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Greg Kelly: Did Merrick Garland Commit Perjury?

Yesterday, Merrick Garland was in the hot seat before Congress.

I know, I know….I can’t stand him either.

Seriously, there are some people who are so filthy, so smarmy, so sanctimonious, and just so plain evil that it’s hard to watch them for too long.

But that’s our job here and I covered it yesterday.

In case you missed it, here’s the FULL video:

But what I really want to show you is this EXCELLENT segment from Greg Kelly last night.

The title says it all — Did Merrick Garland commit perjury?

Greg Kelly thinks he’s found some incredible statements and I agree with him.

Watch here:

In case you’d rather read, I’ve got you covered.

Here’s the full transcript:

I know I’m sick of him to
Merrick Garland one day of this
stuff, and we’ve been chewing it
over and chewing it over and
it’s important that we do
because I think this man has a
big role in bringing down this
country potentially on purpose.

Look uh, I saw some things that
I don’t think anybody else saw.
I’ll get to those in a moment,
but we all saw That he was
deceptive that he was evasive
that he was obnoxious and most
of all, sanctimonious, huh?
Sanctimonious You know, we hear
about Rhonda sanctimonious,
which is what we sometimes
forget. What is sanctimony mean
the action or practice of acting
as if one were morally superior
to other people. While that Is
Merrick Garland. Absolutely.

Take a look. Attorney general, I
need a simple yes or no to the
following. Just yes or no?
Because we don’t have much time
. Do you agree that traditional
Catholics or violent extremists?
Yes or no? Let me answer what
you’ve said in that long list of
control to answer all of those
attorney Jimmy Control With time
I’m going to ask you to answer
the questions. I controlled time
by asking me a substantial
number of things and I didn’t
ask you those things. I made a
statement. Attorney general
through the chair, I ask you, Do
you agree that traditional
Catholics or violent extremists?

I have no idea what you’re what
traditional means here. The
idea. Let me just go to church.
I answer your question. Yes,
idea that someone with my family
background Discriminate against
any religion is so outrageous.
So, Absar dude. Well it’s
exactly what your FBI did
multiple times in multiple
cities. What’s he talking about
? His family background? Well
kind of to preempt some of this
criticism at the outset of the
hearing, he told us that he lost
his grandmother’s sister in the
Holocaust, which is awful. My
wife Her ancestors. Plenty of
them were lost in the Holocaust
. It doesn’t mean she gets to
push around Catholics today, and
that’s what our DOJ Is doing and
I’m sorry. How about a straight
answer? He had to be pushed and
cajoled into finally saying Not
much. Are the extremists or not,
attorney general.

I think that
the extremists or not, attorney
general, that memo is the
extremists or not. I’m asking a
simple question. Say No. If you
think that was wrong, not
extremists. No. The question was
traditional Catholics are the
extremists. I don’t know what
traditional means. So he dropped
traditional. So let’s say
Catholics who do not believe
that gay pride flag should be
flown over schools, right? Um
are we traditional Catholics,
right? Does that make us
extremists? What’s going on
here? This is serious stuff it
is and the deceptive nous. Take
a look at Kristen Welker’s
interview with Donald Trump.

Just for a moment. This is from
Sunday. I’m facing for Biden
indictments, he told the Justice
Department to indict him or
America, Garland said. Let’s
indict him. So this came up a
lot. Was it a Biden ordered
indictment? The answer from
Merrick Garland, I thought was
very revealing. So that
statement the president made on
Sunday was false. I’m just going
to say again that no one has
told me who should be indicted.

Uh and, uh, in any matter like
this, and the decision about
indictments made by Mr Smith, no
one has told me no one has told
me when he first said that I
thought, he said, we can’t tell
if he’s a matter or manner. I
thought it was manner. Whatever
Let’s pretend it’s manner for a
moment or let’s go with matter.

Um no one told him but the
signal was sent. I do believe
Joe Biden last year. We just
have to demonstrate that he will
not take power. By if we if he
does run, making sure he, uh,
under legitimate efforts of our
constitution does not become the
next president again. So he’s
talking about Donald Trump in
November of last year. I know
he’s gonna mumble and talking
for but we broke it down, and we
made a mini transcript of those
comments, and they’re rather

We just have to
demonstrate that he will not
take power if he does run on
making sure he under legitimate
efforts of our constitution does
not become the next president
again. That sure isn’t saying
we’re going to beat him at the
ballot box, does it? No And this
signal was sent America, Ireland
. I know. I read it in the
newspaper The New York Times
they were pressuring him all
last year. Garland faces growing
pressure on January 6th
investigation as it widens and
take a look inside that story.
He was as recently as late last
year, Mr Biden confided to his
inner circle that he believed
former President Donald J. Trump
was a threat to democracy and
should Be prosecuted next one
more I think we have one more.

No. All right, well It’s right
there in their favorite
newspaper down there in the
swamp. Um that’s a pretty
significant message. You know
who else came up a lot? Uh wise
, the U. S attorney. Is he a
special counsel? Now He’s a
special counsel. At this point.
Now, this is where the deception
really kicks in. Watch this. Can
you imagine the claims that you
had removed a prosecutor who is
diligently investigating Hunter?
Biden, Can you imagine the
outrage they would have
expressed I can say that during
my confirmation hearing
discussed with many senators on
that side of the aisle there and
the desire and actual insistence
that Mr Weiss be continued to,
um, have responsibility for that
matter, and I promised and I
said it my confirmation hearing
that he would be permitted to

And that I would not
interfere. I was listening to
this as I came to work, and I
know that doesn’t set that
doesn’t ring true, and I don’t
recall anything like that. He
said many senators in his
confirmation hearing they wanted
an assurance that David Weiss
was going to be kept on. We went
back to the 2021 confirmation
hearings. And guess what? David
Weiss never came up. Never was
mentioned about that. I think
they may have realized their
error a little bit later, the
Democrats did watch this. Can
you explain to us a little more
detail? Who you promised that
you would keep Mr Weiss on this
case who to whom was that
promise made a number of, um um
uh. Senators in my meetings with
them asked me to make that
promise. I think that was
discussed in, uh, in my
interchange with us Senator from

I believe a number of
M. M Uh senators, I think an
interchange. A senator from
Tennessee. Maybe. That’s a lot
different from many senators
during my confirmation hearing,
one of the assurance that David
Weiss was going to be kept on
He’s playing a big game with us.
Does he think he’s fooling us? I
think he’s that arrogant.
Alright. Jack Smith was
mentioned a couple of times.
This is a picture that could
give you bad dreams. Jack Smith.
He went on and on about, uh His
reputation for honesty,

Mr Smith had a
nationwide reputation for
integrity and for prosecution.
By nationwide. Maybe he had
friends in California and
friends in New York. This guy
did not have a National Report
station for integrity. It’s a
joke, and on paper, he could not
be the special counsel, The
independent counsel. Let’s He’s
married, and that’s great. Jack
Smith is married. That’s his
wife, and that’s beautiful. And
you can work for the government
find you can even work for the
government. When your wife gives
money to Democrats.

Totally allowed, and she’s given
thousands of dollars to the
Biden campaign and Biden packs
and also we believe Obama and
she worked. She produces
documentaries, and she produced
one for Michelle Obama becoming
one of the worst documentaries
ever. So you can do all this
stuff, but you can’t be the
independent counsel. You can’t
alright, It’s just by definition
. He’s not independent. He’s not
impartial, alright. Then there
was this which I found
particularly offensive. Our job
is to uphold the rule of law.
That means we apply the same
laws to everyone. Our job is to
pursued justice without fear or
favor. Our job is not to do what
is politically convenient at an
includes protecting democratic
institutions like this one by
holding accountable all those
criminally responsible for the
January 6th attack on the
capital. The attack that closed
down the capital for 3.5 hours.
They cleaned it up and they were
back in business. You see
January 6. It’s right up there
with Pearl Harbor and 9 11 equal
justice under the law. Take a
look January 6th How many days
was January 6th?

Well it was one
right and one riot black lives
matter Summer at least 633 riots
alright. The property damage the
lives lost talk to the family of
that man in ST Louis. This is No
comparison. But for them, they
continue with this. This fantasy
has become a reality. That
January 6th the worst thing that
ever happened. I did like it
when he got caught right when
Merrick Garland got caught, And
even he couldn’t he knew he got
caught Watch. Has anyone from
the White House provided
direction at any time to you,
personally or to any senior
officials at the DOJ regarding
how the Hunter Biden
investigation was to be carried
out. Alright that’s like we’re
going to compare to that.

knows how to answer a question.
He can be straightforward. No
nobody from the White House
right now. Watch this. Have you
had personal contact with anyone
at FBI headquarters about the
Hunter Biden investigation. Uh,
I don’t really I don’t know. I
don’t recollect the answer to
that question, but the FBI works
for the Justice Department. It’s
I’m sorry. I’m sorry. You don’t
recollect you don’t recollect
whether you’ve talked with
anybody at FBI headquarters
about an investigation of the
president’s son. I don’t believe
that I did You see that?

giggles a little bit. When he’s
caught. There’s a little bit of
a giggle there. Alright so
overall, you see what’s going
on? There’s deceptive. There’s
these evasive, obnoxious and, uh
and then this, I would say is
dangerous, saying that somehow
government employees are beyond
criticism. What is dangerous is
when anyone singles out a career
prosecutor or a career FBI agent
, and we know as a matter of
fact that that kind of singling
out has led to threats, singling
out individual career public
servants who are just doing
their jobs is dangerous when
they are singled out.

Um this
can lead to threats of violence
and actual violence. You can’t
single people out. You know he’s
talking about Donald Trump.
Donald Trump can’t criticize.
The judge can’t criticize
because it will lead to threats.
You know, why is that we can
single out, people get singled
out, members of Congress gets
singled out. People get singled
out Facebook P T. A members get
singled out. Ah if at least we
don’t want it to lead to threats
. Alright, we have law
enforcement for that. You’re
telling me that struck what was
his name struck and page
remember the situation they had
and how they colluded with all
kinds of other people to stop
Trump back in 2016.

We can’t
talk about them Now we’re going
to all right, and we have to,
and Jack Smith is going after
our President. President Trump.
We can’t criticize him. I don’t
want anything bad to happen to
him. Of course not. No. Buddy
does. I want him to lose in
court. I can question his
motives. I can question his wife
and how she gave money. We’re
allowed to do it. It’s still
America if you want to shut down
threats, Merrick Garland, Why
don’t you make an appointment
with Senator Schumer? I want to
tell you, Cavanaugh, you have
released the world Wind and you
will pay the price. You won’t
know what hit you. What’s worse
, saying that or Donald Trump
making fun of Jack Smith on
Truth, Social? Hmm What resulted
from that man’s display? Mobs
showed up in violation of the

You’re not allowed to
picket parade protest in front
of a judge is home. It’s
actually against the law. But
they let it happen. Cavanaugh
his little girls That was very,
very scary. Some people think it
may have influenced and may
still influence his vote. He
doesn’t want another mob to show
up on his front lawn. Ah it’s
unfortunate, but bad things have
happened in America that have
nothing to do with Maga. Alright
from time to time, and we have
law enforcement for this right
and we have intelligence
services. We don’t want these
things to happen, but they have
happened. They make it sound
like version to the FBI started
because of Donald Trump. Let’s
go back to 1979. You can do this
we can do Mm. Documentaries
Movies have been made about
this, but maniacs have walked
into FBI offices.

They killed
people before it happens.
There’s several many and many
episodes of this, I guess.
Perhaps the worst was the
bombing of the office building
the Federal Office building in
Oklahoma judges have been
assassinated, usually by total
kooks who had business before
the court or some negative
running with the FBI. I don’t
know, and I don’t want that to
happen. But you can’t stifle our
free speech. You can’t kick us
off of social media because you
think it’s going to lead to some
time. Sorry You just can’t. This
is still America and back to the
deception and everybody was in
on this one, especially the
media and America, Arland as
well. And they will attack
special counsel Wise. Was
appointed. Let us not forget by
Donald Trump. Mr Wise. It was a
long time career. Prosecutor
President Trump appointed him
President Trump President Trump
appointed Weiss who then you
appointed Yes, President Trump
appointed Mr Weiss as United
States attorney Even here. Even
the lie is getting kind of like,

Oh, wow. Do I really have to
throw my integrity away? Cause
he knows he should know. I know
he does. That Weiss was what
they call a blue slip
appointment. I have a blue slip
right here. Alright, they’ve
been around for about 100 years
. It’s kind of like a senatorial
privilege that the executive
branch grants the legislative
branch so appointed by President
Trump. Well. How did those names
get to President Trump
recommended by the two Democrats
, senators from Delaware Senator
Tom Carper and Senator Chris
Coons? They wrote it up. They
formalized it there.

Pick David
Weiss. They wanted David Weiss.
They were happy when he got the
judge David Weiss is an
excellent choice. David is a
career prosecutor. I want to
thank the White House. This is
the guy they wanted. And they
got him never mentioned by
basically Anybody. And I think
that’s wrong. Alright. January
6th They’re still using it as a
weapon. And here I do believe
the attorney general is lying.
Take a look. When I said how
many agents are assets of the
government, where President on
January 5th and January 6th and
agitating in the crowd to go
into the capital, and how many
went into the capital?

Can you
answer that now? I don’t know
The answer to that question.
Last time. You don’t know how
many there were or there were
none. I don’t know The answer to
either of those questions. If
there were any, I don’t know how
many. Whether there are any I
think you may have just perjured
yourself that you don’t know
that there were any You want to
say that again that you don’t
know that there were any
personal knowledge of this
matter. No personal knowledge.
You see if you tell the truth
carefully enough. Maybe you
don’t. Well what about
professional knowledge and your
personal capacity

As a husband
and father? You don’t know? But
as an attorney general, you must
know And this is a sensitive
issue. How many FBI agents were
there on January 6th FBI
informants. Chris Wray, the FBI
director. This is one of the
creepiest things I’ve ever seen
in my life. Did you have
confidential human sources
dresses Trump supporters inside
the capital on January 6th prior
to the doors being open again. I
had to be very careful. Oh, Can
you not tell the American people
know we did not have
confidential human sources
dressed as Trump supporters
position inside the Capitol
Gentleman’s time has not read
anything into my decision not to
share information confidentially
this time has expired.

Oh he’s
angry because he got caught. It
never even occurred to me until
the congressman asked that
question that there could have
been FBI. Sources inside the
Capitol dresses Trump supporters
until that question was asked
and wasn’t answered. I think the
answer is obvious now and yeah,
putting it all together. Perjury
Did we see perjury? Did he
perjured himself today? I know
that’s a difficult case to

Here are some shorter clips of others agreeing with Greg Kelly — it was perjury!





Greg Kelly has been doing some EXCELLENT reporting recently.

Make sure you didn’t miss this one:

Update On Greg Kelly Report: Chuck Grassley Says There Are 17 Recordings!

Earlier this week, we brought you this mega story from Greg Kelly:

Greg Kelly: New Audiotape With “Incontrovertible Evidence” Will Force Biden To Drop Out Of Race!

I’ll repost that entire report down below in case you missed it.

But now I want to connect a couple dots for you as a follow up.

I don’t know for sure if these two stories are connected, but that’s what we do in journalism — we dig!  We investigate!  We search for the truth and we see where that search takes us!

And I have a feeling we’re on to something here, but time will tell.

I want to take you back to statements made by Chuck Grassley in Congress about a month ago.

I bet you will remember this.

Watch this clip:

17 huh?

What an interesting number!

So are these the “audio tapes” referenced by Greg Kelly?

I can’t say for sure but it feels likely they are related, doesn’t it?

Time will tell and this story is set to break wide open in the next 30-45 days.

Just remember who told you first….WLTReport!

Now with that in mind, go back and read the Greg Kelly report and you tell me if what Chuck Grassley is saying fits perfectly into what Greg Kelly is saying:

Greg Kelly: New Audiotape With “Incontrovertible Evidence” Will Force Biden To Drop Out Of Race!

You know why I don’t use the word “Bombshell” much?

Because I like to reserve it for when it matters most.

And it appears that we have a BOMBSHELL Audio Tape that will drop soon.

This is all according to a new report from Greg Kelly on Newsmax.

Kelly says he has been told the audiotape exists and contains “Incontrovertible Evidence” of Joe Biden’s corruption.

He would not confirm if the tape is held by people inside or outside of government (hey, sounds like the Trump Team doesn’t it?)

He says the tape will be released to the public between Labor Day and Halloween:

He says the tape is so clear and so damning to Biden that he will be forced to drop out of the race for re-election (we told you all along — Hello Newsom).

Kelly says it will likely also force him out of the remaining time of his current “term” as Resident.

He uses the word “incriminating” many times.

There may be more than one tape.

The White House is terrified about the tape right now and scrambling to figure out how to deal with this.

Watch Kelly make the announcement here:

Backup here:

And on Rumble here:

Newsweek also covered the story:

“Biden has a big mouth and it got him into a lot of trouble, but he hasn’t seen the half of it yet,” Kelly said on Tuesday’s broadcast of Greg Kelly Reports. “There is an audio tape I am told by people in the know—not necessarily in government, not necessarily out of government, I can’t say too much—but there is incontrovertible evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption that is about to be made public.

“It’s not going to happen tomorrow, it’s not going to happen before Labor Day, but it will happen sometime between Labor Day and Halloween,” the right-wing host said, adding that he also does not know who will be releasing the tape to the public. Kelly claimed that the White House is aware of the tape’s circulation.



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