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Former Pence National Security Advisor Endorses Trump, Says Pence “Unworthy” to Be President

Well, pop the champagne, folks, because the endorsement party has just gotten started!

If you’re still sipping the mainstream media’s Kool-Aid, you might be under the illusion that Trump’s star is dimming.

But, surprise, surprise!

When your own right-hand man’s National Security Adviser switches teams to endorse you, that’s not just a slap on the back—it’s a championship belt around your waist.

Enter stage right: Gen. Keith Kellogg.

No, he’s not the guy who made your breakfast cereal.

He’s the National Security Adviser to former Vice President Mike Pence.

And in a dramatic twist that would make Shakespeare blush, he’s taken to Truth Social (Trump’s social media platform—how poetic!) to shower praises on the 45th president and sprinkle a little shade on Pence.

Kellogg, with clarity and wisdom, sees Trump as a titan—a beacon of “unwavering determination.”

In his own words, Trump is the real McCoy, the fearless leader with the gusto to challenge the broken record that is the status quo.

Meanwhile, in the other corner, Pence, according to Kellogg, is doing the political hokey pokey, one step in, two steps out, opting for the sideline when he should be leading the charge.

More details below:

But Kellogg’s critique isn’t just reserved for Pence.

Oh no, he goes a step further, throwing a little zinger at political consultant Marc Short, hinting that Pence’s reliance on such consultants is perhaps why his leadership style is as passive as a sunbathing cat.

So, while media headlines and RINOs (you know who you are!) may be chanting their anti-Trump mantra, let’s be real. If Pence’s own security adviser is waving the Trump flag, it’s a clear sign.

Trump isn’t just making a comeback—he’s winning, and he’s winning “bigly.”

Can I get a mic drop? 🎤

The Daily Caller has more details on the full statement:

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s National Security Adviser, Gen. Keith Kellogg, endorsed former President Donald Trump and slammed his former boss Monday.

“I’ve worked alongside many leaders in my years of service to this Nation,” Kellogg, who worked for Pence for nearly three years, wrote in a statement he shared on Truth Social. “Among them, President Donald J. Trump stands apart as a figure of unwavering determination, a deep vision for America, and the courage to take a stand where others wilt.”

“Where President Trump is bold and unafraid to challenge the status quo, Pence has often chosen the passive route, avoiding confrontation,” Kellogg continued. “This lack of assertiveness, combined with an overreliance on failed political consultants like Marc Short, has demonstrated a laisse-faire leadership style unworthy of the presidency.”


Let that word marinate for a second.

It’s a heavy word.

Like an anvil in a Looney Tunes episode.

Picture this: You’ve been in the political game for ages.

You’ve been the Vice President of the United States.

And then, one of your closest advisors—a National Security Advisor at that—decides you’re “unworthy” of the biggest seat at the table.


That’s like being broken up with via a public Facebook post.

How humiliating that must be for Pence!

It’s one thing to get a nod from someone on the other side.

But to be endorsed by someone who sat in your meetings, shared your victories, and faced challenges with you?

That’s beyond validation.

And to do it on Trump’s Truth Social network?

It’s like breaking up with someone and then immediately updating your relationship status with their best friend.

Kellogg’s message is a burn notice.

A neon sign that says “Team Trump is where the action is.”

And Trump?

Ever the showman, he’s there, giving a virtual standing ovation, pointing out that Kellogg’s endorsement is a badge of honor, especially because he jumped from Pence’s ship.

Because, in Trump’s words, for “true warriors” it’s no biggie. They just follow where the action’s at.

The Daily Mail has more details, including Trump’s response:

Former Vice President Mike Pence’s ex-National Security Advisor Keith Kellogg said Monday that the 2024 hopeful is ‘unworthy’ of the presidency and threw his support behind Donald Trump.

Kellogg issued a blistering statement on Trump’s Truth Social network, explaining that he was disappointed in some of Pence’s recent actions.

Pence has become more critical of Trump since the ex-president was indicted on federal charges related to his attempt to overturn the 2020 election and his role in the January 6 Capitol riot.


‘Where President Trump is bold and unafraid to challenge the status quo, Pence has often chosen the passive route, avoiding confrontation,’ Kellogg said.

‘This lack of assertiveness, combined with an overreliance on failed political consultants like Marc Short, has demonstrated a laisse-faire leadership style unworthy of the Presidency,’ he added.

Kellogg argued that Trump put America first, while ‘Pence’s actions have often seemed more focused on political maneuvering and maintaining his image.’

The former Pence aide then said that he believed ‘bold and decisive leadership’ was needed to push the country forward, adding ‘something we have seen in President Trump but not from the former Vice President.’

On his own Truth page, Trump applauded Kellogg’s message.

‘What a Great Honor it is for me to receive a powerful Endorsement from very highly respected General Keith Kellogg, a true WARRIOR who was in the Trump Administration from the beginning,’ the former president wrote.

‘Keith worked directly with V.P. Pence, so Endorsing me could not have been an easy decision to make, but for true warriors, not tough!’ Trump added.

Pence might’ve secured a seat in the first GOP debate, but let’s be real.

A seat at the table doesn’t count for much if your own teammates are stealing your playbook.

While Trump is soaking up praises for his “bold and unafraid” leadership, Pence is left grappling with feedback that he’s more focused on “political maneuvering and maintaining his image.”

And honestly, in this game of political chess, image is everything.

It’s the king.

And if your pawns are turning against you, checkmate isn’t far off.

So here’s the burning question:

If Pence’s close allies are casting their lot with Trump, where does that leave the former VP?

Floating in political limbo?

Waiting for a lifeline?

Only time will tell, but as of now, the scoreboard reads: Trump 1, Pence… better luck next time.


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