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WATCH: Rep. Nehls Drops Bombshell Video Accusing Biden of Weaponizing DOJ

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So, Rep. Troy Nehls from Texas dropped a video that paints a pretty damning picture.

The video alleges how Biden and his liberal posse have been using the justice system to attack President Trump.

He starts off by pointing out Jack Smith as the “non-partisan” Special Counsel.

His track record show’s he’s anything but non-partisan.

Nehls lists off the evidence pointing to how Smith has constantly gone after conservatives and Republicans.

Not to mention the fact that his wife produced Michelle Obama’s biography movie, Becoming. (Almost like the title is an inside joke about him, I mean, her ‘becoming’ Michelle, instead of Mike. Hey, that’s what Obama called her numerous times.)


Nehls doesn’t hold back any punches in his video.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

The House Judiciary Committee and Congressman Troy Nehls (R-TX) have released a damning video, presenting a detailed account of how Joe Biden and his liberal allies have weaponized the justice system against former President Donald Trump.

“Joe Biden has weaponized the DOJ against President Trump. And anyone who tells you otherwise, folks, they’re lying,” Rep. Nehls said.

Nehls begins by pointing out Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland’s appointment of Jack Smith as the “non-partisan” Special Counsel.

Nehls points out that Smith is the same individual who pursued Republican governor Robert McDonald, losing 8 to 0 at the Supreme Court.

He also highlights Smith’s history of targeting conservative groups and his wife’s role in producing Michelle Obama’s documentary.

He then turns to the case in Georgia, noting that Willis’ office met with White House lawyers in 2022.

He also points out that just three days after Trump announced his candidacy for President, Fanni’s former lover and lead special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, met with Biden’s inner circle.

Turning to New York, Nehls criticizes Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg’s investigation into Trump, noting Bragg’s campaign promises to target the former president and his hiring of Matthew Colangelo, a former high-ranking Biden DOJ official who also led New York AG’s inquiries into Trump.

“Folks, this is lawfare, calculated campaigns to weaponize the judicial system, to go after political opponents. That’s exactly what Joe Biden’s DOJ is doing to attack Donald Trump, and Biden has even admitted it,” said Rep. Nehls.

Recall that Joe Biden said in one of his rallies, “We just have to demonstrate that [Trump] will not take power, if he does run, making sure he, under legitimate efforts of our Constitution, does not become the next President again.”

Nehls concludes by calling for action to stop the left’s lawfare tactics.

“We must stop the left’s lawfare tactics. And how do we do that? We do it now,” said Rep. Nehls.

WATCH the video here:


Here’s a great little moment of Rep. Nehls on CNN. Ha!


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