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EXPOSED: Tractor Supply Using YOUR DOLLARS To Pay For Transgender Surgeries

Tractor Supply.

The ‘all-American conservative company’ that doesn’t have any agendas.

That is, if you ignore the fact they promote drag queen shows for kids.

They also cover their headquarters in rainbow flags.

And they pay for ‘transitioning’ surgery for their employees.

Not to mention all the anti-White DEI they push.

Other than that, they’re as wholesome as Disney.

Funny, it’s almost like they hate their main core of customers, that happen to be straight and White.

Robby Starbuck posted a video on X that exposes this company and their CEO, Hal Lawton.

Turns out that they follow BlackRock’s agenda so much, they’ve attained the rare perfect score.

So, that tells you they’re downright committed! They want those BlackRock bucks.

Here’s somethings Robby points out that Tractor Supply stands for:

• LGBTQ IA+ training for employees

• Funding pride/drag events

• They have a DEI Council

• Funding sex changes

• Climate change activism

• Pride month decorations in the office

• DEI hiring practices

• LGBTQIA+ events at work

Hal Lawton also liked posts attacking unvaccinated people and @AllisonW_Sports when she left ESPN over the COVID vaccine.

Sounds like an upstanding guy.

Here’s a photo of Hal Lawton, the pro-transgender, pro-climate-change, pro-attacking-unvaccinated, BlackRock-follower CEO:

Here is the company’s DEI goals and statement according to their website (via Wayback machine site, since they’ve now deleted the page)

DE&I Goals

Tractor Supply firmly believes in an equitable, accessible and inclusive culture built on its Mission and Values. We are establishing comprehensive 5-year diversity, equity and inclusion goals to support and advance underrepresented groups across its workforce, vendors, suppliers and communities that include the following specific, tangible actions:

-Double the number of stores where Team Members mirror the communities it serves,
-Increase People of Color at the manager level and above by 50%,
-Increase spending with diverse suppliers by 35% and
-Increase commitment to funding programs and education for Black and African Americans by 30%.

These goals are established with a baseline of 2021, with achievement by 2026. To learn more about diversity, equity and inclusion at Tractor Supply, visit our DE&I page.

Diversity and
Inclusion Statement

“At Tractor Supply, our deep-rooted culture of Mission & Values is unique and is the foundation of our success. We are committed to providing a diverse and inclusive culture where we foster different perspectives, ideas and innovative thinking. One of our values is respect – the starting point for our diversity and inclusion efforts. Our strong culture is our values in action, and we truly care about each other and working together as part of the Tractor Supply family.”

Hal Lawton
President & CEO

Governed by our Diversity and Inclusion Council, we also have a number of resource groups available to our Team Members. Our resource groups create communities for those within the targeted demographic and their allies to help make sure Tractor Supply is meeting the needs of all Team Members. Our resource groups include:

African Americans on the R.I.S.E.

Asian Pacific Life Out Here

Fuerte Juntos: Strong Together – Hispanic TMEG

LGBTQ+ You Belong OUT Here

Veterans Group

Women Out Here

Young Professionals

Well isn’t that a diverse list.

Are you White? If you are, know that this company is run by a man aligned with Marxists principles.

And Marxism hates you, hates America and hates a healthy society.

But CEO Hal Lawton will keep smiling at you while you keep buying his stuff and funding their agenda.


Remember when Tractor Supply was doing something odd with the chicken feed last year so the chickens weren’t laying eggs?

Robby ended his post with this call to action:

If you’re as disturbed by what you learn in this video as I am, here’s what you can do:

• Don’t take it out on your local store — the vast majority of them are conservative and hate that corporate is pushing this on them.

• Email/Call corporate to respectfully state your position as a customer after learning this information. Let them know where you stand.

Here’s their corporate office number that’s listed publicly: (615) 440-4600 — here is their executive team if you’d like to write them or leave them a message at the corporate number.

Again, please be respectful:


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