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What Happened To Joe Biden’s Face? How Did His Chin Change Appearance In Less Than 24 Hours?


It’s not just an unflattering photo.

Joe Biden spoke with the press after his surprise visit to Israel.

But what was even more surprising was the shape of his chin.

Virtually every video from this presser shows an odd shape of Joe Biden’s chin.

There has been widespread speculation for years now that there may be a body double for Joe Biden.

The new videos that show an unusual “mushy butt chin” have even casual observers wondering, “What’s wrong with Joe’s face?”

Take a look below:

Notice how he sounds more… tired and “off” than usual?

Is this how he sounded while he was trying to broker peace in the Middle East?

You know it’s bad when even the mainstream media is mocking him.

Per the Daily Caller:

What is going on with Joe Biden’s face?

President Joe Biden appeared to grow a mushy butt chin while making remarks to the press at Ramstein Air Base in Germany following his trip to Israel.

Say what you want about Joe Biden, but he’s normally a pretty thin fellow. But in this video, his typically tight jawline appears to have melted into half-a-day-old ice cream.

It’s possible a busy trip to the Middle East and lack of sleep are affecting our 80-year-old president’s physical appearance.

But that doesn’t make his Wicked Witch of the West-like transformation any less jarring. Apparently, the press pool said they could hear him yelling out “I’m meeeeeelting” from the back of Air Force One following his press appearance.

Biden is the oldest president we’ve ever had.

If travel and a lack of sleep are affecting his appearance, then what’s it doing to his judgment and cognitive abilities?

Unfortunately for Biden, this isn’t the first time he’s been under the microscope for mysteriously changing appearances.

Just earlier this year, he was scrutinized for how his earlobe shape has changed over the years.

Take a close look at the bottom of the ear…

Is it normal for the bottom of the earlobe to “attach” to the face?

I’m no medical expert, but it seems odd that Joe’s ears would change shape so radically in his older age.

Fortunately, more and more people are waking up to these oddities.

Even OK Magazine covered the incident:

A one-minute clip of the video was shared on X, formally known as Twitter, where many commented about Biden’s demeanor, as well as a strange indent on his chin that left many scratching their heads.

One X user wrote, “Is Biden’s mask falling off? Look at his chin!”

Another shared a screenshot of the video commenting, “This clip shows what Joe Biden looks and sounds like in a setting that is not 100% controlled and produced. Whomever allowed this media access will probably fired by tomorrow, if they haven’t been already.”

A third wrote, “Biden mindlessly roams cabin of Air Force One FILLED with reporters after Israel trip. Look at the fear in his handlers’ faces behind him when he starts speaking — DISASTER.”

So what do you think?

Is Biden’s face just changing with age and stress?

Or is there another explanation for these surprising physical changes?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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