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Update From The FBI’s Former “Prophet”

Prophet to the FBI…that’s quite a job title!

That’s exactly what Chris Reed was.

We’ve covered him here before, not too often but a few times before.

Very interesting guy!

Apparently, during the Trump Administration he was brought on to give any prophetic wisdom to the Government.


As you probably know, Governments have long used “seers” or “remote viewers” or “magicians” dating back to the times of ancient Egypt.

It’s even in the Bible.

But apparently someone in the Trump Administration thought perhaps we should stop listening to those people and instead listen to a Christian prophet!


Chris Reed served in that role until he was dismissed by the Biden Regime.

But what I want to show you was this video he just released, from his time with Sid Roth.

Watch here:

Full transcript:

hello s Roth here with Chris Reed for those not familiar with Chris Reed uh Chris is the new leader of uh uh morning

Rick joiner’s Morning Star Ministry uh and he’s a dreamer and he called me the
other day I believe it was uh you told me this past Saturday night you had a

dream uh Chris and and there’s something that jumped didn’t just a little jumped
out at me on this dream and we’ll get into it in a moment but the thing that jumped out to me is a
statement that God made actually I think you read it in the dream and you and God

said so goes Israel so goes
America and uh obviously I don’t think there’s a human going that doesn’t know
what’s going on in Israel right now and we’ll get into that in a moment but uh
for those those that uh really want to investigate how accurate his dreams have

been uh he has a uh television show and if you would uh tell them how they can
get to it yeah the name of the show is called prophetic Chronicles and we’ve taped
over 30 episodes and it can be found on Morningstar or on the Chris Reed
Ministries YouTube channel and it’s where I basically explain prophetic

Revelation or I interview people I’ve given words to and it shows how it was the secrets of the heart and they
document the healing uh the miracle or the fruit of the prophetic word well you
know Chris something else that you told me before we did this interview is uh
you were part and I knew about this for years you were part of a prophetic team

uh that gave prophetic information about the country and other countries to our
own FBI but you said something that was is actually very disturbing to me that they
shut that down is that correct yeah after Biden became
president uh there seemed to be a less of an emphasis on
valuing uh prophetic Revelation you see the this started back the Soviet Union
used to use psychics to try to be able to project themselves and look over the
shoulders of soldiers uh to to find intelligence well there was a

Spirit-filled person who valued the prophetic and he believed that we could
uh do that but with Christianity with the Holy Spirit and it was kind of done away
with well the holy spirit is very welcome on
this show and Chris I want you to feel as free as you’ve ever felt in your life
and I’ve got some ideas of what I want to ask you but I defer and I want you to
defer to the spirit of the Living God whatever Direction he takes us in but

let’s start out and by the way what you’re about to hear and I don’t even know if Chris knows this Chris is the
third Prophet to tell me the same thing uh the dream you had this past Saturday
night tell us about it yeah and Sid thank you for this opportunity and before God honestly I
never had heard this statement or these details given from anyone else but this
was a dream I had on um October the 8th 2023 and that night that Saturday night

after the War Began and it Disturbed me so much that I didn’t talk about it for
a couple of days and then I started sharing the details of it with people here at my staff at Morning Star and
then I I shared it with you and um and this is the dream um in this dream I saw
a map of the United States and I saw that through the American southern
border amidst as we’ve documented there’s six million plus have illegally

crossed uh into the southern border since the Biden Administration took office in this dream I saw amidst those
masses there were uh thousands of terrorists obviously not all of those
people but you know infiltrated in there were thousands of terrorists from Middle
Eastern countries that had crossed illegally into the USA and in the dream said it was the
most strange and unique scenario I was given a cell phone and somehow I was
able to read an encrypted communication um explaining things that

I knew that these terrorists also had access to I I had access to this
communication uh device and in the communication and encryption was
explaining the coordinated plan of terrorists uh that they had for America
to hijack uh the American government or to destroy the nation and I remember one

of the first things in the dream once I got the cell phone the device of communication I remember reading the
words quote so goes Israel so goes America unquote before you go further
yeah I was going to say before you go further clarify what you believe God was
saying to you and to us the attack that started on the last
great day of Tabernacles last Saturday came in Israel through the southern

border as a breach of security and
intelligence and that’s so goes Israel so goes America and as the rest of the
dream unfolds it explains how that applies so in this dream the same
thing happened a breach of security and intelligence at our Southern border just
like what happened in Israel’s Southern border terrorists came across and as we
know many people that have come into this nation even illegally are not evil
people but there were these terrorists amidst um these people and they were
Middle Eastern train terrorists who took advantage of the open us
Southern border and in the dream I was reading in this encrypted phone that sit

since the disastrous Afghanistan pullout in August of
2021 I was able to read in this dream that since then the weapons that were
left by the US military when Biden pulled the US military out of Afghanistan the uh Islamic group took
control in Afghanistan they filled the vacuum and since then many of the
weapons that the Americans left they now have videos of the terrorists using weapons

that look very similar or identical to the ones that we left there and so
Afghanistan lost the presence of the US and the Middle East became
destabilized and that was the beginning of this new front of this
coordinated uh training breeding ground if you please of radical Islamic

terrorism now I saw Jihad Islamic
radical terrorism resurged as a result of the vacuum left in
Afghanistan and I was able in this encrypted communication on this device I
was able to read the nations from which these IND individuals that come up
through the southern border came from the terrorists and I remembered seeing the
quote Stan Nations unquote now what I mean by that is
Afghanistan Pakistan yekan the there were Stan Nations and I
remember uh those particularly now here’s what happened once they came in

through the southern border they were working in coordination with the cartels
at the southern border to get into the US and they would relocate themselves in
different states and different parts of the United States accordingly as they were commanded to from command from the
technological device that they were given instructions on it was known as command and then I saw

12 dormant sleeper terrorist cells that
had developed on the US map and initially these terrorists that came
through the southern Border in the dream I knew and was shown that they were
taking shelter initially in the sanctuary C cities and they were given
contacts of people in those areas that they could connect with upon their

arrival and those contacts that were already there could help them get established even get employment have a
place to live establish themselves here and here’s what these terrorists were
promised as I read in this encrypted foam it they were promised from command
that’s what it was called command that their families number one would be rewarded financially for their
compliance to command and number two they were promise rewards in the

afterlife for compliance so that’s why they came they came up to the southern border and as I said there were 12
places I saw in the US that were sleeper cells sleeper dormant terrrace cells and
I actually saw a few of the 12 I remember seeing where they were I saw
one in Michigan I saw one in Minnesota I saw
one in Arizona I saw one in Texas I saw one in the
Carolinas and I saw one in the New England area New York Boston

Philadelphia in that U location because of being high population centers now
here was the plan and the dream in this encrypted communication the plan was
they were going to set themselves in place to be able to control the actions
of the US government and dictate our foreign policy or our
defense who we defended who we stood with or they were trying to Blackmail

the US government by saying if you respond this way uh to if you respond to this world event they were blackmailing
the US government and US government officials and this is what they were saying quote if you do
such and such in any particular situation we will coordinate and
detonate simultaneously if the government doesn’t comply with our demands and
wishes and detonation in these 12 locations was the final step but here’s
what the the demands were the demands were clear number one and by the way let
me wait a second let me let me just uh interrupt and say I’ve known Chris now

for a while and the thing that I’m in awe over literally is uh when he
prophesies over people it’s so specific he’ll even have the house address of
their former house uh he’ll have their names of last
name or spouse uh so it doesn’t surprise me that you’re getting so so specific

now in this dream yeah and one of the more common
things is that is also the Lord has shown me in detail the dreams people have had and I’ve told them and they’ve
confirmed that it wasn’t public information so here were the demands the demands were number one
don’t use the US military to attack or fight against Jihad number two the
second demand was continue to the US government continue to send funds to
Iran and terrorist states to support them in the name of foreign aid number
three these groups had pictures explicit
in nature of us politicians in every branch of our government that they

threatened to use if the US government or military crossed the red line of the
terrorists excuse me what do you mean use what would they what were they threatening they were threatening to
expose illicit pictures of politicians
blackmail to embarrass them yeah blackmail exactly and in every branch of
government and the fourth was explosions or de nations in these 12 terce cells
were that was the last step okay but before that they could attack the

infrastructure of the US or disrupt NE technology or other means of controlling
the US government blackouts and such they could also
coordinate through command and through their communication devices mass shootings or Mass knife attacks or
taking hostages in various places in the US and demand
Ransom okay to give them back I then finally saw the last step that they
would take and that was a detonation would happen across the US and I saw smoke clouds all

over the map I saw Rubble destruction and
disaster and I woke up and actually when I woke up I was I was
weeping because it was the most disturbing dream that I had had since I had the the the $50 bill dream which
went viral last year briefly what was that dream the $50 bill dream was the dream
that where I saw a Man tear the $50 bill in three stages and it was showing the
slow low and gradual destabilization of the American dollar and the monetary

value of the 50 United States until ultimately their goal the globalist goal
was to get us on a digital currency to control us even more with cancel culture
not just shutting you off off of you know social media but pushing a button and shutting off your bank account and
that was their goal and so when I woke up from this dream with the 12 12
terrorist cells the sleeper cells I knew that if prayer was taken and action was

taken just like faith and works that we could stop this from happening but just
but just like this attack came from the southern border up into Israel these
terrorists that came up through the US Southern border have plans they’re waiting for

the queue they’re waiting for the order and I know they have plans now now we
know that there are prophetic words in scripture God pronounced a prophetic word of judgment over Nineveh but when
Jonah went and preached to Nineveh the Judgment was spared or it was it was put
off Hezekiah was given a prophetic word he was going to die but we know he was

told get your house in order you’re going to die but he prayed he turned his face to the wall and he changed God’s
prophetic word uh because of his repentance and as it
stands now this is what will happen if we do
not pray like we never before against the spirit of insanity insanity and violence and we
must be alert we got to take action Congress has got to stop the the

flooding in The Invasion at our Southern border and we also as churches and min indries need to develop situational
awareness have situational awareness training self-defense and so that we’re not
perceived as soft targets I know for instance at Morning Star we have we we

have very heavy Safety and Security constant surveillance because we know
that terrorism is resurging and Afghanistan pullout created this vacuum
that and the open border has brought these 12 dormant sleeper ter Terrace
cells and so goes Israel so goes America and they want to do this on a large

scale in the US and in other parts of the world and it will happen as it
stands now unless we take action and pray now I have I have to tell you
candidly I have heard many prophecies that would say if you pray it can be
aborted and it appeared as though People Prayed and they weren’t aborted and you

can’t answer this question only God can answer this question what is enough but
I have an alternative not to prayer but something
that is even more exciting to me and that is at a time of Darkness Isaiah
says at a time of Deep Darkness Isaiah 60
says the Lord’s Glory will be dominant and so here’s
what I know for sure I know we must pray that I know for sure Chris knows that

for sure but part of the prayer has to be the prayer of Moses and the prayer of
Moses was Lord Show Me Your Glory and a synonym for Glory because God actually
said it back to Moses was I will have my goodness pass before you God’s goodness
will be in your life no matter what happens on the right and on the left

God’s goodness will be on on those that are reaching out to God and trying to
get as close to God as they can the thing that bothers me the most is
there’s a placebo Born Again religion what it does it gives you a life
insurance policy rather than having your own
experiential knowledge with God and a lot of people have said this prayer but

haven’t realized what they’re saying I want to lead you in this prayer just for
a moment to confirm that you are genuinely going
to heaven when you die confirm that Jesus is living inside of you that I

don’t know what your experience will be but I do know this it’ll be what you
need if you ask the Bible clearly says you have not because you ask not or
perhaps you’re asking with wrong motivations but repeat this prayer after
me it comes from the words of Jesus dear God I’ve made many
mistakes for which I’m so sorry I believe your
blood washes me clean and now that I’m
clean Jesus come and live inside of me as my
savior but now I want you to live inside of me
as my Lord thank you Lord

Jesus I want to know you I want to have experiential knowledge of you I want to
know beyond anything that happens in this world that you are living inside of
me and I want to know that you are protecting me your word says it but I

want to have that experience with you that will I will know that I know that I
know Chris in addition for the glory how should we be praying
now well number one here’s here’s what what you can do and I cannot stress this
enough I encourage you I implore you share this video with everyone you know

on social media share it number one because preparedness
is not the same thing as fear if we could count them many times in scripture

where it says take heed that you be not taken or caught unawares or or or you know just pray not that your flight be
on the Sabbath day that you know that’s actually what happened Matthew 24 Jesus says pray not that your flight be or

your exit be on the Sabbath day that’s why the Jewish people so sadly were caught unawares on this it was on a
Saturday and it was a double Sabbath because it was the last great day of Tabernacles so they were relaxed they
were at ease they were they were Sabbath thing and so I think that the key is we
got to stop saying that preparedness I don’t mean us but just in general in the body it is not the same thing you’re not

in fear if you’re prepared and I think even doing things like calling your
Congressman uh and concern being watchful around you there are obvious
signs when things are out of place or out of sorts it’s okay to defend
yourself and and get trained to do that situational awareness training and
prayer I think there’s things that we can do that can stop this from happening

as well with prayer and with the glory but we’ve got to make people aware of
this dream because I’ve never had a dream that’s Disturbed me as much but yet felt like with prayer with situation
awareness training with defense training with being conscious of what’s going on around us without becoming suspicious we
can stop and avert this from happening and I hope that it proves to be wrong

well I believe that there is a scripture I’ve been hearing as you’ve been talking and
I I have to tell you every day that goes by I
realize for us to State God’s word with our own mouth
we then will believe it in our heart and it then becomes reality rather than head
knowledge it becomes heart knowledge and there is a scripture that is so filled
with what we need at this moment at this precise second in history it’s Psalm

11226 which says it’s a command it’s not
a if you feel like it it’s a command for those that say Jesus is their lord it
says pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and that word peace is Shalom
and it means completeness that means salvation that means wholeness in their revelation of
God pray for the Peace of Jerusalem that means Israel that that means also Jewish

people in the Nations that have been scattered because of sins of our ancestors and it goes on to say pray for
the completeness of Jerusalem they that’s the ones that pray
shall prosper the word Prosper everyone says oh that means we’ll make a lot of money well it means that but it just

means something far greater if you look up that word in the Hebrew the word
Prosper means heart peace pray for the completeness of
Jewish people to know their Messiah and you shall have God promises
in the in spite of what’s going on in your left hand or your right hand or

what you he on the news and with the fear level being as high as I’ve ever
seen it pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and you know something when
you’re praying for someone else it’s somehow gets God’s attention more I
believe than any other way you pray pray for the Peace of Jerusalem pray for the
Salvation of Israel Thou shalt have heart peace no matter what is going on

in the world and not just heart peace that do this
but what is coming simultaneously is the glory of God what has God shown you about the glory just
briefly Chris the glory is something that you
know we praise and worship and it brings the glory realm and what you can accomplish in a gift or what you can’t
accomplish in an anointing when the glory of God is present everyone can

reach up into the glory and and receive indiv individually what they need
whereas standing in prayer lines praying for one person after the other or getting one prophetic word for one
person after the other wearing yourself out from a gift or anointing when the glory comes from spending time in the
secret place from intentionally spending time with the Lord in prayer fasting

digesting his word the glory of God carries it’s tangible it will come into
an atmosphere and it will do far more in a meeting than what can be done through
one man or two men or the most gifted among us when the glory comes everything goes to a higher level and you keep your

energy and you’re not exhausted and wore out once you’re done ministering it’s like it’s a Resurgence because it came
directly from them to him and in the glory are Miracles and healing and deliverance and salvation and when we
create that atmosphere through our praise and worship we generate That Glory that is released out of us the
spirit releases out of us and the glory comes and it completely changes the

atmosphere and it can do far more than an anointing or a gift can it comes directly from God and I’ll tell you two
other Revelations about the glory unlike in the past where there is one anointed
teacher one anointed Pastor one anointed Apostle one anointed Angeles and they

get their own television show and everyone flocks to them this is the difference this move of
God’s spirit will be different than anything we’ve ever had we had a little
sample of that at Asbury Seminary let’s call that a dress rehearsal of what is
coming but number one it’s all hands on deck not just those few anointed
five-fold ministers and number two not just all
hands on deck the glory will be coming from above and the glory will be coming
from inside of us so wherever you go it won’t be a particular building that will
be the glory although there will be be buildings uh that will be centers of the

glory so to speak initially but it’ll be wherever you
go wherever you go you will be a carrier of this glory and you heard what Chris
just said he said that the greatest Miracles the greatest gifts of the
Spirit we won’t worry about prophecy is it God is it not
God it’ll be pure God speaking this because you just now made Jes Jesus your
lord and savior I pray in yeshua’s name that God seal this truth and you be one

of the carriers of the glory


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