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World Bank Launches Plan To Decimate Global Farming Under Excuse Of Cutting Carbon Emissions

The globalist-led World Bank issued a report recently that proposes the idea of making drastic cuts to global agriculture production in order to achieve “net zero emissions.”

Article by Ethan Huff, republished with permission from

The plot involves centralizing the world’s farms in the hands of just a few wealthy individuals who plan to cut almost one-third of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions by radically altering the way food is grown.

The report touts the proposed changes in nice-sounding terminology that claims food production will continue in such a way as “to feed a growing population.” The reality, though, is that the proposal threatens to eliminate large swaths of agricultural production that in turn could lead to famine and starvation.

“While the food on your table may taste good, it is also a hefty slice of the climate change emissions pie,” claims Axel van Trostenburg, a World Bank figure.

The good news is that the global food system can heal the planet – making soils, ecosystems and people healthier, while keeping carbon in the ground. This is within reach in our lifetimes, but countries must act now: simply changing how middle-income countries use land, such as forests and ecosystems, for food production can cut agrifood emissions by a third by 2030.”

(Related: COP28 head Sultan Al Jaber believes that the crusade against earth-based fuels is misguided as well because oil and gas are not contributing to global warming.)

The end of food

Instead of promoting diverse agricultural practices that local family farmers have been honing for centuries – such practices are good for the environment rather than bad – the World Bank wants to throw the baby out with the bathwater by getting rid of agriculture entirely in some areas.

We are seeing that push in the Netherlands and other parts of Western Europe. And now the World Bank is proposing even more agriculture reductions because it claims the climate is warming from all the food people are growing.

“Action should happen across all countries to get to net zero, through a comprehensive approach to reducing emissions in food systems, including in fertilizers and energy, crop and livestock production, and packaging and distribution across the value chain from farm to table,” the World Bank says.

As usual, the globalists are proposing a one-size-fits-all solution to standardize farming practices even though local ecosystems vary widely from place to place. It does not matter to them, though, because the investment returns from their proposal are massive.

“Annual investments will need to increase to $260 billion a year to cut in half agrifood emissions by 2030 and to reach net zero emissions by 2050,” the World Bank says.

“Making these investments would lead to more than $4 trillion in benefits, from improvements in human health, food and nutrition security, better quality jobs and profits for farmers, to more carbon retained in forests and soils.”

Greed is once again ruling the day, and the shortsightedness of these globalists will spell their own undoing. Once they, too, run out of food, all that money they are stealing will be worthless because there will be no food left for them to buy with it.

“Ultimately, the World Bank’s ambitious project to restructure global agriculture underestimates the risks of unintended consequences, including food shortages, economic disruption, and increased hardship for the most vulnerable,” warns Watts Up With That.

“History teaches that centralized interventions in complex systems such as global agriculture often lead to outcomes opposite those intended, driven by a failure to account for the organic and evolved nature of these systems. The portrayal of these interventions as low-risk and high-return is not only misleading but potentially dangerous, paving the way for a future where the global food supply is less secure and more susceptible to the whims of bureaucratic mismanagement.”

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MSM: Worldwide Bank Run of the United States of America…Happening Right Now!

MSM: Worldwide Bank Run of the United States of America...Happening Right Now!

Well folks, we've been warning you as loudly as we could!

When Signature Bank and Silicon Valley Bank failed last month, and Credit Suisse was "bailed out" by UBS, we told you this was the BEGINNING, not the end.

Yes, it's been quiet for a few weeks and history will likely tell us this was the "calm before the true storm."

Think you already saw the storm?


That was just the little test they rolled out.

The major storm is still coming, and it's going to be UGLY.

But that's not just my opinion.

I wish it was, because if it was just my crazy theory then maybe I'd be wrong.

No, sorry folks, this is coming from the MSM (Mainstream Media) itself, and when even they aren't covering it up anymore, you know it's coming.  It's inevitable.  In fact, it might be PLANNED.

Here is it right here from The Hill:

Just let that headline sink in for a moment, don't gloss over it.

Did you ever in your life expect you'd be reading about a "worldwide run on t he Bank of the United States of America"?

And for those that don't understand how significant this is, all wars are really fought over money.

So understand this is essentially a declaration of war by the world against America.

That's why it's so big.

From The Hill, here are more details:

In talking this week with a friend about the United States seemingly imploding from within across multiple sectors, my friend stressed: “It’s not just from within. There is a run on the United States from certain nations and business interests around the world. Just like there was a run on banks after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, many nations are either thinking about — or actually proceeding with — transferring at least a portion of their allegiance, assets and commitments from the ‘Bank of the U.S.’ to the ‘Bank of China’ or elsewhere.”

This was not just some person sitting on a porch casually talking about current events while whittling a stick waiting for his Social Security or pension check to hit the mailbox. This was a former high-level U.S. government official, now a CEO, someone who sits on the boards of directors for multiple companies. He has massive real-world and business experience and believes the United State may be on the verge of collapse.

He is far from the only one to think that.

Some fear the Biden administration is losing control of our southern border; losing control of our decaying, crime-infested big cities; creating a recession; vilifying and needlessly destroying the fossil fuel industry while pushing suspect and subsidized “green” energy alternatives; leaving tens of billions of dollars in military equipment in Afghanistan while withdrawing our troops and abandoning an ally; stepping closer to a trip-wire in the Ukraine war, which could trigger a nuclear strike; turning on Israel over ideological issues as Turkey and others call on Arab and Muslim nations to unite and crush the Jewish State; weakening our military with one “woke” edict after another; focusing on “trans” issues at the expense of failing transportation infrastructure; cheerleading the social justice warrior takeover of our colleges and universities; and weakening the dollar (the currency much of the world depends upon).

Is it any wonder, then, that nations such as France, India, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and others are suddenly hedging their bets by looking beyond the United States of America for partnerships and stability?

On top of those problems, our allies and certain foreign corporations now have the legitimate concern of wondering what between them and the United States will be kept private and secure, in light of the massive and reportedly deliberate leak of classified Pentagon documents.

Who is an ally or foreign business partner to trust? More importantly, in the eyes of some of these nations and foreign business interests, who will prove to be the more stable and dependable partner in the coming years and decades?

In an example of a world leader hedging his bets, French President Emmanuel Macron recently traveled to Beijing to meet with China’s President Xi Jinping. Macron did not travel alone. He brought along Ursula von der Leyen, the president of the European Commission. Some saw this as Macron advertising that much of the European Union was with him in spirit as he met with Xi.

On his way back to France after the meeting, Macron emphasized that Europeans should not be “just America’s followers” and “get caught up in crises that are not ours.” Even though the French leader seemed to be spelling it out in 100-font, one could read between the lines and assume he meant not getting dragged too deeply into the Ukraine war or defending Taiwan, should China invade. The last part was music to the ears of China’s strongman, Xi.

Next, we have Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador openly criticizing — and challenging — the leadership of the United States for months, by calling the U.S. an “oligarchy, not a real democracy.” He threatened to sabotage calls for U.S. military action against Mexican cartels, and has made it clear that he is not afraid to pick a fight with what he may see as a United States in decline.
Or, last month’s news that Saudi Arabia was inching closer to joining a China-led Asian security and economic bloc, after having been granted the status of a dialogue partner in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO). Aside from China and Russia, the bloc also includes India, Pakistan and some ex-Soviet states. It’s an organization one might view as not always having the best interests of the United States in mind.

As Ali Shihabi, a Saudi analyst and writer, made clear during an interview: “The traditional monogamous relationship with the US is now over. And we have gone into a more open relationship, strong with the U.S. but equally strong with China, India, [the] UK, France and others.”

Finally, we have Brazil — China’s most important trading partner in South America — announcing a new agreement to conduct bilateral commerce in their respective currencies, rather than the U.S. dollar. The move not only shocked many in the U.S. government but opened the eyes of others around the world to the possibility of decoupling from the dollar.

Then there's Warren Buffett.

Remember how Uncle Warren bailed out Goldman Sachs in 2008/09?

Truth be told, he didn't really bail anything out.  He got a Sweetheart Deal from the United States Government where if you or I did that we'd go to jail for insider trading.

He basically got an assurance from the Government that they would backstop him and then he made billions upon billions off the trade over time.

How nice.

Well, Uncle Warren is back again, reportedly in talks RIGHT NOW with Government officials to step in and bail out the banks again if needed.

Watch this:

Not only have I been warning you about this but Bo Polny has also been telling us about this for over 3 years now.

The death of the U.S. Dollar.

Bo has been warning us about the death of the U.S. Dollar for the better part of those 3 years.

Since the very first time he came on my show, he started telling us the U.S. Dollar was in trouble.

He said the Saudis would eventually stop selling oil in the USD, meaning the death of the "Petrodollar".

When he first started telling me that 3 years ago, people laughed!  Mocked!  That will never happen, they said!

And now, just 3 years later, it's happening before our very eyes!

CNBC can't stop talking about it.

And if you don't understand what that means or why it's important, you have to watch this short video -- it is the only reason the standard of living is so high in America:

Now back to Bo, who was back on my show yesterday for a HOT interview!

Our timing couldn't have been more perfect.  In the morning yesterday, Bitcoin was at about $28,000.

By yesterday afternoon when I sat down to interview Bo, Bitcoin was suddenly spiking to $30,000.

About 10 minutes after we ended our interview it broke over $30,000 and it currently sits over $30,000 as I type this.

But that's just the beginning, Bo says.

Bo says there is a MASSIVE incoming Crypto spike coming....

A MASSIVE failure of the U.S. Dollar....

And world events that are going to be mindblowing.

All starting this week and heading into 4/24, May 1-8 and beyond.

We break it all down in this interview and I have to say this is the most "urgent" I have ever seen Bo.

Usually he talks about time cycles and things coming a few weeks or months out, but for the first time in this interview he was using the word "urgent" and "imminent" a lot.

So please don't wait to watch this.

I'm not a financial advisor, but I can tell you what I'm doing....I'm continuing to add as much GOLD and CRYPTO as I can.

I'm trying to get out of USD and into real assets.

We go into detail on both gold and crypto in this interview and there are three big moves coming you need to be aware of.

All violent spikes and dumps and you don't want to be caught on the wrong side.

We get into ALL the details, and a big shout out to my XRP Army friends, yes we also talk XRP baby!

I have the YouTube link here:

And Rumble version here:

And as promised in the video, I have all the links for you right here.

👉 Download Bo's slides for free:

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⭐️ 15-year old boy, Near Death Experience Video:

There is so much in here....

Have you heard about Operation Sandman?

I hadn't until Bo explained it to me.

I'll cover that in more detail in an upcoming article, but Bo breaks it all down, and it's VERY troubling.

So is the "Aladdin" program from Blackrock.

So much more in here, I am really excited to hear what you all think.

Oh, and we most definitely talked Gold and Silver too!

Spoiler alert, Bo says Gold is going higher....MUCH higher.

It's at $2,000 right now but Bo has targets that are a lot higher than that.

Do you have Gold?

There's a reason they call it "God's Money".

If you need some help, you need to talk to my friends at Genesis who can help you buy Gold TAX FREE.

Keep reading, amazing company...

A Faith-Driven, Conservative Precious Metals Company You Can Use With Your IRA!

For the last year, central banks across the globe have (secretly and quietly) been buying up as much gold (and often silver) as they can acquire without raising alarm bells.

Now, we see why...





Best advice you can learn in life? 👉 Never listen to what the experts are TELLING you, listen to what they are actually doing!

The recent bank runs and ongoing collapse of the U.S. banking system was anticipated by the "elites" and the central bankers who run things behind the scenes. They saw it coming and knew the best way to protect their assets was through physical precious metals.

If you've been waiting for me to bring you a solution about what YOU can do to protect yourself and you're family, I'm happy to introduce you to something I absolutely love!

Precious metals.

I just talked about precious metals this week with Bo Polny and now I'm bringing you a solution that you can utilize right away if you're so inclined...

faith-driven, conservative precious metals company is currently helping Americans tap into the rising precious metals market through self-directed IRAs backed by physical precious metals. And while this service is not unique to Genesis, their adherence to Biblical stewardship of money makes them singularly qualified to receive a sponsored recommendation from this site.

Unlike most companies offering similar services, Genesis deals only with physical precious metals. They do not offer "virtual" or "paper" gold or silver.

With Genesis and their depositories, customers can see and touch the precious metals that back their retirement accounts. When it comes time to take distributions, Genesis customers can cash in some or all of their precious metals or have them delivered to their door.

Central bankers aren't slowing down. In fact, nations like China and even U.S. states like Tennessee are quickly but quietly buying up gold to back their own treasuries. When the writing on the wall is this clear, it's understandable why these governments are moving quickly to get ahead of any potential economic catastrophes in store.

Working with Genesis is the best way our readers can explore the physical precious metals market through self-directed IRAs. It benefits us as well when our readers work with this America-First company.

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Don't wait too long, we might have more bank failures right around the corner.

You know what has NEVER "failed"?

Gold.  Precious metals.  Indestructible.

There's a reason they call it "God's money".

Watch this for more:




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