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(WATCH) Activist Blisters Mainstream Journalists For Censorship of Seymour Hersh, Julian Assange, War Crimes & More

Activist Jose Vega and his peers confronted executive editors for The New York Times, The Washington Post, Los Angeles Times, and Reuters on their censorship of Seymour Hersh’s Nordstream expose and other pressing topics.

The confrontation took place at an event called ‘FaultLines: Democracy: A conference on building a democratic press,’ hosted by Columbia Journalism School.

“Is this the lecture hall with Seymour Hersh?” Vega asked.

“I’m looking for the one with Seymour Hersh because it’s a policy and press hall event.”

“So shouldn’t we be talking about the Nordstream, since that’s the biggest story of the century?” he added.

“And you guys, I mean, you have the executive director of the New York Times there who came out with a phony story to try and block Seymour Hersh.”

“I mean, is there anything you’ve gotten right in the last 20 years, or am I mistaken about that?” Vega continued.

“Iraq wrong, Syria wrong, Russiagate really wrong.”

Vega said the list goes on and on of what the mainstream outlets have gotten wrong over the years.

“While Julian Assange rots in prison, all of you got fat checks because he’s in jail for doing your job,” he added.

“Tucker Carlson ain’t no Seymour Hersh, but he did something you guys are scared to do. Speak the truth and actually be critical of the war.”

“Which is why he was actually fired from Fox, because you are all cowards,” Vega continued.

“The mainstream press is now dying. Nobody’s ever going to listen to you again. You have no credibility with the public. The only people who care about what you have to say are elite a**holes who have nothing productive to say anymore, and it’s dying off.”

Security at the event would attempt to push Vega to the ground and silence him.

“Say something about this bombing. We blew up the Nordstream pipeline. Listen, don’t stand there while there are people rotting in prison,” Vega continued.

Watch the epic 3-minute rant:

Although Vega was dragged out of the event, his friends continued criticizing the mainstream journalists.

“You know what? He’s right. He’s right about Julian Assange. He was the only one who did his job right. He exposed US war crimes. He exposed what we committed in Afghanistan killing civilians,” his friend said.

“None of your outlets reported that. None of your outlets did. Instead, we’re bowing down to the war policy. The war nuts who are going to get us all blown up in a World War Three.”

“You continue to work for the outlets, continue to lie to the American public, and will get us killed,” he added.

“Tucker Carlson was kicked out because he had the guts to actually talk about the war.”



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