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SNL Goes Full Woke — Full Abortion Game Plan Now Rolled Out

You may have missed this, because….why would anyone be watching Saturday Night Live?

I know I wasn’t.

But unfortunately I saw this clip.

Talk about a complete dearth of any humor.

Just full on political propaganda.

The Gateway Pundit reports that this SNL castmember reports as Non-Binary and that is seemingly why she was used here:

The rant about supporting sex change surgeries and hormone treatments was delivered by Molly Kearney, who identifies as “non-binary.”

Here is just a portion of the most blatant portions:

“Restricting Health Care for Kids. For some reason, there’s something about the word ‘trans’ that makes people forget the word ‘kids.’ If you don’t care about trans kids’ lives, it means you don’t care about fricking kids’ lives.”

“What’s happening kids is wrong and you don’t need to be scared. Our job is to protect you and your job is to focus on being a kid. It’s kind of like me flying in the SNL sky. There’s a bunch of dudes asking you about your crotch and where you’re allowed to pee. But if you just hang on, you’ll look up and realize you’re flying kid.”


So funny, right?

Is this still a comedy show?

Does anyone find this funny?

Watch for yourself here:

It’s taken me a while to sort through all this in my head but I finally figured it out.

Maybe you all figured it out before me, but here’s what they’ve done.

They’ve rolled out the exact same game plan that they used with Abortion and they’ve used it now with the “Transgender” topic.

What’s the game plan?

It’s very simple.

You just reframe the argument so it’s not about a topic you’re going to lose badly on….you reframe it to be about a topic that sounds better.

So instead of abortion being about killing the unborn vs. not killing the unborn (an argument the abortion crowd lost on for a LONG time) they then reshaped the argument to Women’s Healthcare vs. Blocking Women’s Healthcare.

See how it gets twisted into a topic that SOUNDS much better?

I think they experimented with a lot of different topics for Transgender over the years and most failed to connect with the American public.

But they have been circling around this new reframe, which is:  Children’s Healthcare vs. Blocking Children’s Healthcare.

Do you see it now?

They took the exact same thing that worked with Abortion and they’re just rolling out the same plan here.

These people aren’t very smart, but they are devious.


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