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WATCH: Tucker Carlson’s Latest Episode Exposes Age-Old Human Question, It’s All Coming Out…

Are we alone in the universe? My thoughts are no and that the universe is teaming with life and intelligent civilizations.

There may even be a breakaway civilization on this planet living at the bottom of the oceans or the interior of the earth that we are completely unaware of.

The UFO/UAP topic has been one that has been gaining steam since the 2017 landmark New York Times article exposing the existence of UFOs and a secret government research program.

We have even seen a senior-level intelligence official, bolstered by close to a dozen whistleblowers, come forward and reveal that the U.S. has exotic craft and non-human, extraterrestrial bodies.

Leading the charge on this topic is none other than Tennessee Congressman Tim Burchett, who recently sat down with Tucker Carlson to discuss bringing transparency and disclosure to the American people.

Daily Mail documented the disclosure efforts of one retired U.S. Army Colonel:

On Saturday, Col. Nell called for a ‘UAP campaign plan’ to compel transparency as well as ‘a Manhattan Project’ to successfully reverse engineer recovered UAP craft.

His stated goals, as heard by at the event, were nothing less than broad transparency on covert UAP programs ‘on or before conclusion of the decade.’

In a later slide, Col. Nell projected his strategic hope that so-called ‘disclosure’ on the UAP issue would be complete by October 1, 2030, although he admitted his timeline targets were ‘at risk’ of falling behind.

The UFO community on Elon Musk’s X shared various clips of David Grusch, one of the senior-most intelligence officials to blow the whistle on clandestine reverse engineering programs and non-human intelligences.

News Nation reports:

Congress is considering an amendment to the country’s annual defense bill that would force U.S. government agencies and the Pentagon to disclose these programs, if they exist, to Congress.

In the Rogan interview, Grusch accused GOP Representatives Mike Turner of Ohio and Mike Rogers of Alabama of trying to block this disclosure.


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