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CDC Caught Altering Death Certificates!

According to a report from Brownstone Institute, an anonymous individual obtained Minnesota death certificates from all deaths from 2015 to the present.

The information presented the opportunity to find out if the CDC is being honest about U.S. death data.

The outlet said the public health agency is obscuring data whenever the COVID-19 shot is listed as a cause of death.

“In almost every death certificate that identifies a covid vaccine as a cause of death, the CDC committed data fraud by not assigning the ICD 10 code for vaccine side effects to the causes of death listed on the death certificate,” Brownstone Institute reports.

Aaron Hertzberg explains there are two ICD 10 codes for vaccine side effects that can be used for the COVID-19 shots.

T88.1 – Other complications following immunization, not elsewhere classified.

Y59.0 – Viral vaccines

Hertzberg writes in Brownstone Institute:

The CDC receives the death certificates from the various states and applies ICD 10 codes. This is primarily done with a secret algorithm, with a tiny percentage of cases adjudicated by CDC staff when the algorithm is unable to confidently assign an ICD code to the text description written on the actual death certificate (such as confounding spelling or a text description that does not make much sense). I confirmed this with a biostatistician who works for a DoH in a US state (I’m leaving out which one because I want to preserve my persona grata status). The individual who obtained the MN death certificates likewise confirmed with state officials that the ICD codes in their data were assigned by the CDC.

What a death certificate identifying a covid vaccine as a CoD *should* look like

There are three death certificates in the MN tranche that contain either T88.1 or Y59.0. One is for a flu vaccine reaction, and – surprisingly – the other two are for a covid vaccine.

Note – when used below: 

UCoD (Underlying Cause of Death) refers to “the disease or injury that initiated the train of events leading directly to death, or the circumstances of the accident or violence which produced the fatal injury.”

MCoD (Multiple Causes of Death) refers to “the immediate cause of death and all other intermediate and contributory conditions listed on the death certificate.” (everything else)

Hertzberg provides examples of death certificates with the ICD 10 codes to illustrate that the codes are appropriate to use when a COVID-19 shot is listed as a cause of death.

He includes several examples of how the CDC altered death certificates that list the COVID-19 shot as a cause of death by omitting the appropriate ICD 10 codes.

Read one of the examples from Brownstone Institute:

The first fraudulently filled out death certificate offers a crucial detail highlighting not only the fraud but the naked double standards for assigning CoD’s.

This death certificate identifies both a covid vaccine and covid itself as contributory CoD’s (in the last row highlighted in yellow, vaccine underlined in green, covid in blue):

  • “covid vaccine second dose 10 hrs prior to death”
  • “history of covid infection in May 2020” (about 7-8 months prior to death)

Any remotely objective person would presume that if a condition that occurred 7 months prior without any clear link to the actual death still nevertheless meets the standard for being identified as a CoD, then surely a condition or event that occurred a mere TEN HOURS before death identified by the doctor filling out the death certificate merits inclusion as a CoD.

Yet, the CDC assigned U70.1 – “COVID-19, virus identified” – for covid, but neglected to assign T88.1 or Y59.0 for the covid vaccine.

A second point to highlight is that we see that anything mentioned as a CoD, even in the context of “history of” that had (presumably) been long resolved, is a legitimate CoD insofar as assigning an ICD 10 code and epidemiological data are concerned.

Here is the death certificate:

Source – Brownstone Institute

Aaron Hertzberg joined Natalie Winters on War Room to discuss his findings.


Read the full story at Brownstone Institute.


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