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President Trump Sends A Big Congrats To Joe Biden!

The time has once again come to take a break from the seriousness of the world and just laugh.

After all, MAGA was a movement founded upon America First policies and laughter. I’ll never forget 2016 when we took down the globalist cabal through well-crafted memes and images of Pepe.

Memes that our brother Douglass Mackey was imprisoned for in a clear and blatant violation of his First Amendment rights as an American and his God-given rights as a human being.

I say this to bring the point home, and to honor Mackey—if laughing at these people wasn’t effective, they wouldn’t be trying to silence our pointed laughter at them. Always ridicule the tyrants. Always.

Joe Biden and his cronies in the Democrat Party are among the most vociferous enemies of free speech, they colluded with big tech to censor Americans during the Covid plandemic and beyond.

But would it surprise you to find out that the hypocrites in Washington DC and the White House want rules for thee and not for me?

The same Resident-in-Chief who colluded with big tech to censor free speech, who is now facing a Supreme Court battle in Missouri V Biden, has just joined Truth Social—no, I’m not kidding.

Truth has long marketed itself as the free-speech version of what was formerly Twitter, of course, following the purchase of Twitter by Elon Musk, the platform has become far more free-speech oriented.

Still, it’s hilarious that Biden has just joined Truth Social—President Trump isn’t even really on Twitter anymore at all, despite being welcomed back on the platform by Musk.

Biden is so desperate that he had to get on Truth to attack the former President—because that’s the only card he has to play. In response to this, President Trump sent a big congratulations Joe Biden’s way:

A senior Biden campaign spokesperson told Fox News:

“Republicans can’t even agree on a Speaker of the House, so clearly, not every Republican thinks the same. There’s very little ‘truth’ happening on Truth Social, but at least now it’ll be a little fun.”

The conservative community didn’t fail to notice and took the time to point out that Biden is already facing the steep cost of liberalism, in the form of his comment-to-like ratio, and getting slammed on the platform.

Axios reports that Biden already has more followers than President Trump on Truth Social, but a quick glance at the posts above explains exactly why, people love clowning Biden:

Biden’s account, Biden-Harris HQ, had about 25,100 followers as of Wednesday afternoon. Trump’s, Team Trump, had about 21,500.


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