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WATCH UPDATE: New Twist In The Death Of Obama’s Chef…

In a startling twist of events, new information has emerged regarding the tragic death of Barack Obama’s personal chef, Tafari Campbell.

A FOIA request made by Judicial Watch has revealed that not only was Barack Obama present at the scene shortly after Campbell’s death, but a staffer also jumped into the water in an attempt to rescue Campbell.

Now, this is just speculation, but Tafari Campbell did not look like a helpless, physically unfit man. How did he just drown while paddleboarding on a lake?

I can understand drowning in the ocean, where the force of waves and the current is strong, but a lake? Even if one is not that great of a swimmer, it is difficult to drown in a lake. Why didn’t he simply grab onto his paddleboard?

If I was drowning, and quite literally freaking out, the first thing I would do is grab onto the giant floatation device I just fell off of.

Moreover, paddleboarding is unthinkable for someone who can’t swim.

People fall off of paddleboards constantly, it’s endemic to that sport. Why would one who couldn’t swim all that well commit to undertaking this sport? If you can’t swim that well, then paddleboarding poses a giant risk to you. Giant.

Almost like a blind person riding a motorcycle, or a hemophiliac joining the UFC—it almost certainly won’t end well.

Why are we only learning this new information regarding Barack Obama’s presence at the scene now? Something just isn’t adding up here.

Jesse Watters broke down the most important details of the new information revealed via Judicial Watch’s FOIA request:

Judicial Watch filed the FOIA request and obtained the 40-page documents from the Massachusetts State Police that you can read here.

According to Judicial Watch:

The documents show Campbell’s family told police that he had taken swimming lessons in 2019 but described his ability as “not a great swimmer.”

The drowning occurred in Edgartown Great Pond, which Massachusetts Environmental Police estimated “to be approximately seven to eight feet deep.”

The records also show a female eyewitness, an Obama employee whose name is redacted, told state police that she saw Campbell “fall off his paddleboard, began splashing and became extremely panicked, yelling for help and subsequently went underwater very quickly.”

By the time she reached his paddleboard, the witness said Campbell had “disappeared into the extremely murky” water.

Collin Rugg asked: “State Police records say there was “no foul play” in Campbell’s death, adding it was an accident. Why did it take so long to find this out?”

Collin Rugg wasn’t the only one asking these questions: “What is Obama hiding? Why the cops are still withholding information if it was an accident as they claim?”

Earlier this year, Fox News reported:

Campbell’s cause of death was determined to be an accidental drowning due to submersion in a body of water, Timothy McGuirk, a spokesperson for the Massachusetts Executive Office of Public Safety and Security, confirmed to Fox News.


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