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Cancelled Mid Skit to Calling Out Will Smith: The Adventures of Newly Converted Rob Schneider

Comic Rob Schneider got the boot from yet another stage this week, this time at a Canadian fundraiser.

The event, aiming to support a hospital, wasn’t the right venue for Schneider’s act.

Calling out the medical fraud system apparently wasn’t fond of his set.

So, the organizers pulled the plug on him.

This all went down at the Four Seasons Ball on Saturday, an annual gala raising funds for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation.

Schneider, a Saturday Night Live alum, was on the bill to entertain the crowd with his comedy.

However, his politically charged routine didn’t quite vibe with the evening’s tone.

They couldn’t stand his pokes at vaccines (pun intended).

They also didn’t like how he pointed out the rising anti-White crimes.

Apparently this crowd was fond of persecuting Whites.

I feel a boycott coming.

And this comes after Schneider recently opened up about how his Christian faith has reshaped his views.

He shared his spiritual journey in a YouTube interview with CBN News, revealing that he converted to Catholicism last year.

The Hollywood Reporter states:

Comic Rob Schneider was pulled from another stage this week when his act at a fundraiser in Canada, which many found inappropriate for an event supporting a hospital, led organizers to cut him off.

On Saturday at an event called the Four Seasons Ball — a fundraiser for the Hospitals of Regina Foundation — Saturday Night Live alum Schneider was scheduled to perform a comedy set for the crowd at the annual gala. His politics-heavy comedy style, however, did not seem to match the tone of the evening.

Shortly into his set, as attendees began to walk out of the event, HORN representatives asked the comic to leave the stage. Schneider complied with the request right away, according to a rep from HORN.

“We do not condone, accept, endorse or share Mr. Schneider’s positions, as expressed during his comedy set and acknowledge that in this instance the performance did not meet the expectations of our audience and our team,” the foundation said in a statement published by Canada’s Global News. “An unconditional apology was offered right after to our guests and our community. We reiterate this sincere and unconditional apology today, for any offense caused by Mr. Schneider’s recent comedy set, at the Four Seasons Ball.”

While the foundation did not detail any of the offensive material that led to Schneider’s ousting, some of those in attendance appeared on TV and posted on social media.

​​“Everyone in the room was groaning, saying, ‘What is going on?’ Like whispering to themselves. Not a single laugh at times,” witness Tynan Allan told the CBC. “It was just very apparent how uncomfortable everyone felt and how unacceptable the things he was talking about were.”

Allen added that he was perplexed by the foundation’s decision to include Schneider.

He then went on a podcast to blast Will Smith:



New York Post reports:

Rob Schneider slammed Will Smith as an “a—hole” who showed the world his true colors when he infamously slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars.

Schneider, 60, revealed he was in a “sticky situation” when the slap occurred in March 2022 and served as an “elected official” for SAG-AFTRA.

But Schneider is now able to speak freely on the incident, unleashing a scathing rant directed at the “Bad Boys” star on Tuesday.

“Will Smith is a t–t,” Schneider said on “The Kyle & Jackie O Show.” Will Smith has been hiding the fact of who he really is and it was exposed that night that he’s really an a–hole.”

Schneider brandished Smith as a “lair” and a “complete, utter fraud,” whose nice guy persona was washed away during the ceremony.

“It’s a deep, dark thing to do that in front of all those people and to a really great legendary comedian, who’s literally the best comedian of our generation. You wouldn’t have this whole wave of comedy that came after if it wasn’t for Chris Rock. He’s kicked open the doors.”

Schneider, 60, was “part of the committee that’s supposed to punish” Smith and bashed how long it took for the group to determine a punishment for the “Bad Boys” star.

Smith, 55, was slapped with a 10-year ban from the Academy Awards for walking up on stage and assaulting Rock after the comedian made a joke about the actor’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith.

The “King Richard” star went on to win the Academy Award for Best Actor about 40 minutes after the onstage assault — leading to much public outcry and debate over whether he should be able to retain the honor.

“Will is a douchebag,” Schneider said. “The thing is that’s how politically correct the Academy is. That they were so cowardly because if I would have done that, they would have been hauled off to prison.”

I didn’t expect to see him wearing a Jesus Saves pin!

Now that he’s converted to Christianity recently, seems the anti-Trump, woke cancel culture crowd are more against him them ever.

The Christian Post reported:

Comedian and former “Saturday Night Live” star Rob Schneider recently elaborated on how Christianity transformed his approach to forgiveness, saying, “Jesus will only let you stray so much.”

In an interview with CBN News posted to YouTube last week, Schneider, who announced last year that he had converted to Catholicism, shared his faith journey.

“Jesus only lets you stray so much,” Schneider said. “At a certain point, He grabbed me again and hugged me.”

“There are other religions out there that say, ‘Well, kill your enemy; hate your enemy’ and there are ‘infidels.’ And we have a religion that says, ‘Love your enemy, love thy neighbor as thyself … love others.’ What a beautiful way to go through life.”

The comedian referred to his Oct. 31 post that went viral of him apologizing for displaying any bitterness towards other people. In his apology, he mentioned how he was once upset at other performers for how they dealt with different problems amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There were people that angered me,” Schneider recounted in his interview with CBN. “I had to dig underneath what’s that anger.”

Schneider said he has come to a newer understanding that has led him to practice more compassion, especially when dealing with those with more fears about the pandemic than he expressed.

“If I am going to lead my life and be an example, as Christ compels us to do, then I have to do it,” Schneider said. “Even if it hurts, even if it stretches how I used to feel … and, once you forgive, the beautiful thing about forgiveness is it isn’t the person, it’s you. You end up feeling better.”

Schneider shared that from his teenage years, he had faith. But, he moved away from his faith as he got older.

“I did — like many Christians do — stray,” Schneider said. “But there was a continuing pull back, knowing where I needed to be and to be home.”

“And then [a] very, very strange confluence of things. I married a Catholic, and she was very patient with me, and she’s been the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.”

Schneider said he had to endure trials and tribulations to bring him closer to God and renew his faith.

“As Jesus does, He’s does a little nudge, a little nudge, a little nudge,” he said. “God could put His hand down and make everybody [love Him], but God wants us to come to Him of our own volition. That is the greatest gift.”

Since converting to Catholicism, Schneider said he also feels called to leave behind the type of comedy he has performed in the past — and he doesn’t care what Hollywood thinks about that decision.

“I know I can’t do the same stuff I used to do,” Schneider told The Christian Post in an interview last year. “Not because I have anything against what I did; I did what I did, and I felt fine about it at the time.”

Schneider added, “I don’t know if I can tell dirty jokes anymore. I don’t know if I can. I don’t know if I’m going to. I have an act I’m doing now; I don’t know if I’ll do it again next year.”

“Just some of the bad words, I go, ‘Maybe I don’t want to say those words anymore.’ I don’t know.


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