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The Choking Coach, Allegedly Attacks 14 Year Old Student

We bring you another ad for homeschooling.

Parents these days never know when violence with strike.

Will it be today?

Will it be your kid?

Who will be the attacker?

It might be a student 2 times your kid’s size and weight who will pummel your petite daughter’s head into the concrete, causing her to have brain damage, go into a coma, having to relearn how to breathe, walk and function.

(That happened to Kaylee Gain)

It might be a coach that is so angry that your kid didn’t obey him immediately who will then try to choke your kid out.

It seems that just the perception of disrespect is met with violence these days.

And so it was caught on camera that a (name withheld) coach, Black male, appears to have rushed at a student, White male 14yrs, from behind in a Michigan middle school with a wrapped up shirt, and tightened around the students neck.

(We have to say allegedly and appears until he either admits it or is found guilty in Court, but you can decide for yourself what you think from the video footage)

The low impulse control moment was caught on camera and has gone viral.

The employee has since been fired.

But isn’t this an (alleged) crime that calls for more than just being fired?

ABC News reports:

A now-former employee at a Michigan middle school faces charges after allegedly choking a 14-year-old student with a shirt, in an incident captured on surveillance footage.

The alleged “assault” occurred on June 4 at Ypsilanti Middle School and involved the teen’s “trusted coach,” according to the family’s attorney, Jordan Vahdat. The employee is no longer working at Ypsilanti Community Schools “effective immediately,” the school district said Monday.

Surveillance footage of the incident shows the employee approaching the student from behind as the teen, identified by his family as Michael Moon, walks down a hallway. The employee then appears to raise a shirt over the head of the teen, who then struggles to get loose before breaking free and walking away, the footage shows. The incident captured in the video lasted fewer than 20 seconds.

The Washtenaw County Prosecutor’s Office confirmed to ABC News on Wednesday that they have authorized two charges against the defendant in the case — assault with intent to do great bodily harm by strangulation, as well as assault and battery, a misdemeanor. No additional details in the case were released.

The employee is no longer working at the school district and is not allowed to be on school property or attend school events, according to Ypsilanti Community Schools Superintendent Alena Zachery-Ross.

“Our district is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment for all students,” Zachery-Ross said in a statement. “The actions of the employee are absolutely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in our district.”

“We will continue to implement and enforce policies that protect our students and ensure their well-being,” her statement continued.

Homeschooling seems to be the only smart option these days.

To those that don’t know the afore-mentioned story about Kaylee Gain:

(WARNING. The following will make your blood boil)

Imagine sending your kid to school, and they come home in a coma with severe brain damage?

AND on top of that, the System protects the student that did that to your kid!

Will this attempted murder be treated as such?

If the race was reverse, would this not be a hate crime?


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