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BREAKING: “Mr Beast” Is Trans Now?

Well, this is something I wasn’t expecting today, but “MrBeast” has gone trans.

No, not the man Jimmy Donaldson who goes by the name “MrBeast” but his show on YouTube “MrBeast” is now all over social media for having a trans “character”.

Except since this is not really a “show” with made up characters but more of a reality TV show on YouTube, the “character” is not some made up character in a Hollywood script….it’s a real life human being.

A man named “Chris” who had a wife and a kid suddenly decides he’s now a woman.

And parts of the Internet are NOT happy with this sudden plot twist.

Let’s take a look…

So here he is on the left in a fairly recent photo with wife and kid — and now on the right now as a woman””:

Here’s another comparison:

Some are calling for “empathy”:

Others are saying “bro wtf happened?”

Let’s be clear….he’s not just dressing up or doing it as a gag (as far as we can tell), reports say he is full on hormone replacement therapy and actively “transitioning” to a woman:

Many have long suspected the kid-friendly “MrBeast” channel may not be such a kid-friendly channel given the name “MrBeast” seems to honor Satan.

You know, the “Beast” of Revelation?

Not really something you’d necessarily want to name yourself I wouldn’t think.

Here is MeetKevin, a guy who goes out of his way to appear reasonable and middle-of-the-lane.

Kevin would break his own back trying to bend over backwards to appease the “Middle” in America, and yet even he just posted this saying: “what am I supposed to tell my 7 year old kid who now sees one of the characters in his favorite YouTube channel just became a woman?”

Great question Kevin.

And that’s why the “Middle” may not be where you think it is.

Watch here:

Donaldson, MrBeast himself, has responded to the controversy:

So…what do YOU think?

Drop a comment below and let me know which way you’re “swinging” in the poll:


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