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Surge in Severe Myocarditis Among Newborns

The Daily Mail reports that Wales and southwest England has experienced an ‘unusual’ cluster of severe myocarditis (inflammation of the heart) among newborns.

The outlet states 15 newborns had the medical condition from June 2022 to March 2023.

One baby reportedly passed away and eight others were admitted to intensive care.

Experts are ‘baffled’ by the recent surge.

From the Daily Mail:

Nine of the cases tested positive for a type of enterovirus, which usually causes no symptoms or flu-like signs.

However, experts are baffled as to what has caused the sudden spike. Health chiefs in Wales are probing the reasons behind the cases and will investigate any further cases that are reported in the coming weeks.

Previous outbreaks among children, including panic around Strep A last winter, were blamed on lockdowns weakening immunity against the usually harmless bugs.

No cases of severe myocarditis have been spotted since March. However, cases appear to have peaked last November.

Ten cases have been detected in Wales, compared with just one in the previous six years.

The WHO, which issued the alert last night, labelled the cluster ‘unusual’ and said it may be recommended that childcare facilities and schools are closed if cases surge.

Out of the affected babies, one has died. Eight were treated in intensive care, where they were intubated, put on a ventilator and received circulatory support.

Could weakened immunity from lockdowns play a role in the surge?

Who knows?

However, there are other legitimate questions the investigators most likely won’t touch.

Were the mothers of these newborns inoculated with the experimental COVID-19 shot?

Also, did these newborns ingest breast milk from women who received the experimental COVID-19 shot?

There have been several warnings about the health risks of breast milk from vaccinated mothers.

The long-term risks of newborns ingesting breast milk from vaccinated mothers are completely unknown.

Yet, billions of women around the world received the experimental shot.

We have zero idea how antibodies passed from mother to child will impact the health of the newborn.

Wales Online told the story of a baby who passed away of enterovirus with myocarditis.

The parents of baby Elijah Edwards were told that they had lost their son to an infection so rare he would be the only one in the country to die from it for years. But just over a year after his death, Joann and Christian Edwards from Mountain Ash found out that Elijah is not the only Welsh baby to have died with the infection, and that multiple other babies in Wales had been fighting the rare condition.

Earlier this month, Public Health Wales announced it was investigating a cluster of infections of enterovirus that had led to myocarditis (inflammation of the heart). Enterovirus is a common childhood infection which can cause a range of symptoms. It rarely affects the heart, however, in very young babies, enterovirus can cause severe illness in the first few weeks of life.

PHW is investigating 10 cases of enterovirus with myocarditis that occurred in Wales between June 2022 and November 2022. One of these babies sadly died.

Elijah was born at Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil on February 25, 2022. He died at Bristol Children’s Hospital 12 days later. Mum Joann said Elijah’s case is not one that is being investigated as PHW informed her that it was outside of the dates of enterovirus season.

When she heard the news that other babies had been affected by the condition, Joann said she was “gobsmacked”. She said: “We were asking loads of questions. ‘Where this sort of thing comes from? Any other newborns like this?’ And basically we were told no, probably two to three other children in the last few years. We were led to believe that we were a one off. He was a very unlucky, a very unlucky case, and that we may never know the answer as to where or how he contracted it.”

Elijah was born healthy, and was discharged from hospital with Joann a day after he was born. Coronavirus restrictions were still in place, which meant no other visitors saw Elijah in that timeframe other than dad Christian, as well as the health care professionals at the hospital.

Within a few days of being at home Elijah appeared to be lethargic and constipated, but the symptoms were put down to jaundice. When he was a week old, he completely stopped feeding so his parents rushed him to A&E. He was first given a diagnosis of sepsis and then bronchiolitis. He was transferred to the University Hospital of Wales, where they picked up stress on his heart.

Joann said they were asked if there was a family history of heart conditions, and there was not. He was eventually moved again to Bristol Children’s Hospital where they picked up the enterovirus, and were told it was a condition that is known to attach to the heart in newborns.


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