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Pfizer Employees Confirmed to Receive ‘Special Batch’ of COVID-19 Jab?

Pfizer representatives appeared before the Australian government at a Senate hearing, and their exchanges with senators got testy.

Perhaps the most explosive piece of information revealed at the hearing was the Pfizer representatives stating the company’s Australian employees received a ‘special batch’ of the COVID-19 jabs separate from the general population.

“Your vaccine mandate was using your own batch of vaccine, especially imported for Pfizer, which was not tested by the TGA (Australia’s medicine regulator). Is that correct?” Senator Malcolm Roberts asked the Pfizer representatives.

“Senator, so, Pfizer undertook to import a batch of vaccine specifically for the employee vaccination program,” one of the representatives replied.


“Yet another ‘conspiracy theory’ validated,” Dr. Robert Malone commented.

“Does your contract with the government for supply of COVID injections include a clause that negates your indemnity in the event of Pfizer committing a crime such as fraudulent treatment of trial data?” Roberts asked.

Roberts pressed for a yes or no answer.

“Senator Roberts, as I had mentioned previously, the contents of Pfizer’s contract with the Australian government remain confidential and I don’t have any information that I can provide to the committee in relation to that,” a Pfizer representative answered.

“Is it true that Pfizer COVID-19 vaccines were developed initially as countermeasures for the American Department of Defense?” Roberts asked.

The Pfizer representatives refused to provide an answer.

“Can you explain the process why the vaccine causes myocarditis and pericarditis?” Senator Gerard Rennick asked.

“I’m not referring to the number of reports. I want you to explain to me the mechanism of how the vaccine causes myocarditis. Do you not understand the mechanism of why the vaccine causes myocarditis? It looks to me like you don’t and if you don’t understand it, why are you saying the vaccine is safe without qualifying the risks?” he continued.

The Pfizer representatives have no idea or won’t say.


Senator Pauline Hanson wanted clarification about a comment from one of the Pfizer representatives claiming nobody was forced to take the COVID-19 jab.

“You were in Australia during COVID-19. You must have been fully aware that people, nurses, doctors, people to have their jobs, to keep their jobs, were forced to face the vaccination. Now, do you retract your statement that they were not forced?” Hanson asked.

The Pfizer representative reaffirmed he didn’t believe anyone was forced to take the COVID-19 jab to keep their job.


“Watch as I question Pfizer representatives last night in a Senate Hearing. The company was very reluctant to attend the committee hearing and also reluctant to supply a straight answer, automatically falling back on their ‘safe and effective’ mantra to dodge answering the question,” Senator Malcolm Roberts wrote.

“Already, this Senate Hearing revealed that Pfizer is rewriting history on transmission of infection. We’re supposed to conveniently forget they said ‘get it to protect others, to save grandma’ and ‘when you’re vaccinated the virus stops with you’. They’re hiding behind their indemnity contract with our government and dodging responsibility.”

Watch extra footage from Senator Roberts’ questioning:

Overall, the Senate hearing was a disaster for Pfizer.

The pharmaceutical giant worked alongside governments to perpetuate crimes against humanity.

However, unless enforcement authorities unbind themselves from the chains of corruption, nothing will happen to these criminals.

“This was a train wreck for Pfizer. Lies will always catch up with you. We can tell you exactly where to look to get the evidence of fraud, but need Law Enforcement to step up. Until they remove the corrupt log from their own eyes, assume that we are on our own,” Jikkyleaks commented.


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