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WATCH: Joe Biden Snaps, Berates Fox News’ Peter Doocy Over “Lousy Question”

Ah, remember the good ol’ days when Joe Biden was heralded as the calming, adult presence returning to the White House?

The knight in shining armor ready to restore ‘normalcy’ after the tumultuous Trump era?

Where the narrative was about Trump’s brash style and Biden’s gentle, grandfatherly demeanor?

Well, that picture seems to be blurring.

The past weeks have showcased a Biden we didn’t quite expect, one who’s increasingly snippy with reporters, especially when they dare to question the family narrative.

Enter the ever-persistent Peter Doocy.

The Fox News correspondent, ever the thorn in the administration’s side, had the audacity (or, dare I say, journalistic integrity?) to question the President about some, well, inconvenient truths regarding Hunter’s dealings and Biden’s potential involvement.

And what did he get in return?

An irritated snap and a declaration of a “lousy question.”

Not exactly the mature, composed response we were promised, right?

It makes one wonder if the tables have turned.

If Biden is the ‘child’ now, having outbursts when faced with uncomfortable truths.

Sure, no one expects the President to enjoy every question thrown his way, but if he’s as untangled from his son’s business dealings as he claims, why not just answer with grace and move on?

Why the knee-jerk irritation?

Why the immediate dismissal?

Many Americans believed in Biden’s promise of a return to civility and decorum.

But as these incidents accumulate, one can’t help but think: is this the same man who promised to be the mature, steady hand guiding the ship of state?

Was that all a disguise?

Or is it that the weight of the Oval Office, and perhaps a smidge of truth in the allegations, making him more defensive than we were led to believe?

Time will, as always, tell.

An irritated President Joe Biden again insisted he ‘never’ talked about business with son Hunter as he finally addressed allegations he was involved in lucrative foreign deals.

Biden snapped at Fox News’ Peter Doocy for asking a ‘lousy question’ about the claims he was used to peddle influence when he was vice president.

Doocy confronted the president and said: ‘There’s this testimony now where one of your son’s former business associates is claiming that you were on speaker phone a lot talking business.’

The White House correspondent was referring to claims by Archer that Joe had been on speakerphone or present in-person around 20 times while Hunter was meeting associates to finalize bringing in millions.

Biden responded: ‘I never talked business…I knew you’d have a lousy question’.

‘Why is that a lousy question?’ Doocy asked.

‘Because it’s not true’, Biden clapped back before walking off.

For those clutching their pearls about former President Trump’s clashes with the media, they might want to sit down for this one.

Whether you were a fan or not of Trump’s candid style, Biden’s displays of annoyance are quickly making Trump’s spats seem like child’s play.

Remember the days when a “fake news” comment sent the media into a tizzy?

Well, fasten your seat belts, because Biden’s been dishing out personal insults that make that seem quaint.

From condescendingly complimenting Doocy on a “great question” to the hot-mic moment where he called the reporter a “stupid son of a bitch” — talk about a tense press room atmosphere.

The irony here is palpable.

The same mainstream media outlets that once lambasted Trump for his brusque handling of reporters now seem to be either silent or making excuses for Biden’s behavior.

Where are the op-eds and panel discussions dissecting every word and nuance of Biden’s reactions?

Seems there’s a different standard in play.

Yahoo confirms that Biden has attacked Doocy personally many times before:

Doocy has been a bee in Biden’s bonnet before. In May, Biden snidely complimented him on a “great question” when Doocy asked him about pardoning Donald Trump.

The president also called Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch” in a hot-mic moment over a question about the economy. (Biden later apologized.) In another incident, the president called Doocy “silly” after a misleading question about training Ukrainian troops against the Russian invasion.

Biden was pitched as the calm after the storm, a return to “normalcy” and civility.

But if these incidents are anything to go by, he’s turning out to be quite the storm himself.

As we watch the next Doocy-Biden showdown, it might be worth asking: Who’s the real bad boy of the press room now?


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