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Kentucky Shooter’s Anti-Trump Rhetoric Exposed

Well, what do you know…

The Kentucky bank shooter posted ant-tump rhetoric online.

No – that can’t possibly be true!

It was probably the Russians hacking his socials and planting disinformation.

A climate-change-fearing, child-mutilating, true-blooded Liberal would NEVER pick up a scary gun and shoot people.

It’s the MAGA nuts that do that…. Remember?

The Post Millennial reported on Connor Sturgeon’s posts:

Connor Sturgeon, the 25-year-old gunman who is suspected of killed at least four people, including a police officer, and injuring eight others on Monday in a Louisville, Kentucky bank, has been revealed to have posted anti-Trump and pro-lockdown posts on Reddit.

That doesn’t quite fit the narrative now, does it?

The Left wants to blame every instance of gun violence on the Republicans, the NRA, the gunmakers, the ammo, heck – probably even the phone service providers to the companies that make the ammo!

They’ll blame gun violence on everyone and everything EXCEPT the deranged shooter.

Because –  Liberal Logic.

In fact, it’s been reported that Sturgeon was struggling with his mental health.

The Post Millennial continued,

Sturgeon reportedly texted a friend prior to the shooting saying that “he was feeling suicidal and would shoot up the bank.”

In one group chat message, Sturgeon reportedly sent photos that included one that stated “they won’t listen to words or protests, let’s see if they hear this,” one that said “Monday vibes” and “I could burn this whole place down,” and another that stated “I know what I have to do but I don’t know if I have the strength to do it.” A photo of the chat was reportedly posted to Sturgeon’s Instagram, with the same handle, on Monday morning.

Both the Instagram and Reddit accounts have been locked.

Let’s see… we had a “trans activist” shooter with a MANIFESTO (which still hasn’t been released) attacking the Christian school she held a grudge against.

And now we have a disgruntled, suicidal (soon to be let go) employee!

Once again, we have a MENTAL HEALTH problem – NOT a gun problem!

Well, mainstream media… what say you?


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