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Elon Musk Is Creating “TruthGPT”!

I don’t know if you’ve used ChatGPT or not. …

Personally, aside from the coding features, I don’t find it to be particularly impressive—it’s cool and maybe one day it will truly be transformational, but right now it’s more of a novelty than anything.

However, these lackluster capabilities still haven’t stopped the woke mob from targeting it—after all, artificial intelligence is the battle of the future—or today, depending on how you look at it.

ChatGPT gives these sanitized responses to many questions—quite like the lackluster Anheuser-Busch ‘apology‘ we saw last week. …

It will give you negative responses on certain people, but not others, it’ll give you completely false information that is obviously and demonstrably untrue.

I’ll let you guess what type of figures these language models protect and which ones they will slam. …

Basically, the AI predictive language models that have come to dominate the headlines are all woke and I am far from the only person pointing this out. …

Elon Musk recently told Tucker Carlson that he has plans to combat these woke AI initiatives with his own artificial intelligence, dubbed TruthGPT, take a look:

Zero Hedge reports:

Last month, Musk created a new AI company called X.AI Corp, according to the state of Nevada filings.

In the same month, he signed an open letter, along with hundreds of other tech experts, urging for an immediate pause of any new chatbots from OpenAI.


CNBC highlights:

Musk told Carlson he envisions a regulatory agency that “initially seeks insight into AI, then solicits opinion from industry, and then has proposed rule-making,” something like the Federal Aviation Administration and the way it has come to work with aviation and aerospace companies.

With an agency and industry-accepted rules in place, “I think we’ll have a better chance of advanced AI being beneficial to humanity,” Musk said.


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