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JOE BIDEN: “There’s a Whole Lot More Cases Coming For President Trump!”

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There was a huge clip from the Debate that somehow isn’t getting much attention.

But I have to show it to you.

It’s Joe Biden probably forgetting what he was allowed to say and spilling the beans that they have a “whole lot more cases” coming soon against President Trump.

Watch it right here:

During the debate, Biden claims that there are more cases coming up for Trump. Is he talking about the already pending charges or more?

Let’s let my followers decide. But at a minimum, if more charges do crop up, Biden has some explaining to do.

Tapper: Do you believe that the tens of millions of Americans voting for Trump will be voting against American democracy?

Biden: The more they know about what he has done, yes.

The more they know about what he’s done.

AND THERE’S A LOT MORE COMING. There’s a whole lot of cases down the road.

H/T to @VerumInvenire for showing me this, and helping me find the clip.

Backup here if needed:

More here:

Then one day later he said this:

Backup here if needed:

The evil smile that he flashes is nothing short of demonic.

Something tells me that Biden may not last long enough to see this threat to the finish line….

Derek Johnson had a lot more….

Brilliant breakdown from Derek.

Start here:

One, as you probably already know, the past 7.5 years are a Military Occupation and Continuity of Operations Plan.

Until those are complete, everything is all part of the plan.

But for those who have no idea what they’ve been watching…

Two, “Biden” claims Tariffs are bad, but has not ended President Trump’s Tariffs 🤭

If they’re so bad, how come “he” has not ended those in 3.5 years as “President?”

👉🏻 Because “he” is not President.

👉🏻 MO & COOP ongoing 💯🎯🐂🇺🇸

And here:

“Gonna be convicted probably numerous other times.” 🎯

“Telling the Ukrainian people we’re gonna wanna $1 Billion dollars or we’re going to change the prosecutor”…

👉🏻 2014

And guess who secured $1 Billion in “defense budget”?

👉🏻 Victoria Nuland in… 2014. 🤭

Who also was confirmed on recording saying “f*ck the EU.” 🎯

Who is also the one who confessed under Oath, March 8, 2022, after ALL of 2021, “Biden” and “admin” including her, acting as Under Secretary, said there were no Biochemical Laboratories in Ukraine, which is a lie.

The documents of the United States funding those were posted publicly for the whole world to see, round and flat Earthers, on the United States Embassy to Ukraine, until they deleted those trying to scrub their names and tracks.

Quid Pro Quo are what the Democrats charged of PDJT with his Ukraine phone call.

Perfectly great phone call.

“We have it all. We’ve caught them all.”

“I will be exonerated.”

Not only will he be, but President Nixon will be too. 🤭🎯

Draining the swamp 🔥🐂🇺🇸


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