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TUCKER FLASHBACK 5: Tucker Carlson Explains How The NSA Hacked His Signal Account

We’re flashing back on recent on fire interviews done by Tucker Carlson in the past few months.  This is Part 5.

I personally believe Tucker went on this podcast interview spree because he knew what was coming. 

He was getting his name even farther out there, establishing himself as something FAR bigger and FAR MORE powerful than just his 1-hour Fox show.


What part of “shall not be infringed” does the Deep State not understand?

And what part of “no illegal searches or seizures of private citizens” is so hard to follow?

Of course they understand it all perfectly fine, they just don’t give a damn.

The Deep State that is running our rogue Three-Letter Agencies believes itself to be above the law….and quite frankly, they are!

The rules do not apply to them.

You don’t need to be a lawyer to understand that tapping into someone’s phone and then tapping into their private Signal App (which is end-to-end encrypted) is wildly unconstitutional.

The poorly named “Patriot Act” is wildly unconstitutional.

But they just don’t care.

Of course, they do it all in the name of “safety”.

Which is why we have so many constant disasters and horrible things happening….

Have you connected those dots yet?

You do realize that MOST of the bad things that happen in the world are not random, horrible accidents, right?

They are planned.

They’re called “False Flags”.

Oh it doesn’t mean they didn’t actually happen, it just means they didn’t happen organically, and definitely not for the story that is immediately spun afterwards.

No, they happen because of something called the Hegelian Dialectic.

In short: Problem — Reaction — Solution

The “problem” is often created by the Deep State so they can get the “reaction” they want so they can then swoop in with the “solution” they’ve already pre-planned.

Of course the “solution” almost always involves a big loss of liberty, freedom and rights.

But Americans stand and applaud because Daddy Government is going to KEEP THEM SAFE!

Please keep us safe, they cry out!

But safe from what, exactly?

Safe from the pre-planned disasters and tragedies they caused in the first place?

Oh what a sick world we live in.

It reminds me of this famous quote most often attributed to Ben Franklin:

When you start to understand everything I just wrote above, suddenly the world starts to make a LOT of sense.

And then you start to get mad.

Really mad.

Pissed off mad.

Because you realize what they’ve been doing to you.

Now back to Tucker.

Tucker just went on the FullSend Podcast and it was one of the most incredible interviews I’ve ever heard.

I will cover more of it in a next article.

The FullSend guys basically just let Tucker go uncensored and it was WILD.

So that’s where this clip comes from and it’s mindblowing that we just accept this massive breach of our rights.

Listen to Tucker as he describes the incredibly unconstitutional violation of his Constitutional rights:

And if you want to hear the full interview (trust me, it’s worth it) I’ve got that for you below.

Watch here:


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