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Yet ANOTHER BLM Organizer Convicted For Fraud

BLM is a fraud organization for fraudsters.

Much like the dreaded ‘Patriot Act’ Black Lives Matter pays homage to black lives in name only—it has nothing to do with the well-being of black people, it has everything to do with social agitation and fraud.

I will be the first to tell everyone that the police are not the friends of the general citizenry in pretty much every country on the planet. They are agents of the state, protecting the state, and generally enforcing unjust, manmade laws.

The solution to this is not to organize mass riots that destroy the property of innocent people who have nothing to do with the police or the state.

And yet, all over the Western world, particularly in America, this is what we have seen from BLM; angry rioting with innocent people typically taking the brunt of the damage from the riots. No just person can support this.

If BLM were serious in its purported aims, it would work on drastically reducing the size and scope of the state that targets us all: black, white, Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, whatever—the government harms us all, not just one group.

Of course, the group is not so serious with its aims. The group is interested in making more money to spend on luxury items! Like politicians, pretty much all activists never really want to solve core issues, do they?

If they did, it would mean less money and fewer luxury properties! Solving problems equals dried-up funding.

We are used to hearing about BLM corruption rooted in America, but today’s example comes from across the pond, from our lovely cousins in the UK.

According to sources, BLM organizer Xahra Saleem, born Yvonne Maina, received a 2.5-year sentence for misappropriating charitable donations to the organization.

Outlets claim the convicted activist spent close to $40,000 in charitable contributions on personal items and services—like cosmetic appointments. Here’s more on the story:

BBC News provided background information on Saleem:

The 23-year-old from Romford, London, was one of the organisers of a protest in Bristol on 7 June 2020 which had been arranged in response to the death of George Floyd in the US.

Saleem gained a high public profile from her involvement as one of the BLM marchers on the day of the protest, which ended with the statue of slave trader Edward Colston being pulled down and dumped in Bristol Harbour.

Ultra MJ Truth had this to say: “She spent more than £32,000 Pounds ($39,000 US Dollars) on hair and beauty appointments, her rent, new iPhone, new iMac, Amazon shopping sprees, and more.

Allllllll that money that BLM raised, millions upon millions of dollars, never did anything meaningful for any community except to enrich these racist lunatics.”

The Guardian provided more details:

Over a 15-month period, she spent the funds on rent, an iPhone, iMac, purchases on Amazon, hair and beauty appointments, takeaways and Uber rides.

She made a string of false excuses about why she was not handing the money over to the charity – including that Black Lives Matters had advised her not to – but in the summer of 2021 admitted the money had gone.


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