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Investigation Finds Pipeline From Intelligence Community to Big Tech Companies

According to a Daily Caller investigation, there’s a pipeline funneling former employees of federal surveillance agencies to Big Tech companies.

The Daily Caller cited Google, Twitter, Meta, and TikTok having numerous executives that once worked for the federal government.

“Google, Twitter, Meta and TikTok’s executive ranks have had over 200 former employees of surveillance government agencies, creating an employment pipeline between the government and Big Tech companies,” Daily Caller White House Correspondent Diana Glebova wrote.

Glebova shared further details about this Big Tech-Intelligence Community revolving door at Daily Caller:

The technology companies recruited 248 employees from the DOJ, FBI, CIA and DHS, a LinkedIn search revealed. The hiring occurred mostly between 2017-2022, with several filling top director positions after having decade-long careers in the surveillance agencies.

Google hired 130 former DOJ, DHS, CIA and FBI employees, the Daily Caller’s key term search on LinkedIn found. Meta, the company that owns Facebook and Instagram, employed 47 people for those three entities who were previously at the DOJ, FBI or DHS. TikTok, the Chinese-based app embattled with national security concerns, employed 25 former DOJ, FBI, DHS or CIA employees. Twitter had 46 executives who had previously spent time working for the three-letter agencies.

Reed Rubinstein, former deputy associate attorney general under President Trump, told the Daily Caller that Americans should be “concerned” about “terrifying” integration of Big Tech companies and federal agencies.

“The revolving door has been a feature of D.C. for as long as I can remember. Any business that is heavily regulated is going to be concerned about managing the regulators, and one way to do that is by purchasing them,” Rubinstein said.

Americans should be highly concerned with this pipeline that connects three-letter agencies notorious for spying with the biggest search engine and social media platforms.

Private information stored with these Big Tech companies can easily fall into the hands of the federal government with the cozy relationships this pipeline can provide.

We’re vulnerable to having our inalienable rights violated by Big Tech companies having connections with three-letter agencies, which have zero business existing anyway.

As Daily Caller explained, Big Tech companies can recruit former workers from the CIA, FBI, etc., just like Big Pharma recruits former FDA and CDC employees.

In the outlet’s report, they explained how Twitter recruited numerous FBI employees who spent decades with the agency.

From Daily Caller:

The search found numerous LinkedIn users touting work history in intelligence agencies didn’t fully identify themselves, choosing to censor their last names. The users presumably fully identify themselves at some point in the recruitment, hiring and vetting process.

A user named “Kevin L.” spent over 25 years at the FBI working as a special agent and a technically trained agent before immediately transitioning to being a corporate security manager at Twitter.

“Bruce A.” worked for the FBI and the Department of the Interior for 23 years before becoming Twitter’s director of information security for the insider threat program.

Michael Bertrand worked at the FBI for over 23 years in special agent and chief of staff capacities before getting hired as Twitter’s crisis manager.

The other dozens of career FBI agents who spent over 20 years at the bureau were recruited by Twitter to fill positions like “embedded security manager,” “senior security manager,” “senior director,” “security specialist,” “director of corporate security/ risk” and “director of corporate resilience.”

Daily Caller also noted that the majority of the former federal government workers employed by Twitter left the company around the time Elon Musk took over as CEO.

Overall, this is a dangerous revolving door that must be dismantled to protect the inalienable rights of every man, woman, and child in the United States.

Read more about the Big Tech-Intelligence Community pipeline at Daily Caller.


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