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The FBI’s Latest Scandal Renews Calls To Defund The Agency

Everyone reading this is no doubt familiar with the FBI’s entrapment tactics.

The January 6th riots, and the plot to kidnap Governor Whitmer—which featured overwhelmingly more FBI informants and agents than individual citizens, are just some examples.

As of this week, the FBI has reached a new low—I know it’s hard to believe but they have.

According to an incredibly revealing report from The Intercept, informants at the FBI engaged in a complex scheme to groom and entrap then-16-year-old Mateo Ventura into supporting ISIS.

The article claimed that an FBI informant who met Ventura online groomed the teen into selling gift cards online and then transferring the money to an FBI informant posing as an ISIS insurgent. …

When Ventura turned 18 the FBI showed up to his father’s house and arrested him—this is a clear case of entrapment on its own but it gets worse. …

Mateo’s father, Paul Ventura, claims that his son has developmental issues and suffers from learning disabilities. …

That’s right, the FBI is now grooming and entrapping mentally compromised teenagers. If ever there was a time to defund the FBI that time is now.

On June 8th, 2023, the FBI’s Boston office announced the arrest of Mateo Ventura:

The Intercept issued this seismic report which I encourage you to read in its entirety, here is an excerpt of the events:

Ventura sent the FBI operative another $25 Google Play gift certificate, which he was assured would be used for jihad, before trying and failing to book several flights due to apparent lack of access to a credit card.

On April 10 this year, Ventura finally succeeded in booking a Turkish Airlines flight to Egypt.

But instead of boarding the flight, or even leaving his residence on the night it was scheduled, Ventura contacted the FBI’s National Threat Operations Center and reported a tip, stating in a rambling message that he wanted “10 million dollars in duffel bags” in exchange for information on future terrorist attacks.

“I known (sic) you thought I am retarded fool but jokes on you I will not admit I sent this or communicate until the cash is delivered,” the message said, according to the criminal complaint in the case.

Mateo’s father, Paul Ventura, spoke out on the grooming, targeting, and viciminzaftion of his son by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.


Darren J. Beattie asks, “FBI caught grooming a mentally challenged child. Does the FBI do anything legitimately related to the national interest?”


The New York Post reports:

Paul Ventura, Mateo’s dad, argued that his son, who he said is good with computers, was trying to help the FBI “and work with them” by showing them how easily Americans can connect with terrorists online.

“[He is] one hundred percent a loyal American. One hundred percent,” the single dad said. “He don’t like terrorism. He don’t like it. He likes to learn about it.”

Mateo Ventura faces up to 10 years in prison if convicted.


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