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Mel Gibson Posts Surprise Video About Fort Benning

It was so good to hear from Mel Gibson in a new video he posted.

And fascinating to hear his point of view on this story.

Let’s start at the beginning…

In case you don’t know, Fort Benning is set to be renamed to Fort Moore this week.

AmericanMilitaryNews had more details on the switch:

Fort Benning, the massive U.S. Army training base near Columbus, Georgia, will be formally renamed Fort Moore on Thursday after Lt. Gen. Hal Moore and his wife, Julia Moore.

Fort Benning and East Georgia’s Fort Gordon were identified by a commission assigned to recommend new names for military installations whose names were linked to the Confederacy. Fort Gordon will be renamed for former President and five-star General Dwight Eisenhower later this year. The official date has not been set.

Lt. Gen. Moore served in the Korean and Vietnam wars and coauthored the bestselling book, “We Were Soldiers Once … and Young.” Julia Moore supported military families back home during her husband’s service. Both are buried at Fort Benning.

A major U.S. Army training facility located just south of Columbus, Fort Benning is home to the Maneuver Center of Excellence, which includes Army’s infantry and armor training schools, as well as training centers for Army Rangers, office candidate school and an airborne school. It serves about 70,000 soldiers and civilians annually, according to the base web site,

Whenever I see something historical being renamed I immediately think it’s probably the Left trying to re-write history.

In this case, Mel Gibson just explained why the name change is a wonderful decision.

Here’s a partial transcript:

“I really found out just how gracious and generous he could be when he allowed and trusted this Hollywood clown enough to let him into his personal life, his story and, particularly, his experiences in the Ia Drang Valley,” Gibson said in a video posted to YouTube.

“One of the big lessons Hal taught me was that, no matter what the plan is, no matter what the conditions are, it’s always going to be, y’know, it’s going to go awry,” the actor continued. “So you have to have a plan A, B, C, D through Z and beyond and leave no stone unturned, which he did.”

“Fort Moore will recognize Hal Moore’s career as a decorated and highly regarded commander of the Vietnam War; and his wife, Julia Moore, equally distinguished as a leader of Army family programs who changed how the military cares for the widows of fallen Soldiers,” the Fort Moore Redesignation Ceremony video posted on YouTube explained in its description. “Fort Moore will honor Vietnam veterans, Army Families and highlight the military spouse’s invaluable contribution to combat readiness.”

From the video description:

Mel Gibson and Hal Moore became good friends during the filming of the movie, We Were Soldiers. Mel even took time a few months before Moore passed away to make the trip to Auburn, AL to visit. We thank him for his kind words as Fort Benning is rededicated on May 11, 2023 and becomes Fort Moore in honor of LTG Hal and Julie Moore – both – honor military service as well as the silent sacrifice of the military family.

Watch here:

Here’s more on Mel if you haven’t stayed up to speed on him recently…

FACT-CHECK: Mel Gibson Is Making A Movie About The Rothschilds?

Mel Gibson was trending on Twitter today, which usually means one of two things…

Either he’s dead (thankfully not) or he’s taking on some big, new project.

It turns out it was the latter, or at least that was the rumor that was trending.

Here is an example of the posts that were going viral:


Uhhhh yeah, you think they attacked Mel when he made the Passion of the Christ video?

Things would get REALLY ugly if he took on the head of the beast straight on!

Not “friendly” people:

But….is it true?

It is unclear, although there are a lot of very strange reports.

Let’s dig in….

The story actually goes back to 2019 when the reports first began to surface.

For example, here is Page Six, a reputable source, from 2019 making the announcement:

Here’s what PageSix reported in 2019:

Mel Gibson is set to play a character called Whitelaw Rothchild — in what would appear to be a reference to the wealthy Jewish Rothschild family, sparking outrage because of the actor’s checkered past.

The volatile actor will play the part of the patriarch of the super-rich family in the dark comedy “Rothchild,” which also will feature Shia LaBeouf as family outcast Becket Rothchild, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The script — which bears a striking resemblance to the 1949 British comedy “Kinds Hearts and Coronets” — is set among a group of New York mega-wealthy whose last name is almost identical to the famed Jewish banking dynasty that is often the target of anti-Semitic tropes.

While the ethnicity of the Rothchilds has not been specified, its similarity to the Rothschild name has sparked a backlash because of the incidents that led to Gibson’s longtime snub by Hollywood.

Gibson’s spokesman cried foul Tuesday about “erroneous reporting” by various outlets.

“The criticism stems from the inaccurate reporting that this film is actually about a wealthy family of Jewish bankers, which it is not,” the actor’s longtime publicist Alan Nierob told The Post in an email.

“‘Rothchild’ is not about the actual Rothschild family and the only similarities between the two are that they are wealthy and their names are similar,” he added.

In 2006, Gibson launched an anti-Semitic tirade against a cop after he was arrested for alleged drunken driving in California.

“The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world!” the star yelled at the time, according to the arrest report. He later apologized for his rant.

Gibson also has been accused of promoting anti-Semitic stereotypes with his 2004 film “Passion of the Christ.”

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg described his casting in “Rothchild” as “chilling.”

“Mel Gibson, same dude who gave us ‘F— Jews… Jews are responsible for all wars in the world.’ Is starring as the ‘sinister grandfather’ in ‘Rothchild,’ a ‘black comedy,’’ she said in a tweet.

But it wasn’t just them.

Variety also reported on it in 2019:

Shia LaBeouf and Mel Gibson will star in “Rothchild,” a dark comedy about New York’s super rich helmed by “Stan & Ollie” director Jon S. Baird. HanWay Films has boarded the project and will kick off international sales at Cannes. CAA Media Finance is handling the North American rights.

LaBeouf plays Becket Rothchild, who was cast out from the family. As an adult the charismatic Becket hatches a plan to get back into the family and claim his birth right. There are nine Rothchild family members who stand between him and his fortune including Whitelaw (Gibson), the family patriarch and villain of the piece.

“Rothchild” is being produced by Los Angeles-based production company Unified Pictures. Keith Kjarval and Tyler Jackson will produce alongside Black Box Management’s Lowell Shapiro and Mike Dill who represent the writer.

“Rothchild is a satirical and thrilling ride, and I am elated to be working with a filmmaker like Jon Baird, who not only has an incredible track record of guiding award-winning performances, but is crafting this film to be an action packed cautionary tale on wealth and power,” said Kjarval.

Here’s what Newsweek concluded, rating the rumor FALSE:



While Mel Gibson was attached to a movie called “Rothchild” in 2019, he was not set to direct.

His representative told Newsweek that while Gibson was offered a role, the movie “if it were made, did not include Mr. Gibson” and that the actor “will not be directing, nor has ever intended to direct a film or any upcoming films about the Rothschilds.”

The people behind the original project (which appears to no longer be in production) have also emphasized that it was not related to or based on the Rothschilds, further undermining the conspiratorial “New World Order” narratives that have recently resurfaced on social media.

And from the AP:

CLAIM: Mel Gibson is directing a film about the wealthy Rothschild family

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. A spokesperson for the Mad Max star says he’s never been involved in developing a movie about the wealthy Jewish family, and has no plans to direct such a film. Gibson was briefly linked to a role in “Rothchild,” a dark comedy about New York’s elite. The film, which was unrelated to the real life family, never materialized.

THE FACTS: Social media users are reviving claims that Gibson plans to helm a film about the international banking dynasty.

Many suggest the once ubiquitous action hero, whose career stalled following antisemitic and racist tirades in the 2000s, is receiving pushback for his efforts.

The Rothschild’s wealth was accumulated over the centuries in Europe through banking and finance, making them a frequent target for antisemitic conspiracy theories.

“Mel Gibson directing film about the Rothschild Family and hitting the NEW WORLD ORDER!,” reads one widely shared post. “With every single mention of the Rothschild family the media around the world has already declared war on the director and wants to stop not only the production of the film, but punish Gibson himself.”

“This will never see the light of day as much as I’d like it too be,” wrote one prominent former MLB star who shared a screengrab of the post on Instagram. His post has been liked more than 3,500 times.

But Gibson’s publicist, Alan Nierob, said his client has never been linked to any film about the family, noting the rumor has made the rounds before.

“This is all made up information that was responded to quite a few years ago,” he said in an email Friday. “Nothing happening now, then or in the future.”

Nierob said he wasn’t sure why the claim was resurfacing now. Gibson faced backlash in 2019 when he was attached to a film called “Rothchild,” with actor Shia LaBeouf.

But that film wasn’t about the real life Rothschilds, even if the name of the fictional family at the center of it was similar.

Gibson was also not set to direct the film, but was to play the grandfather of LeBeouf’s protagonist, Becket Rothchild, according to news reports at the time.

The dark comedy, which was ultimately never made, was about the black sheep of a wealthy family trying to reclaim his birthright, Variety reported. Gibson’s patriarch was purportedly the villain of the film.

So….it looks like the rumor is very likely not true.

However, it seems to have a lot of smoke around the story.

Where there’s smoke there’s fire?

Was this movie set to be produced at one point and then silenced?

Is it being made behind the scenes and people being made to think it’s not moving forward?

I have questions.

I do know what’s NOT fake….


Part 2:

This is why they hate Mel.

And this is also why…remember this?

Video Shows Mel Gibson Saluting President Trump At UFC 264

A video has surfaced of Actor/Director Mel Gibson saluting President Trump at UFC 264.

Gibson who starred in The Patriot which is arguably one of the most patriotic movies of all time let everyone know he’s not just a patriot on screen but off the screen too.

As the Commander of Chief walked by, Gibson straightened up his back and gave Trump a solid salute.

While most of Hollywood wouldn’t dare doing something like this, Gibson doesn’t care what everyone else thinks.

Watch the moment it happened it here:

Just in case you don’t think it’s Mel Gibson but rather someone that just looks like him; a user on Twitter cleared things up and posted a photo of Mel earlier in the night.

The picture reveled he was wearing  the same black shirt with his sunglasses hanging from his shirt just as in the video.

The Daily Caller covered the story and released these details:

Mel Gibson was very excited to see former President Donald Trump at UFC 264 late Saturday night.

The “Lethal Weapon” star was enjoying the highly-anticipated fighting event when he saw the former POTUS walking through the crowd, and he fired him a salute as the crowd went wild.

It’s sometimes hard to believe the reality that we’re living in is real. Imagine if I told you 20 years ago that Donald Trump would be attending an MMA event as a former President and Mel Gibson would be saluting him.


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