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Joe Biden’s Replacement Announced?

Just a few minutes ago, I brought you a stunning breaking news report (from NBC News) claiming that Joe Biden will be dropping out of the race tomorrow (Sunday).

Here it is:

BREAKING: Joe Biden To Drop Out Tomorrow! Source: NBC News

Will that happen?

It looks very likely at this point, but we will see.

No one knows for sure.

But one way or another, dropping out, being removed (25th Amendment), or dying....I think there is almost NO CHANCE Joe Biden makes it to November.

And if that's true, then let's advance the story to talk about his replacement.

Who will it be?

We've been telling you for months that we believe it will be Gavin Newsom or Michelle (Big Mike) Obama.

But could it be someone else?

I want to show you this great video from my friend Chris Greene at AMTV Media who released this video today that I thought was really good.

He acknowledges that Gavin Newsom and Michelle Obama are two very likely choices, but then he adds three more.

Hillary Clinton (never underestimate Hillary's desire to be President)....


The Rock.

I thought those last two are absolutely fascinating!

He makes a great point....

Which name out of those 5 creates the most excitement?

The best matchup?

The most buzz?

Because that's what these people love.

Michelle doesn't seem to want it.

Gavin Newsom comes with a LOT of baggage....

In fact, we just ran this earlier this morning:

EXPOSED: Gavin Newsom Had Dirty Sex Affair With Wife Of Close Friend

And Hillary?

She's already lost 3 times, does she really want to make it 4?

But Oprah?

Or The Rock?

That could suddenly make things VERY interesting.

Watch here for more:

Backup here if needed:

So what do you think?

Who do you think replaces Joe Biden?

One of those five?

Or someone else altogether?


BREAKING: Joe Biden To Drop Out Tomorrow! Source: NBC News

This is a breaking news alert!

Per a report just announced from NBC News, Joe Biden has called his family to an emergency meeting at Camp David tomorrow (Sunday) to "discuss the status of his campaign".

Of course, no one believes there's any discussion to be had.

Joe is told what to do, always has been, always will be.  Especially now.

This is all for optics.

But the optics are pointing to him dropping out tomorrow.

Watch this short clip to understand more:

Backup here if needed:

This all comes from a stunning report just released from NBC News:

President Joe Biden is expected to discuss the future of his re-election campaign with family at Camp David on Sunday, following a nationally televised debate Thursday that left many fellow Democrats worried about his ability to beat former President Donald Trump in November, according to five people familiar with the matter.

Biden’s trip was planned before Thursday’s debate. He and first lady Jill Biden are scheduled to join their children and grandchildren there late Saturday.

So far, the party’s top leaders have offered public support for Biden, including in tweets posted by former presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. Senior congressional Democrats, including Reps. Hakeem Jeffries of New York, Jim Clyburn of South Carolina and Nancy Pelosi of California, have privately expressed concerns about his viability, said two sources apprised of those discussions, even as they all publicly back the president.

One Democratic House member who believes Biden should drop out of the race — but has yet to call for that publicly — told NBC News that three colleagues expressed the same sentiment to him during votes on the House floor Friday.

House leaders have not wavered publicly, and their aides denied that they are expressing doubts behind closed doors.

“Speaker Pelosi has full confidence in President Biden and looks forward to attending his inauguration on January 20, 2025,” Ian Krager, a spokesman for the former House speaker said. “Any suggestion that she has engaged in a different course of action is simply not true.”

Christie Stephenson, a spokeswoman for Jeffries, the House minority leader, said her boss has “repeatedly made clear publicly and privately that he supports President Joe Biden and the Democratic ticket from top to bottom.”

Brianna Frias said that Clyburn, who is traveling to Wisconsin this weekend to campaign for the president, "has total confidence in President Joe Biden and the Biden-Harris ticket.

"Any reports alleging that the Congressman has expressed anything other than firm support of President Biden are completely untrue," Frias said.

At the same time, there is an understanding among top Democrats that Biden should be given space to determine next steps. They believe only the president, in consultation with his family, can decide whether to move forward or to end his campaign early — and that he won’t respond well to being pushed.

“The decision-makers are two people — it’s the president and his wife,” one of the sources familiar with the discussions said, adding: “Anyone who doesn’t understand how deeply personal and familial this decision will be isn’t knowledgeable about the situation.”

This account of a president and his party in crisis just a little more than four months before an election they say will determine the fate of democracy is drawn from interviews with more than a dozen Democratic officials, operatives, aides and donors. All of them spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to describe matters as sensitive as whether a sitting president might give up his re-election bid and how he could be replaced on the ballot.

Despite delivering a rousing speech at a rally in North Carolina on Friday that calmed some of his allies, Biden was described by one person familiar with his mood as humiliated, devoid of confidence and painfully aware that the physical images of him at the debate — eyes staring into the distance, mouth agape — will live beyond his presidency, along with a performance that at times was meandering, incoherent and difficult to hear.

“It’s a mess,” this person said.

Another person familiar with the dynamics said Biden will ultimately listen to only one adviser.

“The only person who has ultimate influence with him is the first lady,” this person said. “If she decides there should be a change of course, there will be a change of course.”

After publication of this report, a source familiar reached out to stress that the Camp David gathering was not a formal family meeting.

“Any discussion about the campaign is expected to be informal or an afterthought,” the source said. “No one is sitting down for a formal or determinative discussion.”

Anita Dunn, one of Biden’s handful of closest advisers, said on MSNBC’s “The Weekend” Saturday that Biden has not discussed dropping out of the race with aides and that internal talks have focused on moving forward.

“We had a bad debate,” Dunn said. “What do we do next? You know, the president, above all, is focused on what do we do next? What do I need to go do?”

These private discussions among Biden, his family members and his top advisers are being held against the backdrop of a reckoning for Democrats who were shocked both by Biden’s appearance and the frequency with which his train of thought appeared to veer off track.

We've told you all along that this would happen.

We told you over a year ago there would be a Biden "swap out" coming.

We told you the night of the debate when everyone was celebrating President Trump's win that this was not good news!

DEBATE UPDATE: Joe Biden Imploded Tonight, No One Disagrees — But Here’s Why That’s Very BAD News!

DEBATE UPDATE: Joe Biden Imploded Tonight, No One Disagrees -- But Here's Why That's Very BAD News!

It's nearly universal....

President Trump mopped the floor with Joe Biden tonight.

Actually, it wasn't that President Trump was THAT good....

He was good, yes.

Very well done.

But it was the fact that Biden was THAT bad.....

So we should celebrate, right?

Not so fast.

Not so fast at all.

This is very bad news, and I'll explain why in just a moment.

But first look at everyone celebrating Biden's demise:

And look....none of them are wrong.

It's all true!

Trump was great.

Biden imploded!

But we have to stop for a second and ask ourselves why?

Did they just get his dosing wrong?

I don't think so.

I think so.

The State of the Union was only a few months ago, and to be fair he looked sharp there.

They pumped him full of so many drugs he looked fairly decent.

They could have done the same thing here, but they chose not to.


Because this was the final death knell of Joe Biden.

They needed to kill him off, politically speaking.

That's why this debate had to be so early.

So historically early.

Never been done before.


Had to be before the Democratic National Convention before they officially nominate their candidate.

Now they can dump Joe and roll in Michelle or Newsom.

And that is VERY bad news.

In fact, they may go so extreme as to remove Joe even from office now via the 25th Amendment:

You should not be celebrating this.

Trump will steamroll Joe.

But Newsom?

Much tougher.

And that's why Joe had to be killed off tonight.

Here's what I just posted to Twitter:

🚨🚨🚨 BREAKING: The Race just changed BIG LEAGUE tonight and no one sees it.

Joe Biden got destroyed in the debate tonight, right?


We all saw it.




This was intentional. They rolled him out there to fail. They need to ditch the dead weight. It's why we had the earliest Presidential debate in history.

Have to kill of Joe, so they can roll in Newsom or Michelle.

We told you all along this was coming.

This is not to be celebrated.

Joe lost because they wanted him to implode.

No meds.

He sounded worse than an elderly dementia patient.

Because they wanted him to.

He's gone.

The DNC has not held their convention yet. They will not nominate Joe. They will sub in Newsom or Michelle. They will cite the 25th Amendment and "extenuating circumstances". Or Joe may literally die before now and then if that's what has to happen.

The signal was sent tonight....Joe is done.

Heads up comes Gavin Newsom:

Gavin Newsom Spotted In The Spin Room Of The CNN Atlanta, Georgia Debate To Help Biden

Or Michelle:

Michelle Obama Is REFUSING To Campiagn For Biden, Here’s Why

Michelle Obama Is REFUSING To Campiagn For Biden, Here's Why

A new report revealed that former First Lady Michelle Obama had not been campaigning for Biden due to personal frustrations with the Biden family.

Fox News reported that Michelle Obama expressed “private frustrations” with the Bidens due to their treatment of her friend Kathleen Bible, who previously divorced Hunter Biden.

Buhle and Michelle Obama became friends while her husband was president and Joe Biden was vice president.

Hunter Biden and Kathleen Buhle divorced in 2017, and Buhle has since been exiled from the Biden family, which has angered Michelle.

Michelle Obama has also distanced herself from Biden after Hunter Biden started dating his late brother Beau’s wife.

Michelle reportedly described the relationship as “weird sh*t.”

Check out what Fox News reported:

Michelle Obama has expressed private frustration with the Bidens over the treatment of her friend Kathleen Buhle after her divorce from Hunter Biden. It has made her reluctant to openly campaign for the president, according to a new report.

The former first lady became friends with Buhle while her husband was in office and Joe Biden was his vice president, and they have since remained close. Hunter Biden and Buhle separated in 2015 and divorced in 2017. Buhle wrote in her memoir "If We Break" about his addictions and infidelity fracturing their marriage, and she was "largely exiled" from the family after their split, according to the Axios report.

According to the report, the Biden family was irked by Buhle's book, although it came out a year after Hunter Biden's 2021 memoir "Beautiful Things," which delved into his addiction issues.

Axios also reported in 2017 that former President Obama attended a Wilmington, Delaware, fundraiser for the Beau Biden Foundation, a children's advocacy group. At the time, the recently divorced Hunter Biden was dating his late brother's widow, Hallie Biden. According to a source who spoke to Axios, Obama described the dynamics on display as "weird s--t," although he has since denied making such a statement.

Michelle Obama privately told others she felt Buhle had been wronged in the aftermath of the marriage's collapse, and she has not been out front on the campaign trail for President Biden as he faces his re-election battle against former President Trump. She does active work with a voter registration group, however.

Per The New York Post:

Former first lady Michelle Obama is reluctant to publicly campaign for President Biden’s re-election because, in part, of how the family treated Kathleen Buhle, her close friend, in the wake of her divorce from Hunter Biden, a new report claims.

The wife of former President Barack Obama has largely steered clear of the 2024 campaign trail after expressing frustration in private over Buhle’s apparent exile from the Biden family years earlier, Axios reported, citing two sources familiar with the relationship.

Michelle’s disdain for partisan politics is also partly to blame for her absence so far this election cycle, the sources added. you think that's the true reason?

Or do you think it might have something more to do with this?

Is Michelle Obama Angling to Replace Biden For 2024?

"Big Mike" waiting in the wings?

Is Michelle Obama Angling to Replace Biden For 2024?

Is Joe Biden really going to be the Democrat presidential nominee for this year's election?

Or, do Democrats have something up their sleeves? Planning to sneak someone else in as Biden's last-minute replacement?

According to legendary New York Post columnist Cindy Adams, that's exactly what Dems are planning. And, they have someone specific in mind to replace Biden with...

"Plans are to grab Michelle for the Democratic presidency choice. Making the music is Barack the orchestra leader," Adams warned,

"The Obamas are now nudging to force SloMo Joe to go. Drop out. It’s like who else is there?"

Earlier this month, Michelle Obama made headlines with a media appearance in which she admitted she was "terrified about what could happen" in the next election, "Because our leaders matter. Who we select. Who speaks for us. Who holds that bully pulpit."

Here's a clip from that podcast interview:

So, is Michelle angling to sneak her way in to the presidential nominee position?

Read this New York Post opinion piece excerpt and decide for yourself:

Biden won’t debate. Can’t. Our codger-in-chief can’t even read the prewritten script in front of him fast enough to pronounce the words.

So, forget him — which most of us already have.

Coming back now — Obama. Not him. HER!

We’ve heard this drumbeat for a while. Now it’s louder.

Plans are to grab Michelle for the Democratic presidency choice. Making the music is Barack the orchestra leader.

Michelle says she’s “terrified” Trump will win. No casual burp. Was programmed. She’s sent a survey to Dem biggies asking their feelings about her candidacy.

Obama’s quietly angling for Joe to go. He’s weaseled up to this for a few weeks. Mouths aren’t talking. But mouths are knowing.

Over one year ago, summer of 2022, she was in NYC meeting several big hedge CEOs, and said, “I am running, and I am asking for your support.”

The Obamas are now nudging to force SloMo Joe to go. Drop out. It’s like who else is there?

Columnist Cindy Adams isn't the only one who thinks this.

Ted Cruz has also stated that he believes Michelle Obama will replace Joe Biden.

Breitbart reported on Cruz's opinion:

…According to Cruz, if by the time of the Democratic National Convention in August Biden’s “mental diminishment” worsens, it becomes “obvious to anyone that he can’t find his shoes,” and Democrats begin worrying, the event will serve as an opportunity to “parachute” a replacement in.

“The Democrat kingmakers [will then] jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama,” he suggested, adding that “you don’t infuriate African American women, which is a critical part of the constituency that Democrats are relying on to win.”

He also suggested that Michelle Obama, having once served as first lady, “has the ability to kind of parachute in above all four [top Democrat contenders] and say, ‘Hey, we’re not picking among any of you; you guys can all fight it out next time.’”

“This is the Obamas saving the day,” he stated.

Cruz also expressed his belief that Barack Obama is “already running the Biden administration,” serving as a “puppet master” behind the Biden White House.

So, what do you think?

Is Michelle Obama angling to be Joe Biden's replacement?

Let us know your thoughts...

Oh, and have you seen this? 👇


New Poll Says Michelle Obama "Most Admired Woman". Do You Agree? YES or NO


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