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WATCH: MASSIVE Anti-Government Protests Erupt In Israel

What do you call an entity that cannot survive on its own and requires a living host to function? A parasite.

Most stateside supporters of Israel have little to no idea that Benjamin Netanyahu is a reviled figure inside the country and was facing massive pressure to resign after he attempted to change Israel’s constitution.

Directly before the October 7th attacks, Netanyahu’s government came under fire for attempting to change long-standing Israeli law by bringing the independent judiciary branch under the control of the executive branch.

It is no small thing to subvert the judiciary in this way. Imagine if Joe Biden attempted to make SCOTUS answerable to him—there would be a civil war in America.

This is exactly where Israel was directly before the October 7th attacks, which occurred under dubious circumstances. Why did the IDF stand down that day? Why was security so lax?

I am not saying that Netanyahu definitely let the attacks happen to protect his political power, I am saying that this is an extreme likelihood.

However, now that the entire world has turned against Israel, except for a few aging neocons and American traitors on the AIPAC payroll, the protests are back on.

Thousands took to the streets of Tel Aviv in massive anti-government demonstrations demanding an immediate cease-fire to the war and new elections—they want Netanyahu’s government out.

Why are we funding this dumpster fire again, and why are we allowing the government of Israel to subvert our own country by bankrolling politicians and stifling free speech?

Take a look at the rapidly growing anti-government protests inside of Israel:

Times Of Israel reported on another anti-government demonstration inside the country in the city of Jerusalem:

The march was organized jointly by anti-government protest groups and the Jerusalem branch of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum and replaces weekly rallies typically held separately by the respective groups each Saturday night.

One user provided this update: “Protests in Tel Aviv against Netanyahu are ESCALATING. A group of protesters allegedly stormed a stadium in Tel Aviv as part of a larger protest demanding that the Israeli government bring home the hostages currently being held by Hamas.”

The Jerusalem Post featured this statement from the Hostage and Missing Families Forum:

“For half a year, we have been told that military pressure will lead to the release of the hostages. This strategy has failed.

Today we are calling on all members of the government: If the only way to a comprehensive deal for the hostages is to end the war, end the war to bring the hostages home to us!”

They then concluded that “entering Rafah will lead to the murder of more hostages”


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