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Vivek Opens Up About His Faith

I want to say this right off the bat: this is a Trump house first and foremost.

I’ll also say this: I’m not completely convinced Vivek is not Obama 2.0 and there are things in his past that are still very questionable.

Those two things said, we cover the news honestly here and I have to admit there is a lot to like about Vivek.

I would sure love to see him find a way to work WITH President Trump over the next 4 years.

I don’t see him as a VP, but I could sure see him appointed by Trump as his Lieutenant to clean out the Administrative state!

Wouldn’t that be a good spot for him?

Put him in there and let him clean house!

I am loving that idea.

And so I watch Vivek and the more I see the more I like (just please don’t rap again, ok?).

This clip especially caught my attention.

It’s Vivek opening up about his faith after being asked about his Hindu faith.

The answer is typical Vivek….it’s very good.  It’s open, honest, and unashamed in his position.

That said, I’m a little confused.

He says point blank that he’s not a Christian, that he is Hindu, but then he quotes the 10 Commandments, talks about growing up in a Christian school, talks about how there is only one God….

It almost seems as though he wants to be BOTH Christian and Hindu.

Of course that doesn’t work for either faith.

Because I’m pretty sure most Hindus believe in MANY “gods” and even for the small sect of Hindus who believe in “one god” that “god” is almost always Vishnu!  Definitely not Jesus Christ.

And that was the one thing I noticed glaringly absent from Vivek’s answer.

Just like most politicians, they’re happy to talk about “God” but almost never talk about Jesus Christ.

So this is the part of Vivek that just makes me a little uneasy.

It’s almost like when Barack Obama told us he was a Christian and then we found out he was a hardcore Muslim (alllllegedly!).

I love almost everything in this 4 minute answer, but he spends the whole answer basically praising Christianity and quoting its core tenants, but then says he’s a Hindu.

Very strange.

I do agree with him though that we are electing a PRESIDENT and not a PASTOR.

I have said that multiple times from 2015 until now and he is right about that.

So would I vote for Vivek who says he’s a Hindu but greatly respects and wants to promote Christian values over someone like Joe Biden who claims to be Christian but does not live out any of its values?

Yeah, I’d be Team Vivek in that case.

And for that matter, the same goes for most all RINO Republicans who use Christianity to get votes but would probably spontaneously combust if they ever set foot in a real Church.

So watch this clip and then I’ve got more for you below:

I think I’ve been very fair to Vivek in this post.

There’s a lot to like.

I’ll take him over almost all of the D.C. Swamp!

But….you may have noticed Vivek did not say Jesus Christ even once.

In contrast, please allow me to remind you of this:

FLASHBACK: President Trump Gives All HONOR and PRAISE To Jesus Christ!

Remember this great moment?

Yes, this is a flashback but I thought we all needed something positive to see and this always does it for me.

After 9 months of the Godless Obama 2.0 (the Biden Regime), how refreshing is it to hear this?

President Trump giving all honor and credit to “the Boss…..Jesus Christ!”

Joe Biden has “10% for the Big Guy”.

President Trump says “we still need help from The Boss!”

Watch here on Rumble:

And there’s always one guy who ruins the party right?

The Poindexter.

The Dork.

Well, today the Dork Award goes to “NotSorry” who posted this:

Yeah bud, that was a 12 second clip.

For the full 2 minute clip, you’ll see he says exactly that: all honor goes to Jesus Christ!

Watch the FULL clip here on Rumble:

Don’t you miss this?

I know I do!

Mr. Trump, it’s time to come back!


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