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Yet Another Prominent BLM Activist EXPOSED

Notice a pattern? Following the infamous ‘summer of love’ Senior leaders at BLM were universally exposed as frauds after the financial records came out and showed that the organization was hemorrhaging money.

It was later discovered that everything from sketchy fees to luxury homes drained the coffers of the organization.

In keeping with that theme, left-wing academic and race hustler Ibram Kendi, born Ibram Rogers, is reported to have squandered roughly $30 million.

Kendi, a social grievances professor, was never a ‘leader’ or an administrator of BLM, though he is an activist in that nebulous movement and has voiced support for the group.

Kendi received a grant for a think tank at Boston University in 2020. The purported think tank was called the ‘Boston University Center for Antiracist Research.’

What that alleged ‘think tank’ did or why they needed $30 million in funding is anyone’s guess. To date, little meaningful work has been done by the Boston University Center for Antiracist Research, very little.

Even if Kendi’s initiative managed to do something of note or produce a large volume of academic work, why would it need $30 million to conduct that academic work?

No one needs $30 million to read books, conduct interviews, and buy pencils.

If the successful online influencer can create a one-man business that reaches millions and usually involves strenuous research, with almost $0 of starting capital, then an academic doesn’t need $30 million to do something similar.

Christopher F. Rufo, long known for exposing the left in education, asked: “A Boston University professor who worked at Ibram Kendi’s “antiracism” center tells the Boston Globe: “I don’t know where the money is.” It’s time for a full investigation into the center’s finances. What happened to the $30 million it received?”

Prior to the accusations coming out, Rufo took aim at Kendi for his fraudulent comments: “Never forget that Ibram Kendi took out the most famous passage in his book because he was mocked so relentlessly for it. He’s a fraud and now everyone knows it.”

Boston Globe broke the story:

The organization “was just being mismanaged on a really fundamental level,” said Phillipe Copeland, a professor in BU’s School of Social Work who also worked for the center as assistant director of narrative.

Although most decision-making authority rested with Kendi, Copeland said he found it difficult to schedule meetings with him. Other staffers described paralysis in the organization because Kendi declined to delegate authority and was not often available.

Greg Price took a stab at calls for reparations: “BLM raised $90M in 2020 and then went bankrupt three years later. Ibram Kendi’s “Anti-racism center” managed to blow through $30M in two years while producing nothing. This is a preview of what reparations would look like.”

Independent journalist Lee Fang provided this quote from one academic: “It’s pretty hard for me to imagine they blew through $30 million in 2 years.”

Washington Examiner outlined at least one whistleblower’s accusations:

Saida Grundy, an associate professor of sociology who worked at the center, filed an anonymous complaint in 2021 alleging that the center was collecting grant money with no intention of carrying out research projects.

She then alleged that she was retaliated against by the university for her concerns when the organization quit communicating with her when it allowed her contract to end.


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