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Here Are The Leaked Tucker Carlson Tapes!

You’re gonna love this…

So today, Media Matters and some other outlets posted the “leaked Tucker Carlson tapes” thinking they really had him now!

Reminds me so much of Trump….we’ve got him now!

Now he’s really finished!

You know, basically this:

So they thought they really got Tucker now, but the opposite basically happened.

The tapes and leaks actually just make Tucker look cool and relatable.

It’s so hilarious.

So I’m sharing them with you too!

Start here:

And here:

Charlie Kirk said EXACTLY what I was thinking….

They just make him look funny and relatable.

Imagine that!

Meanwhile, Liz Crokin wants to add some names to the “go f*ck yourselves” list:

Big swing and a fail from Matt Gertz…whoever the hell that is:

Oh, here’s another one:

Only a Left-wing DORK would think this was somehow bad….

This is a guy being funny and listen to Piers crack up in response.

Only a completely detatched Left-wing Loon would think this is somehow bad but mutilating kids’ genitals at 8 yrs old and sending them to perverted nude drag shows is somehow “normal”.

I don’t think we can have a country with these people anymore, I really don’t.

But hey, nice try Media Matters!  Hey, I’ll even quote some of your article for you right here….I know you thought you scored the knockout blow with this, so let’s let everyone read it!

Recently dismissed ex-Fox News host Tucker Carlson told a colleague preparing to interview him, “If we’re going to talk about sex, I’d love to hit some of the fine points of technique,” in a new behind-the-scenes video obtained by Media Matters.

The New York Times reported last Wednesday that due to Carlson’s “indiscretion… more evidence of embarrassing and inappropriate conduct could emerge,” highlighting videos obtained by the paper in which Carlson discusses his “postmenopausal fans” and described a woman as “yummy.” Media Matters has also obtained those videos, published below, which paint a picture of Carlson’s behavior on Fox’s set.

Fox cut ties with its biggest star last Monday without warning or public explanation. The rationale for his forced departure remains unclear, but some have speculated that it is related to misogynistic comments Carlson made that were revealed during Dominion’s defamation lawsuit against the network, or that it is related to a discrimination lawsuit filed by a former Carlson producer who alleges that she was subjected to a misogynistic workplace.

The previously unreported video obtained by Media Matters shows Carlson speaking with Fox Nation host Piers Morgan, who is about to interview him.

“If we’re going to talk about sex, I’d love to hit some of the fine points of technique, but, you know, but it’s your show. It’s totally up to you,” Carlson tells Morgan.

Morgan responds, “We can certainly talk about your sexual technique, especially after your tanning testicles last week,” a reference to Carlson’s endorsement of that practice in his End of Men Fox Nation special as a way to reduce the purported decline in testosterone levels.

“Not mine,” Carlson replies, adding, “We’ll speak in more general terms, but I’ve got something to add.”

Carlson is wearing the same outfit he wears in the video for an April 2022 interview on Morgan’s TalkTV show. They discussed Morgan’s criticism of Meghan Markle, Carlson’s “gut feeling” that former President Donald Trump wouldn’t seek reelection and whether Carlson himself would run, and Elon Musk’s then-pending takeover of Twitter. Carlson’s sexual “technique” did not come up.

But I want to know what you think!

Let’s add one on!

How did you miss this Gertz?

Tucker Does HILARIOUS O’Reilly Impersonation

You just gotta love Tucker.

Good natured…


And I have a hunch he may be friends with Bill O’Reilly because I think this was done in jest.

I could be wrong.

Either way, I found it hilarious!

You can tell the lady doing his hair thought it was funny too.

Before I show you I have to give a warning…


I know some of you don’t like when I post bad language on here, and I get that.

So that’s why I’m giving this warning.

If you don’t like bad language, you’re gonna want to click out right now.

For everyone else, here is perhaps the most famous Bill O’Reilly clip of all time.

When he was MUCH younger and full of hair!

And apparently full of piss and vinegar, because he was SALTY in this clip!

He gets so mad that the teleprompter is not working right….or at least he thinks it’s not.

Then he utters his most famous line.

Watch here:

With that in mind, check out this clip I just found of Tucker doing an homage to O’Reilly’s outburst.

So funny:

Gotta love Tucker!


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