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Horrific Video As Student Attacks Teacher: “Why won’t you just die?”

This is a truly sickening story…

Reader discretion advised beyond this point.

In a chilling incident, Jonathan Martinez-Garcia, a 17-year-old student, brutally attacked his teacher at Eldorado High School in Las Vegas in April 2022. The attack was caught on surveillance video, which showed Martinez-Garcia ambushing the teacher, identified only as Sade, in a classroom.

Martinez-Garcia had initially approached Sade to discuss his grades but then proceeded to strangle her from behind with a cord, beat her, and even attempted to slash her wrists. He dragged her unconscious body into different parts of the classroom, threatening to burn her alive and asking if she couldn’t die already.

The attack left Sade with severe physical and psychological injuries, including chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder. She no longer sings, drives, or even leaves her home due to the trauma.

Absolutely gut-wrenching.

This video breaks it all down….watch here:

The NY Post reports that while Sade was giving her horrifying testimony in Court, Martinez-Garcia “smirked”:

During his June 2023 sentencing, the severity of his despicable acts was revealed after his teacher gave a harrowing statement while Martinez Garcia was seen smirking during the hearing.

Nearly an hour and a half later, Martinez-Garcia is seen leaving the classroom with his head down after attacking his teacher.

Nearly an hour and a half later, Martinez Garcia is seen leaving the classroom with his head down after attacking his teacher.

“Since it happened, there hasn’t been a single night I haven’t dreamt of the attack,” Sade shared.

“I would wake up in a new spot and position each time knowing that he’d just drag my limp, and near lifeless body to a different part of the classroom to do whatever he so chose to do with my body, as I lay unconscious.”

“He’d beat my body so badly that I could no longer fight,” she said.

Sade told police that she came to and asked why he was attacking her, with his chilling response that he “didn’t like teachers,” so he was “getting revenge.”

The severity of Martinez Garcia despicable acts was revealed by Sade in a harrowing statement during the teen’s sentencing.

The severity of Martinez Garcia’s despicable acts was revealed by Sade in a harrowing statement during the teen’s sentencing.

The teen then choked her unconscious, and when she awoke, her pants and underwear had been pulled down while he was pouring liquid over her.

Investigators revealed that Sade said he was going to “set something on fire” before toppling a heavy bookshelf over her and sitting down on top of it while he tried slashing her wrists.

“I was being crushed to near death,” she explained.

“Sade remembers him saying, ‘Why won’t you just die?’” Clark County Chief Deputy District Attorney William Rowles shared with the court during sentencing.

Garcia previously pleaded guilty to attempted murder, battery with use of a deadly weapon resulting in substantial bodily harm, and attempted sexual assault.

The teen claimed he “blacked out” during the attack but later told police he raped his teacher and remembered trying to strangle her.

“I regret what I’ve done,” Martinez Garcia told the court in June.

“I also regret the things I should have done, but didn’t do.”

Jonathan Martinez-Garcia was sentenced to 40 years for the violent assault.

Though he apologized, his attorney argued an asthma drug he was taking called Singulair, also known as Montelukast, caused severe mood swings and delusions and is the focus of a number of lawsuits over severe mental health problems users have experienced.

“He had no history of anything but being a perfect, loving kid,” his attorney, public defender Tyler Gaston, argued to the court.


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