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Video: Man Assaulted, Dragged Out of Hillary Clinton Rally For Asking Why Bill Visited Epstein Island

Touchy subject, huh?

A man was just dragged out of a Hillary Clinton rally by multiple security guards.

Why did this happen?

Well, he apparently had the audacity to ask why Bill Clinton visited Epstein Island multiple times.

Footage shows a large convention hall filled with thousands of individuals.

Guards then enter the frame to shove the man to the ground and then drag him through the entire room on the ground.

Folks, if a leftist had been dragged over the ground out of a Trump rally, you know it would be headline news.

It would be going viral.

“Legal experts” would be advising the man to sue President Trump.

So why was this man treated like an animal for simply asking a question of Hillary Clinton?

Turns out the man is none other than Alex Rosen, an independent journalist who isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions.

Hillary could have refused to answer the question.

Or she could have told the truth.

She did neither.

Instead, she had security rough this guy out and drag his body out of the convention center.

So much for Freedom of the Press.

Per Times Now News:

Alex Rosen was thrown out of Hillary Clinton’s rally on Friday after yelling about the 2016 Presidential candidate’s husband Bill Clinton’s trips to Jeffrey Epstein’s island. The former Secretary of State was speaking at a Houston mayoral candidate’s event.

“Hey Hillary, why has your husband been to Epstein Island 26 times,” Rosen shouted as Clinton spoke on stage? Videos showed security guards dragging the man out of the event venue.

“I was DRAGGED OUT of a Hillary Clinton rally for asking about Bill’s trips to Epstein island!” Alex Rosen tweeted along with a video. “I WILL NEVER BE QUIET,” he added.

President Trump and Republicans have to face tough questions all the time.

In fact, there are countless conspiracy theories that circle Trump, including the Russia-Russia-Russia hoax.

Trump has never had anyone dragged out of a rally for asking about Russia.

Instead, he provides the facts and proves why his critics are wrong.

So why did Hillary Clinton resort to physical violence instead?

This appears to be the first public incident since November 2022 that either of the Clintons has been cornered on Epstein.

The last time this happened, Bill Clinton himself was put on the spot.

The New York Post has some more details:

Former President Bill Clinton was grilled about his alleged friendship with late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein in a video that has been viewed more than a million times.

Juan Mendoza, a journalist with the right-wing news network Real America’s Voice, tweeted out the viral clip capturing his confrontation with Clinton on Monday.

“I confronted @BillClinton at the rally he held with @RepCuellar in Laredo about his alleged connection to child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein,” Mendoza wrote.

In the clip, the reporter can be heard asking Clinton, “Any comments on your alleged, uh, allegation of your connection with Jeffrey Epstein?”

Clinton, who was shaking hands at a political rally for Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar in Laredo, Texas, leans forward to listen to the question and smiles as he steps back.

An aide seems to try to deter Clinton from answering, appearing to say “No” to the former president.

But Clinton replies, “I think the evidence is clear,” still smiling as he begins to move away.

By Tuesday afternoon, the video had been viewed more than 1.7 million times and retweeted more than 6,000 times.

So did Hillary Clinton have the right to have that man dragged out of the arena?

Do you agree with how her “security guards” handled the situation?

Or was this an attack on freedom of the press and free speech?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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