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President Trump: “The Government’s Witness Just Got Caught In A Big, Fat Lie! This Case Should Be Dismissed!”

It looks like the tide is turning!

One by one I believe these court cases against Trump will all crumble.

I told you that from the beginning.


Two reasons…


One, I believe Trump is squeaky clean, and try as they might there’s simply no “there” there.

Second, I believe the Hand of God is still on him.

Yes, I do.


I believe there’s no way any man could weather all the storms against him unless God were supernaturally holding him up and protecting him.

I’ve said that since 2015 and it’s only became more true as the years and the attacks have gone on.

Now here’s the latest…

President Trump stunned the crowd today when he emerged from the Court Room to declare:  “The government’s witness just got caught in a big, fat lie. This case should’ve never been brought. Quite frankly, it should be dismissed. This is ridiculous.”

Watch here:

Backup here:

Also saved to Rumble:

So….what was the lie?

And who was the witness?

ABC News reports the following:

Defense attorney Clifford Robert continued to hammer at real estate appraiser Doug Larson during cross-examination.

Larson — who met with attorneys from the New York attorney general’s office on Monday in advance of his testimony — was asked if he was shown either of the two emails that this morning prompted him to recall having phone calls with Trump Organization controller Jeffrey McConney, after testifying yesterday that he did not.

“During your prep session Monday, the attorney general didn’t show you these two documents?” Robert said while waving printed copies of the two emails in the air, to which Larson replied no.

State attorney Mark Ladov, on redirect examination, read a transcript from an interview with Larson from three years ago, in which Larson was shown the emails and offered a response that was consistent with yesterday’s testimony.

“This is beyond absurd,” Trump attorney Chris Kise said, objecting to Ladov’s approach.

Meanwhile, President Trump is also appealing the gag order imposed on him by Obama-appointed Judge Tanya Chutkanas unconstitutional in the Jack Smith case:

President Trump Appeals Obama Judge’s Gag Order

On Monday, Obama-appointed Judge Tanya Chutkan issued a gag order prohibiting President Trump from attacking witnesses, prosecutors, and court staff.

During a campaign stop in Iowa, the 45th president told supporters that he would appeal the order. He repeated his stance to reporters on Tuesday while he was in New York.

President Trump criticized the gag order because he feels it is unconstitutional and it violates his First Amendment rights.

He blamed Biden and the DOJ for going after their political opponents through the court. His lawyer John Lauro said the speech issues in the case and his campaign are “inextricably intertwined.”

He also said he was willing to do whatever it takes to make America a democracy again, even if it means going to jail.

True to his word, Trump filed an appeal of the gag order on Tuesday

From CNN.

“We’re being railroaded. And I have other trials where we’re being railroaded. You saw yesterday where they took away my right to speak. I won’t be able to speak like I’m speaking to you,” Trump told reporters on Tuesday moments before he entered a New York courtroom to attend his ongoing civil fraud trial.

“I am leading Joe Biden and I’m being restricted. My speech has been taken away from me. I’m a candidate that’s running for office and I’m not allowed to speak,” Trump said, referring to the partial gag order issued Monday by US District Judge Tanya Chutkan.

The notice of appeal was filed with Chutkan on Tuesday.

The gag order restricts Trump’s ability to publicly target court personnel, potential witnesses, or special counsel Jack Smith and his staff. The order does not impose restrictions on disparaging comments about Washington, DC – where the jury will take place – or certain comments about the Justice Department at large, both of which prosecutors requested.

“This is not about whether I like the language Mr. Trump uses,” Chutkan said in court Monday as she announced the order. “This is about language that presents a danger to the administration of justice.”

Even though Democrats have denied having a vendetta against Trump, they have been attacking him since he announced his first run for president.

It started with the Russia hoax and ended with two impeachment attempts.

The fact that they are still going after him now proves that they have been lying all along and they are actively trying to prevent him from running again.


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