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President Trump Receives HUGE Crypto Donation From Famous Twins

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Do you know the Winklevoss Twins?

Or do they become the Winklevii when speaking in the plural?  How does that work?

Anyway…the Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss have had a very strange but storied life and career.

You might recognize them mostly from that Facebook movie, The Social Network, but their entire life story is fascinating (if even a little hard to believe at times):

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, commonly known as the Winklevoss twins, have led a remarkable journey from their college days at Harvard to becoming prominent figures in the world of cryptocurrency. Born on August 21, 1981, the identical twins grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut, and later attended Harvard University, where they became known for their athletic prowess in rowing.

During their time at Harvard, the Winklevoss twins, along with their friend Divya Narendra, conceived the idea of a social networking site called ConnectU. They hired a fellow student, Mark Zuckerberg, to help develop the site. However, Zuckerberg soon launched his own social networking site, Facebook, which led to a legal battle between the twins and Zuckerberg. The lawsuit culminated in a settlement in 2008, where the twins received $20 million in cash and $45 million worth of Facebook stock, valued at the time.

After their legal battle with Facebook, the Winklevoss twins turned their attention to rowing, representing the United States at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Despite their dedication, they finished sixth in the men’s pair event. Their Olympic journey, however, did not deter them from pursuing their entrepreneurial ambitions.

In 2012, the twins made a strategic pivot towards the burgeoning world of cryptocurrency. They recognized the potential of Bitcoin and began accumulating significant amounts of the digital currency. Their early investments paid off handsomely, as Bitcoin’s value soared over the years. In 2014, they launched Gemini, a cryptocurrency exchange platform designed to offer a secure and regulated environment for trading digital assets. Gemini has since grown into one of the most reputable exchanges in the industry.

The Winklevoss twins’ foresight and entrepreneurial spirit have cemented their status as pioneers in the crypto space. Their fortune has expanded considerably due to their early Bitcoin investments and the success of Gemini. As of 2024, the Winklevoss twins are estimated to have a combined net worth of over $3 billion, solidifying their legacy as influential figures in both the tech and financial worlds. Today, they continue to advocate for the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, believing it to be the future of finance.

So why am I talking about them right now?

Because they just make a Big League donation to President Trump’s re-election campaign!

Smart boys.

Tyler announced it on his Twitter:

Here’s the full text:

I just donated $1 million in bitcoin (15.47 BTC) to
and will be voting for him in November. Here’s why:

Over the past few years, the Biden Administration has openly declared war against crypto. It has weaponized multiple government agencies to bully, harass, and sue the good actors in our industry in an effort to destroy it. This Administration’s actions have been nothing short of an unprecedented abuse of power wielded entirely for twisted political gain at the complete expense of innovation, the American taxpayer, and the American economy. There is nothing the Biden Administration can do or say at this point to pretend otherwise.

Some of the lowlights include the following:

The weaponization of the banking system against crypto companies and their principals. Known colloquially as Operation Choke Point 2.0, this starts with the OCC (a federal agency that licenses and regulates national banks) and the FDIC (a federal agency that provides deposit insurance to banks) giving “guidance” and instructing banks behind closed doors not to bank crypto companies. Any bank that doesn’t follow orders is threatened.

The conversation goes something like this: “That’s a nice bank you got there. It sure would be a shame if something were to happen to it because you bank some crypto folks.” If this tactic is not enough to scare a bank into line, the examiners will be sent in to turn everything upside down. This will almost certainly lead to some “finding” — show me the bank and I’ll show you the crime — that results in a massive fine or new supervisory rules and conditions that cripple a bank’s ability to operate. The risk is simply too great. Banks can either choose not to bank crypto companies or have that choice made for them.

These agencies have God-mode over banks because they can yank their license or FDIC deposit insurance at any time citing “safety and soundness” concerns. That is why they can behave like characters out of the Godfather and intimidate banks into dropping any customer or customer segment they want. This behavior of de-banking entire industries that are completely legal, but ideologically out of favor, began during the Obama Administration, when President Joe Biden was Vice President. It was nicknamed Operation Choke Point 1.0 back then and is a well-documented stain on the Obama Presidency. The Biden Administration has dusted off the playbook and has been running it at full speed against the crypto industry.

The blast radius has extended beyond crypto companies to individuals who work at them. I personally have lost multiple bank accounts because I own crypto and my investment firm
has as well.

The weaponization of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) against crypto. The Biden Administration’s SEC has not written a single rule for the crypto industry to help any of its participants understand how to navigate the regulatory landscape for this new asset paradigm. This is by design.

By not writing any new rules for crypto, the SEC can disingenuously say that the existing rules — based on a 1946 Supreme Court decision about a citrus grove in Florida, issued before most homes had a telephone and 50 years before the advent of the commercial Internet — are fit for purpose. They are not.

Here’s one example. If ether is a security, an open question up until 48 hours ago, then you would be breaking securities laws if you sent ether to a friend from your smartphone to their smartphone. Why? Because only a broker dealer is allowed to transfer a security. And it can only do so to another broker dealer. From this example alone, anyone can understand how classifying a crypto like ether as a security would gut its utility and destroy its ability to usher in a decentralized future. It’s like asking an automobile to behave like a horse. Yet that is the position the Biden SEC has taken towards almost every crypto. It does this not because it doesn’t understand the consequences, but because it does. These are exactly the consequences it wants. To kill crypto.

By taking the ridiculous position that almost every crypto is a security, the Biden SEC has given itself the plausibility and carte blanche to bring litigation against any crypto project and company in the United States. The game is simple. Make it impossible to comply, then sue everyone for not complying. And that’s exactly what the Biden SEC has done over and over again to good actors in the space. Instead of the SEC hashing out rules for crypto — something that could be done in a matter of days — rules will be written years from now by judges and juries who determine that the SEC acted in bad faith and was wrong all along. The time and economic waste will be tremendous. The damage will be done. But that’s the point.

The Biden Administration has polluted the mission and corrupted the integrity of these agencies. All of them are led by unelected bureaucrats appointed by President Biden to carry out his marching orders. The moral compass of these foot soldiers is political gain and their higher calling is political power. Congress never granted them the statutory authority to determine the fate of the crypto industry or any other legal industry in America and they are totally unqualified to act as the gatekeepers of economic life in our country. That is the role of the market.

And yet the crypto industry is not alone. The Biden Administration has consistently attacked American business across the board and villainized its greatest heroes. The crime is always success and the reward is always ridicule, fines, and even more red tape. But to be clear, the Biden Administration doesn’t hate success outright. Only the kind that lives outside of its control. Once it figures out how to confiscate or coerce it, the Biden Administration becomes quite enthusiastic about success, gleefully manipulating it or redistributing it in a transparent attempt to buy votes. Over a long enough time scale, it’s easy to see how these policies will lead to the destruction of our economy and our country.

Capitalism lifts people up. When allowed to flourish properly, it is the greatest generator of wealth and prosperity the world has ever known and it’s the only economic system that can achieve all of this peacefully, while upholding the freedom and dignity of every individual who participates. With certain conditions in place — like the ability for anyone to incorporate a company, open a bank account to accept customer payments, and operate in the open market without government interference — innovation and wealth creation will thrive unbounded. Remove any one of these building blocks and you will have an entirely different system with entirely different results. This is exactly what the Biden Administration has done to the crypto industry and many other industries in America. It has been dismantling our economic way of life and the system that made America the greatest country in the world. And it has done this solely for its own power, control, and political ambition.

Of all the capitalist experiments, America has been the greatest. I have seen and experienced this first hand many times.
, a crypto platform I founded in 2014 with
, went from an idea on a napkin to becoming a company that has employed thousands of people over the last decade and helped millions of customers gain access to crypto. I’ve had employees thank me in tears because their time at Gemini allowed them to buy a house for their family. I’ve had customers approach me on the street and thank me for building Gemini because it helped them achieve financial freedom and start their own business. It is these experiences that give me the greatest joy and provide meaning for everything we do at Gemini. The Biden Administration has tried to tear all of this down. I am not going to stand by idly and let them. I’m going to continue fighting for what I know to be so right.

President Donald J. Trump is the pro-Bitcoin, pro-crypto, and pro-business choice. This is not even remotely open for debate. Anyone who tells you otherwise is severely misinformed, delusional, or not telling the truth. It’s time to take our country back. It’s time for the crypto army to send a message to Washington. That attacking us is political suicide. This is why I will be casting my vote for President Trump in November and I hope you will too. Onward!

Cameron also posted a shorter announcement:

President Trump has recently become very public about his desire to become the Bitcoin President by saving and protecting the crypto industry here in America, a notable deviation from the Biden Regime:

Trump Campaign Announces Accepting BITCOIN, Cryptocurrency Donations

Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign kicked off a new chapter on Tuesday.

He ushered in a new era of political donations by accepting crypto.

This has gotten the attention of many crypto enthusiast.

Is the future of Bitcoin better under Trump’s watch? Will this help him gain more votes?

Keeping his promise, Trump aims to be the first major party candidate to welcome Bitcoin, Dogecoin and other digital currencies.

This decision follows his bold declaration as crypto’s candidate at a Mar-a-Lago gala.

CoinDesk reports:

Donald J. Trump’s presidential campaign on Tuesday began accepting crypto donations, making good on the presumptive Republican nominee’s pledge to become the first major party candidate to embrace bitcoin, ether and other digital currencies.

The move comes weeks after the former president declared himself crypto’s candidate at a Mar-a-Lago gala that thrust crypto into the 2024 campaign.

Trump’s campaign said in a statement it “will build a crypto army” to combat the infamous “anti-crypto army” that Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren has campaigned on.

Here’s Trump’s donate page.

Speaking of crypto, it is FLYING right now!

You know who told us this would happen?

My good friend Bo Polny.

In case you missed it, Bo just did it again!

Bo Polny Nailed It Again! “Suddenly….In May!”

Bo Polny was back on my show last week and I am absolutely blown away right now because it looks like he absolutely nailed it again….

He told me that we were going to have a “Suddenly” moment in May where crypto suddenly took off.

And what do we have today?

Bitcoin suddenly started ripping today, up almost $6,000 (on the day!) as I write this!

It’s a stunning move!


So I wanted to show you this interview again in case you missed it — or perhaps listen again knowing what has now happened just one week later.


I’m so excited for you to hear this one…

This was definitely unlike any interview we’ve ever done, for so many reasons.

First was the fact we almost cancelled it!

We were all set to go live and then Bo jumps on and says “Hey, I’m not sure what you want to do, but we might have to cancel this today, something just happened…..”

Bo tells the whole story live on the air (so I guess that’s a big spoiler alert that we didn’t indeed cancel) but I’ll let you hear the story during the interview instead of spoiling the reason here.

In fact, I told Bo — no way!  That is all the more reason why we have to go live today for sure!

It’s all related to Bo going dark for 10 days, which is explained in the interview as well.

Then we got into the Stairway To Heaven song, a song that almost everyone knows.

Bo threw me for a loop when he said it was actually a prophetic song, and then we broke that all down.

Judging by all the comments that are flooding in to YouTube and Rumble, many of you have a lot of opinions on that topic!

But I would urge you to listen to what Bo has to say first before you comment.

Then we got into the BRICS and a major new development that is hitting imminently.

The pieces have all been lining up for years and now the switch is about to be flipped.

Speaking of “flipping the switch”, there’s a HUGE shoutout to the XRP Army in this one as Bo is finally coming around to XRP in a big way!

I couldn’t believe it when he told me live on the air.

And we did all of that before we could even get into Bo’s slides.

As you all know, Bo’s slides are awesome and so much packed in there, but we were almost at the end of the interview and we hadn’t even opened them up yet!

So we landed the plane by talking about the Kentucky Derby and the WILD prophetic connections that once again popped up in that recent race, like they so often do.

I’m telling you this one was jam packed!

I really hope you enjoy this.

Watch here:

Backup here on Rumble:

As always, I’ve got the links you need right here:

👉 Download Bo’s slides for free:

🔥 If you want Bo’s trading Newsletter, go to ➡️ use code WLT49 (LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT)

📚 For access to the Easy Crypto School, go to ➡️ use code WLT49 (LIMITED TIME DISCOUNT)

And of course we didn’t leave out Gold and Silver.

They’re not called “precious metals” for nothing!




The trifecta.

The links above can help you out a lot when it comes to Crypto, but what about Gold and Silver?

If you’ve been here for a while, you know I LOVE Gold and Silver and have been talking about them a lot.


Because Gold is God’s money.  Always has been, always will be.

Which is why I told you about this:

HEADS UP: Gold Is Now Classified As A Tier 1 “RISK FREE” Asset!

If you'd like more info on Gold and how you could get gold for NO MONEY OUT OF POCKET (yes, really), check this out -- I just posted this:

How One 12-Page Pamphlet Tells the Story of God, Gold and Glory

When you first start learning about gold as an investment, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Should you choose Gold ETFs, pooled accounts, individual accounts...

Or, maybe you should just buy gold outright. There are websites that'll sell gold with a huge markup, and even pawn shops that sell gold around the corner from your favorite taco stand.

If you're new to buying gold, you first need a trusted resource to lay out the plain facts. You need to know a brief history, why gold works, and the options available to you.

Thankfully, there’s a new, easy-to-read guidebook that’s opening minds and growing investment accounts.

Genesis Gold is offering a free guide that has everything you need to learn about investing in gold and other precious metals.

In just a short, 12-page read, you’ll learn what clues the Bible gives about man-made money (paper currency). You’ll even learn the three simple steps to investing in metals like gold.

And, you’ll also get a quick tutorial on:

  • Which precious metals are approved by the IRS

  • The different forms of gold, silver and other precious metals - coins, ingots, bars

  • Why the symbology (i.e. olive branches) matters on gold coins

  • Why there are different sized measurements of gold coins and bars

  • And a stunning innovation made by the Swiss

Genesis Gold is giving you the tools to make your own decisions. Instead of trusting in fly-by-night investment opportunities, or Wall Street lies, you can learn the long-term strategy that has worked since Moses.

As it says in Ezekiel 28:4 - By your wisdom and understanding you have gained wealth for yourself and amassed gold and silver in your treasuries.

Click here to get this free pamphlet from Genesis Gold and begin your journey to investing with the wisdom of Solomon.

Here is what conservative star Dean Cain says about working with Genesis Gold Group:

==>Click here to contact Genesis Gold Group today and receive a free Definitive Gold Guide and learn more about protecting your life's savings from the various threats we're facing today.

(Note: Thank you for supporting American businesses like the one presenting a sponsored message in this article and working with them through the links in this article which benefit WLTReport. We appreciate your support and the opportunity to tell you about Genesis Gold!  The information provided by WLTReport or any related communications is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial advice. We do not provide personalized investment, financial, or legal advice.) 




Gold and Silver: "No one wants to sell at these make believe prices"

I've been telling you for a long time now that Gold and Silver are vastly undervalued.

I'm not a financial advisor and I can't tell you what to do, but I can look at historical data and I can easily see that the current price of Gold and Silver makes no sense's being manipulated.

Now who would want to do that?

And the more important question: will it go on forever, or do the manipulators eventually release the stretched rubber band and ride an explosion up?

I've you've been paying attention in life, you know the answer.

You know these crooks on Wall Street manipulate things down, ⭐️ then they load their boats, then they manipulate them up into a bubble.

Where are we in that process right now for commodities like Gold and Silver?

Right exactly where I placed that star up above.

⭐️ = You Are Here

The Big Boys are loading their boats.

But that's not just my opinion.

I'm a nobody.

Listen to Andy Schectman who is an expert on these things and he lays it out PERFECTLY in two minutes.

Here's my rough paraphrase:

"A concerted effort by the very powerful to use the suppression of commodities (gold, silver, but also a long list of all other commodities)...these countries are not complaining about suppressed low prices yet because they're accumulating!  But once it becomes obvious that the availability of these commodities is very scarce and no one wants to sell at these "make believe prices" then the public says "OMG, what have we been missing?"  And maybe that all happens in concert with a breakdown of the banking system, then the public says "give it to me now" and that's when you'll see the circuit breakers be put into affect.  But at that point it's too late."

Oh my!

It's so much better to listen to him explain it in his own words.

It's just 2 minutes long.

Watch here (as presented by my friend the Digital Asset Investor):

But it's not just Andy either.

It's this latest interview over at SGT Report.

Sean does such a great job over there of interviewing people on topics the MSM doesn't want you to see, and his latest is called "$1,000 Silver -- Seriously, Stop Laughing".

There's actually a lot of history that goes into that quote and this was a great discussion by four very smart individuals.

Watch here:

I've been sounding the alarm for a while now...

Have you taken action?

As always, there's one thing I always say and it's never been proven wrong:  Watch what they DO, not what they SAY.

Who is "they"?

The same people Andy Schectman was talking about.

Big Governments.

Central Banks all over the world.

Big Business.

What are they doing?

They are LOADING THEIR BOATS with as much Gold and Silver as they can find and they're laughing all the way to the bank because they're buying at what Andy says are "make believe prices".

Are you?

After the Great Financial Crash of 2008, I made a decision.

From that point forward, I would simply do what the Big Boys were doing.

I would simply watch what they're doing and copy it.

Oh, and if they had Jim Cramer telling people the OPPOSITE (i.e. Cramer says Gold is a loser, but the Central Banks are buying with both fists) that was usually the perfect confirmation I needed.

So that's been my strategy since 2008 and it's worked very well for me.

Here's more....

Here's Why Banks Are Buying Up All of the Gold

I've got Jordan Peterson and Peter Schiff in a fascinating conversation about the Value of Gold.

And it's not just some academic debate.

This could very soon be one of the most important things in your world when the U.S. Dollar crashes and gets its value cut in half....or worse.

These guys know what they're talking about and this short 8 minute clip is definitely worth your time to watch.

I always say this: don't listen to what the "Elites" tell what they are DOING.

And what are they doing?

Stacking gold and silver.

As much as they can get their hands on.

Look, I hope I'm wrong but I think we're in for a massive event that is going to destroy bank accounts and destroy the U.S. Dollar.

So what happens to YOU when that happens?

Watch this and then scroll down for how I can help you stay safe right now....


So, what can YOU do to protect yourself?

To protect your family?

To stay safe?

Simple: you need to get some #Gold or #Silver in your own possession.

It's called "physical" gold and silver.

Not paper traded garbage on the stock exchanges that isn't backed by anything.

Don't touch that stuff.

I have two special hook-ups for you.

Both involve PHYSICAL gold and silver.

Because if you do NOTHING else, make sure you own "physical" gold and silver, not paper contracts.

The paper contracts (like stock ticker SLV and GLD) could very well go POOF one day and disappear or go to zero, because they're not actually backed by the gold and silver they claim to represent.

It's a massive game of musical chairs out there and when the music stops (and I think it will stop soon...) people who only own paper might find themselves owning something not worth the paper it's literally written on.

And I know you'll never forget it if I give you this GIF so....Let's Get Physical:

Now...WHERE do you get physical gold and silver and how do you know it's real and safe?

And that you're getting the best price?

Oh, and how about personal one-on-one real customer service?

You know, like you were some Big Wig millionaire at Goldman Sachs who could just call their personal banker and get help?

That's what I'm about to tell you.  

I have two killer connections for you...

The first is for purchasing gold and silver bullion.

That means bulk bars.

That's the cheapest and most economical way to do it, to stretch your dollar into as much gold and silver as possible.

The website is called WLT Precious Metals and when you see my logo in the top left-hand corner, you'll know you're in the right place.

You'll get a personal phone call with Ira Bershatsky (or someone on his team) and they will work with you free of charge for as long as needed to answer any questions you have and get you taken care of.

How about that!

You don't see that much anymore, but Ira and his team pride themselves on good old-fashioned real customers service:

No sales pitch, just real, actual help.

And the best prices you will find.

Here's the only disclaimer I will give you: because they do pride themselves on dedicated service, it might take a few days before you get a phone call back.  Just be patient.

Good things come to those who wait!

You can contact Ira and WLT Precious Metals here.

Ok, that was #1.

Now I want to tell you about option #2.

An equally great company, I am so happy to be working with these guys.

This next company is called Genesis Gold and this is for people who want to purchase real physical gold or silver in their IRAs (Investment Retirement Accounts).

You know what the beauty of that is?

TAX FREE baby!

I'm not a tax advisor, but that's a general oversimplification.

Never pay more taxes than you are legally required to pay.

And that's why I love getting gold and silver in my IRA (and why I hold a large chunk in an IRA myself!).

There's so much to love about Genesis Gold, starting with the fact they are proudly and un-ashamedly Christina!

They call it "Faith-Driven Stewardship" and they put it right on the homepage of their website along with a quote from Ezekiel:

Wealth Preservation With Gold & Silver –
The Genesis Gold IRA

By your wisdom and your understanding you have made wealth for yourself, and have gathered Gold and Silver into your treasuries – EZEKIEL 28:4

Genesis Gold Group believes the Bible gives clues on how man-made currencies (paper money) represent instability, and a lack of virtue and encourages living wastefully in excess.

Conflicts have beleaguered us since the dawn of civilization, and they can all be encapsulated into one battle. The battle is between currency, man-made paper, and gold and silver — the two precious metals found in our Earth’s crust, sent to us by our Lord to use as money. Man-made currency always leads nations down the path to increased war, greed, and ultimate collapse. History has shown that abandoning gold and silver has always been a bad idea. Gold and Silver enforce discipline, nurture self-constraint, self-reliance, and balance, and lead to confidence, a restrained government, and a more stable foreign policy.

Genesis Gold Group believes in empowering faith-driven stewardship with Gold & Silver are an integral part of a balanced portfolio. Protecting your finances with precious metals has never been more crucial during these trying times.

With a combined 50-plus years in the precious metals industry, let your Genesis gold and silver experts guide you through the simplicity of asset protection and growth with our Genesis Gold IRA.


Genesis Gold Group

Empowering Faith-Driven Stewardship

Oh....and they're VERY good at what they do.

You also get physical gold and silver with Genesis, believe it or not!  The gold and silver is purchased for you (in whatever combination of coins and bars you prefer, a picture taken and sent to you, and then stored safely in a vault for you!

I love what these guys are doing.

Here's more on why gold and silver in your IRA are so powerful:

You can contact Genesis Gold here.

They are also very backed up with record demand, so you may have to wait a bit, but someone WILL get in touch with you for personal customer service and assistance!

Tell 'em Noah sent ya!

Oh, and did you know Genesis is recommended by SUPERMAN himself?

It's true.

Superman himself, Clark Kent -- Dean Cain -- came on my show a few weeks ago and we broke it all down:

Watch here:

Stay safe!

Make sure you can weather the storm when it hits!

Because the storm always hits eventually, doesn't it?

As for me and my house, we will be ready. 💪


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