmakers to approve another $24 billion in additional aid related to Ukraine.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., who has expressed reluctance to include Ukraine aid in a spending package to fund the government, declined to commit to putting Biden’s ask on the House floor on Thursday.

This war in Ukraine will not end anytime soon.

We will continue to send hundreds of millions of U.S. dollars to support a country the majority of Americans couldn’t point to on a map.

While Americans continue to struggle through a recession, all of our government aid goes towards Ukraine and a new Climate Corp.


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