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Is Michelle Obama Angling to Replace Biden For 2024?

Is Joe Biden really going to be the Democrat presidential nominee for this year’s election?

Or, do Democrats have something up their sleeves? Planning to sneak someone else in as Biden’s last-minute replacement?

According to legendary New York Post columnist Cindy Adams, that’s exactly what Dems are planning. And, they have someone specific in mind to replace Biden with…

“Plans are to grab Michelle for the Democratic presidency choice. Making the music is Barack the orchestra leader,” Adams warned,

“The Obamas are now nudging to force SloMo Joe to go. Drop out. It’s like who else is there?”

Earlier this month, Michelle Obama made headlines with a media appearance in which she admitted she was “terrified about what could happen” in the next election, “Because our leaders matter. Who we select. Who speaks for us. Who holds that bully pulpit.”

Here’s a clip from that podcast interview:

So, is Michelle angling to sneak her way in to the presidential nominee position?

Read this New York Post opinion piece excerpt and decide for yourself:

Biden won’t debate. Can’t. Our codger-in-chief can’t even read the prewritten script in front of him fast enough to pronounce the words.

So, forget him — which most of us already have.

Coming back now — Obama. Not him. HER!

We’ve heard this drumbeat for a while. Now it’s louder.

Plans are to grab Michelle for the Democratic presidency choice. Making the music is Barack the orchestra leader.

Michelle says she’s “terrified” Trump will win. No casual burp. Was programmed. She’s sent a survey to Dem biggies asking their feelings about her candidacy.

Obama’s quietly angling for Joe to go. He’s weaseled up to this for a few weeks. Mouths aren’t talking. But mouths are knowing.

Over one year ago, summer of 2022, she was in NYC meeting several big hedge CEOs, and said, “I am running, and I am asking for your support.”

The Obamas are now nudging to force SloMo Joe to go. Drop out. It’s like who else is there?

Columnist Cindy Adams isn’t the only one who thinks this.

Ted Cruz has also stated that he believes Michelle Obama will replace Joe Biden.

Breitbart reported on Cruz’s opinion:

…According to Cruz, if by the time of the Democratic National Convention in August Biden’s “mental diminishment” worsens, it becomes “obvious to anyone that he can’t find his shoes,” and Democrats begin worrying, the event will serve as an opportunity to “parachute” a replacement in.

“The Democrat kingmakers [will then] jettison Joe Biden and parachute in Michelle Obama,” he suggested, adding that “you don’t infuriate African American women, which is a critical part of the constituency that Democrats are relying on to win.”

He also suggested that Michelle Obama, having once served as first lady, “has the ability to kind of parachute in above all four [top Democrat contenders] and say, ‘Hey, we’re not picking among any of you; you guys can all fight it out next time.’”

“This is the Obamas saving the day,” he stated.

Cruz also expressed his belief that Barack Obama is “already running the Biden administration,” serving as a “puppet master” behind the Biden White House.

So, what do you think?

Is Michelle Obama angling to be Joe Biden’s replacement?

Let us know your thoughts…

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