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Woman Installs Metal Bars On Windows To Protect Against Black Bear — It Still Breaks In And Eats Her

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The headline pretty much sums up this insanely wild and tragic story that happened to an elderly woman in Northern California.

Apparently, 71-year-old Pactice Miller was harassed for months by an angry black bear at her home.

Miller had even put up steel bars across her windows to keep the bear out and given it a nickname: “Big Bastard.”

And yet, it wasn’t enough in the end.

Last November, according to reports, the bear broke down Miller’s door, dragged her from her bed, then proceeded to maul and eat her.

The poor old woman’s body was found partially eaten by police and is the first documented case of a fatal black bear attack in the entire state.

New York Post reported:

Pactice Miller, 71, had been harassed by an aggressive black bear in her small Northern California town for months before it broke into her home and killed her last year.

When officials first found Miller’s body mauled and partially eaten last November in her Downieville home, they first believed she may have died of natural causes and the bear broke in, attracted by the scent.

But neighbors had reported seeing the bear, which she had dubbed “Big B—ard,” repeatedly returning to her house, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Miller even installed steel bars across her windows to try to keep the bear out before it broke her door down, the newspaper reported.

Miller’s death is the first documented fatal black bear attack on a human in the Golden State.

“It appeared that the bear had probably been there several days and had been feeding on the remains,” Sierra County Sheriff Mike Fisher said.

Sierra County Sheriff’s deputies found Miller’s door broken, which appeared to be how the bear got inside.

Inside her living room, there was bear scat along with blood streaks and paw prints.

The bear had likely pulled Miller from her bed into her living room, the coroner’s report said, according to the Bee.

The black bear has since been caught and euthanized.

From The Los Angeles Times:

The bear, which was not in the home when authorities arrived, was trapped near the residence after Miller’s death. The bear, a male, was euthanized and DNA analysis confirmed the animal was the one that had attacked Miller, Tira said.

Authorities said Miller had been having an issue with bears on the property prior to her death. She’d feed her cats on the front porch and had trash on the property.

Miller’s daughter told officials that “bears were constantly trying to get in through broken windows and that her mother had physically hit one to keep it from entering her residence.” Her mother even nicknamed one of the bears that was a “frequent visitor to the residence, and a nuisance,” according to a Sheriff’s Office report.

This poor woman.

One has to wonder: what on God’s green earth has gotten into the bears in California?

Are the animals just as crazy as the people?!


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