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Young Army Pilot Reportedly Suffers Cardiac Arrest While Operating Training Flight

A young Army helicopter pilot reportedly went into cardiac arrest while behind the controls of a low-altitude training flight.

“A student pilot went into cardiac arrest during a training flight at Fort Novosel, but the incident won’t be investigated. In fact, the other students aren’t being told it was a cardiac event at all,” TRMLX reports.

Fort Novosel, located in Dale County, Alabama, is formerly known as Fort Rucker.

“Myself and others have been highly vocal regarding the threat that the Covid 19 ‘vaccines’ pose to aviation safety,” US Freedom Flyers President Josh Yoder.

“Pfizer’s own documents list side effects of heart attack, stroke, blood clots, and neurological disorders! Despite concrete evidence of harm, the FAA, Airlines, and the US Military continue to turn a blind eye to aviation safety. Mark my words, accountability is coming for the evil people who created and illegally mandated these toxic medical devices.”

TRMLX reports:

A student in flight school at Fort Novosel (formerly Fort Rucker) went into cardiac arrest while he was behind the controls in midflight, and the various messages I’m getting from students, instructors and other senior members within the chain of command paint the same picture with different conclusions.

on Friday, August 18, a student pilot was flying NOE (Nap of the earth is a low altitude flight used by military aircraft to avoid enemy detection and attack in a high-threat environment) when he suddenly slumped over the controls. There was a second student pilot who jumped into action and pulled him off of the controls while the IP (Instructor Pilot) took over and was able to safely land on the stage field.

The second student immediately began performing CPR on the first student while the IP performed emergency shutdown. The paramedics immediately began life saving measures after he was pulled from his seat. He was medevac’d to the hospital in Dothan with his stick buddy, the second student, riding along with him. They were able to resuscitate him enroute, and yes, they used a defibrillator (this is an important note for later).

“Why I say all of this is because of my concern that USAACE (U.S. Army Aviation Center of Excellence) will NOT be conducting an investigation into the incident. Why? Because it’s being labeled as a medical event and not a ‘precautionary landing,'” TRMLX noted.

“A precautionary landing is from any sort of issue that is deemed detrimental to the aircraft itself and would potentially cause the aircraft to have issues in the future. This was a medical event though, therefore an investigation isn’t warranted.”

Reports of the student pilot suffering cardiac arrest follow the sudden deaths of three airline pilots last week.

3rd Pilot ‘Dies Suddenly’ This Week


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