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More Bad News For Disney: STRIKE Incoming

Poor woke grooming Disney.

That can’t seem to catch a break these days.

They’ve been hit with box office bombs relentlessly.

Failures at Disney+.

Their parks reaching low attendance records.

They’ve been exposed by James O’Keefe at OMG for their anti-White hiring practices.

Their hiring practice of Jews-only for C-level positions.

Their stocks sinking.

And it doesn’t end.

Their next problem is the incoming strike!

You see, a coalition of four unions of Disney workers got together. They’ve had it.

They’ve filed a bunch of labor charges and have scheduled a strike authorization vote for next week.

The unions claim Disney has committed “unfair labor practices”, that are so bad they’re interfering with their ability to get a fair contract.

The strike vote is set for July 19.

Seems like they’re tried talking, now it’s time for action.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

After filing a series of labor charges, a coalition of four major unions representing 13,000 Disney workers has scheduled a strike authorization vote next week.

“We haven’t been able to move the company on the issues most important to our members,” said Andrea Zinder, president of UFCW Local 324. “The unfair labor practices that Disney has committed are so egregious that they interfere with our ability to get a fair contract.”

The strike vote slated for July 19 comes as the National Labor Relations Board is investigating alleged labor violations by the company.

Last month, the union coalition filed charges with the board claiming that more than 500 workers have faced unlawful intimidation, surveillance and disciplinary threats for wearing a union button depicting a Mickey Mouse-styled glove raised in a fist.

Disney has stated that the union buttons violate its “Disney Look” dress code.

Coleen Palmer, a Disneyland cashier, wore the button to work one day and said she was reprimanded by management for it within the first half-hour of her shift.

“The intimidation is stressful for cast members,” Palmer said of her co-workers. “But on the other hand, we are willing to stand up and say we are worth much more than this when it comes to contract talks.”

As negotiations began in April for the thousands of theme park ride operators, candy makers, custodians and cashiers represented by the Master Services Council coalition, higher wages, a fair attendance policy, raises based on seniority and park safety have rounded out key issues.

“The company is trying to claim that their pay proposal represents a 40% increase over the term of the contract from 2023,” Zinder said. “But, in reality, a portion of that was imposed upon them by Anaheim’s living-wage law.”

The current minimum wage under the city’s measure is $19.90 an hour, which boosted pay from $18 an hour under the Master Services Council’s contract that expired for Disneyland workers in June.

Palmer has worked at Disneyland since 1987 and makes $23.64 an hour.

“The company’s opening proposal was to recognize somebody who has been there for 20 years or more by giving them an extra 25 cents per hour,” she said. “That is neither generous nor gracious, and it’s certainly not fair.”

25₵ raise to an employee of 20+ years??

Yet they’ll pour around $250,000,000.00 (that’s $250M) into a transgender, lgbtq ‘Star Wars’ series, The Acolyte, that no one watches and is bombing on Rotten Tomatoes, with a garbage approval rating of 14%.

Last time they went on strike they looked a little different. Before forced DEI.



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